How About Removing Ridiculous Taxes for ALL Canadians?!?

We’re clearly in the political season in Canada:

Pierre Poilievre is trying to squeeze Justin Trudeau once again on the carbon tax.

On Monday, the Conservative leader pledged to take the carbon tax off food and asked Canadians to help him.

Poilievre is launching a campaign in support of Bill C-234, which passed the House of Common in March, with the Bloc Quebecois and NDP voting with the Conservatives. Now, this bill, originally put forward by Ontario Conservative MP Ben Lobb, is before the Senate and has a chance of passing.

Why only farmers? What about the truckers who haul the produce? What about consumers who have to drive to buy their food?

h/t James MacMaster

34 Replies to “How About Removing Ridiculous Taxes for ALL Canadians?!?”

  1. With enough carve outs, the carbon tax regime will simply lose any remaining credibility and fall apart, hopefully along with this Liberal government.

  2. Using facts and logic is difficult ground in Canada…
    For those Canadians who actually believe in the Climatey Calamity, PP should ask, “Do you want Canada to be colder?”
    (I know he won’t.)

  3. the “Carbon tax regime” already has many carve outs, including the one where Quebec pays less than everyone else

  4. With friend like that who needs enemies? There shouldn’t be any carbon tax, for anything Pierre. It’s premised on a lie. I’m voting Peoples Party.

    1. Oh, you’re one of those people who’ll guarantee Trudeau another win.

      Polievre has promised about a thousand times that he will “axe the tax” if he wins government. But go ahead and vote for Max or just stay home and have a beer instead.

      A vote for Max is a vote for Trudeau,like the 26 seats that were lost in the last election due to the vote split. I wonder if Max is a secret member of the Liberal establishment, he couldn’t do a better job for the Liberals if he tried.

      1. Nice try, but your party disgusts me.

        If they ever act as conservatives, I’d listen, but they don’t. The only truly conservative party is the PPC.

        A vote for the PPC is a vote for the PPC. I don’t know why that’s such a hard concept for some.

        1. A vote for the PPC is effectively a vote for the Liberals, no matter what self-righteous cloak you try to put over it. Go f**k yourself.

    2. You are correct, Warren; the conservatives will, at best, remove the carbon tax and introduce some other global warming prevention fee. They do not declaim the lie, rather play along with the liars.

    1. Bingo. Next up Poilievre should call for a carve out for disingenuous peoples. Then the lgbquiets. Just to watch Trudy squirm over those denials would be worth it. How about single mothers? Haha

  5. Poilievre is looking for support from Quebec farmers… If he can cleave off those votes and secure another exception for the carbon tax, the rest of the country will hopefully follow?

  6. PeePee is just getting all the gullible cuckolds that actually think he is a conservative used to the idea of paying a carbon tax on some stuff forever.

    The CPC is never going to remove the carbon tax fully just like it will never reverse all of Justin Trudeau’s gun control measures.

    It was a Conservative government that introduced the GST and a conservative government has never removed it.

    1. So,what’s your solution to the Liberal/Trudeau problem? Sit around and wish for a miracle and a saviour?

      We have to vote for the CPC even with all their imperfections, to get Trudeau the hell outta the PMO.

      No fuc**** wonder the Liberals call conservatives “the party of stupid”.

      1. Agreed entirely, Don. Thor forgets that the HST replaced the atrocious Manufacturers’ Tax, which placed Canadian industry at a disadvantage against ALL outside competition. And notice that he has no evidence whatsover to suggest that Poilievre will not repeal the carbon tax. Removing the carbon tax alone will trigger at least some relief from the current economic depression and produce at least some economic surge. Cutting taxes aways does.

        And removing the tax may give Steven Guilbealt that terminal heart attack we all want him to have, so that alone is a bonus.

        Following Thor means four more years of Justatwit and Jughead.

      2. No, we do NOT have to vote for the CPC. If every CPC supporter switched to the PPC, just imagine what sort of gov’t we’d have. Go read their platform to see. And you CAN read their platform, unlike the CPC who are too frightened of blowback to put their platform on their website.

        We have choices, and mine is the PPC, because they are the party that best represents my interests and beliefs.

        I’m done with voting for second-best parties who are simply untrustworthy.

        1. You will never see a PPC government because the PPC is a ego-driven project by a single man, not a serious political party. But hey, you do you and FOAD.

          1. Entirely right. Bernier has been demonstrating his unfitness to do anything for a decade. He formed the PPC because of personal egotism at losing decisively the CPC leadership in 2016. His worthlessness as a CPC member and putative leader was shown by his absurd claim in 2016 that “there was less government and more (economic) freedom in China than Canada.”

            Really Max? Tell it to the Uighur slave camp labourers in China.

            Voting for PPC simply means four more years of Justatwit and Jughead.

        2. “I ’m done with voting for second-best parties who are simply untrustworthy.

          Should be a no brainer.
          Everyone switch to PPC!

          But hey, let’s do the same thing over and over with the same end result.

          Canada is DONE.
          Last one turn the lights off….

      3. “We have to vote for the CPC even with all their imperfections, to get Trudeau the hell outta the PMO.”
        Absolute tripe.
        We have to elect people with basic skills.
        We need a whole new class of voters.
        Like that 40% who no longer turn out.
        Voting for the “Lesser Pile of Crap”,still leaves you with a pile of crap.
        And our Federal Conservative Party stinks on ice.

        Who represents the individuals interests in this great soviet?

        If you apply the logic of Fear and Big Government,why not vote NDP?

        This Confederated Kleptocracy is broken.
        Bankrupted by “Go Along to Get Along” by all members of our glorious uni-Party.

        Our electoral performance is the definition of insanity.

      4. There is no solution. Canada is lost. When a country is this far gone economically there are only two routes forward, Chile or Venzuela; and there’s no Canadian Pinochet on the horizon.

        As Mark Steyn once said, it’s the difference between roaring towards the edge of the cliff with the pedal to the metal, or driving towards the edge of the cliff in a stately second gear. Either way you’re going off the cliff. There’s no one whose plan is to turn the car around.

        And even if there were – even if the PPC miraculously gained a majority federal government in the next election – the Canadian populace is so thoroughly demoralized that they’d be voted out in a landslide five years later. And it will take a lot more than five years to undo what’s been done to Canada over the last fifty.

        So I’m going to vote for the party that best represents my ideals, because at this point it doesn’t really matter who anyone votes for.

    2. I’d rather vote for the guy who sez he’ll axe the carbon tax and gun ban, instead of the one who says he’ll triple the carbon tax and increase the gun ban. You can vote Liberal if you want.

      1. I’m old enough to remember when Harper promised both in writing and verbally, both as Opposition Leader and as a majority PM, that his party would re-write the Firearms Act.

        On that basis, I joined the CPC with a multi-year membership, and worked hard to get them elected with a majority.

        Imagine my surprise then, when I learned that the CPC never even began that process. They never started to write the new legislation. They never once advanced a gov’t bill to deal with one of their signature promises.

        At best, they allowed a couple of private members bills (we all know how well those work out) to go forward, and here we are years later, still dealing with the problem: the Firearms Act itself.

        I learned from their failure: that the CPC cannot be trusted, no matter what they say or who says it.

        1. They’re “not in a hurry” Liberals. What’s to distinguish them when they agree on the entire premise of “climate change”?

    3. It was Mulroney’s GST that enabled Paul Martin to claim he was an economic genious in reducing the deficit.

    1. Debatable.
      Food seldom transports itself to your convenience..So the Carbon Tax on transport fuels can be considered a direct effect on your food bill.
      Such utterances are pure Ottawa Speak,there is only one taxpayer and all costs accumulate.
      “Revenue Neutral” an idea so daft that only a bureaucrat could support it.

  7. The Carbon tax is bringing in hundreds of billions and Polievre realizing he might win is starting to parse his words so he can backtrack a bit on promises.

    After he is elected the carbon Tax will still be here, bill C-11 and C-19 will still stand, and things he has never said before will start being uttered, as he builds a bridge across the aisle and seeks compromise.

    It’s a big uniparty, and you ain’t in it.

    1. Exactly. Toss out the hint of a crumb or two and maybe people will forget about the cake.

      It seems to be working.