Limitless Demand

I’m sure that the conclusion of most thinkers on the left will be that these programs were obviously underfunded.

Despite $443 million in new annual spending aimed to reduce homelessness the number of people without a roof over their head has grown by 20 per cent in Canada, according to the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

The new $443 million was a 374 per cent increase compared to prior spending, but it doesn’t appear to be having the desired effect.


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  1. The more the three levels of government take money from those ‘who have’ so that they can help those who ‘are in need’, the more those ‘who have’ join the ranks of those who ‘are in need’.

    1. Especially when the money doesn’t include incentives for “those in need” to work towards (re)joining “those who have”. It’s just throw money and if that doesn’t work, throw more money. Repeat as necessary and often.

      1. and we must be up to 1600 homes a day, 7 days a week for 7 years by now by people who couldnt fill a salt shaker.

        1. ha ha ha ha !!!! ‘salt shaker’ ha ha ha ha !!!
          ahem. sorry, just struck me funny. the level of incompetence that represents.
          in fact there is a skill filling salt shakers you dont spill half of it.
          these ones, well they spilled $443,000,000 worth.

  2. None of the five-brains running the country seem to understand the basic law that whatever you subsidize, you get more of.

    We need to adopt a political equivalent of the legal principle that “intent follows the bullet”, and that when you pull the trigger on public spending, you’re responsible for all reasonably foreseeable outcomes. Politicians need to be judged on the results of their policies, not their intentions – just as murderers, in theory at least, are supposed to be judged.

  3. If you read the details, the PBO estimates the new programs are keeping 6.000 people from being homeless. That costs $73,813 per person. Bet I can do it for less.

  4. My question is “what was the money spent on?” it went somewhere, ended up in bank accounts somewhere. It wasn’t just piled up and burnt.

    1. Piling it up and burning it would be a more productive use of the money.

      The vast majority was probably spent on moving paper across a desk from the in box to the out box, and occasionally reading what was on them.

  5. Our government … both left and (GOPe) right are creating the demand. I’ve said it for years … but it is still true. We are importing and breeding (due to welfare incentives attached to child support) a vast underclass that will do nothing but suck off the government (taxpayers) teat. Forever. And they are a vast underclass of leftist voters who will ALWAYS vote for MORE FREE STUFF. They aren’t “Dreamers” … they aren’t college students, and in fact the vast majority do not harvest crops, cut-up chickens, or change your hotel sheets … the vast majority DO NOTHING.

    Anyone who believes a society can sustain this is certifiably insane.

    Anyone who is surprised that 1 million + LEGAL immigrants and countless millions upon millions of illegals yearly since 1968 wouldn’t result in vast homelessness , drug use and crime are willfully ignorant.

  6. This may seem trite…but you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. So it is with a lot of the homeless as well (not all, but enough). You teach people to access the opportunity. The choice from that point on is theirs. And, the hard choice by those trying to help is rarely taken…moving on and let them live (and die) by their own choices.

    Instead, we throw money down a pit not to help those that are homeless, but to relieve our conscience and feel better about ourselves. At some point, it’s about as useless of wearing different colored ribbons and implying that you are solving something.

    1. Orson
      Nice description of religion. My religious mother one brought home a derelict street person, who needed a place to sleep, my brother and I dispatched the garbage chop chop, Muther never pulled that stunt again.

  7. Give them nothing but a bus ticket to the nearest Hutterite farm that’ll take them for free labour. They’ll work like dogs and eat like kings. Maybe they’ll get some religion instead of drugs or insanity and hang around or just gain a work ethic and realize there’s an actual good life outside the cities where housing is much more affordable.

  8. The more you spend, the more you get.
    A prime example is the shit show caused by Saskatoon City Council, Sask Party and the STC after they dumped a homeless shelter into a residential neighborhood.

    It’s doing so well, no one wants to take credit, but they are sure fast on the blame game.

    All the while, asking for more money. Thanks Chief Arcand…

    1. And the people that oppose said “shelter” are yelled at and criticized. They were there first, and bought their houses, pay taxes and raise their kids in that neighbourhood.

      F COS city council and F the STC.

  9. My daughter used to work at a local shelter. Probably 10 years ago, and thank god she’s no longer in that industry. Anyway, she lost this job because they booted all the homeless people out of the shelter to let in Syrian migrants back in the day. The money went to not homeless Canadians, but went to people who hate us.

    1. @Greg Alan

      The money also went to corrupt foreign governments and wars in the Billions which have subsequently created the influx of refugees to take up those spaces.

      Double dipping on the increased Carbon tax dollars, we pay and get more citizen homeless & refugees in return. Not a great deal when the only booming industries today are super yachts, mega mansions, and other luxury brand items.

  10. I’m old enough to remember FILTHY DEMOCRAT New York City in the 80’s when Murders topped over 2200 in 1990
    Rudy Giuliani brought that down to less than 700 by his Broken Window Policy.

    I used to walk down 52nd Street and you would be followed by a Bum eyeing you up to Rob. They had scammers on each corner with the shell game, guys selling bootleg CD’s etc. They were everywhere until Rudy got rid of the “Homeless” problem.

    Stop tolerating it. PERIOD….move along, not in this city, beat it….We have a homeless problem because we have a government that CREATES THE CRISIS, Uses CRONY CREDENTIALISM (experts) to “solve” it, and CENSORS all who disagree. Daniel Greenfield Summed it up:

    1. Don’t forget the corrupt, leftist, Judges who declare it is a Civil Right … a Human Right … to pitch a tent or corrugated metal and plywood shanty on the Public sidewalks, Parks, and Waterways.

      Step carefully around the human feces and discarded needles

  11. I wonder what percentage of the public funding for the homeless actually goes to them (food, clothing, shelter) and what percentage is eaten up by administration. 25:75? 10:90?

  12. It’s a government program.
    The absolutely first in line and the biggest payoff are the most useless people on the planet, the bureaucratic scum.
    What happens after that is irrelevant.

  13. As with most “homelessness” programs, there is no intention of actually fixing the problem. Too many “nonprofits” and government schlubs are only in it for their personal enrichment.

  14. build it and they will come. In this case its a bureaucracy , solving the problem would lose government jobs .

  15. Homelessness is a lifestyle choice. People would rather spend their money on booze and dope and live on the street.

  16. when you bring in over a million people a year how can anyone but a liberal expect it to work out

  17. The $443 mill was only for GC strategies to farm it out, rumour has it the Kielburger brothers are going to take it on for a cool $Bill.
    Brought to you by Spawn of Castro

  18. There are no people capable of thinking on the left. If they were, they would no longer be on the left.