44 Replies to “The Honourable Member From Air India”

    1. I’m an old dry codded warrior and have little use for all that junk down there. if I could get one of those eunuch operations, I could cross my legs like him without having to reach down. Grab a hold handful of balls and move them outta of the way to keep from getting pinched and having to use manspread, because it’s painful.

  1. I don’t believe a word from Justin Trudeau.

    The #Libranos are in electoral trouble. They don’t see a way out without dumping The Turd.
    I think they’re desperate and will use any means to be re-elected.

    AB/Sask. should separate.

    1. Wedge Issues. It’s Liberal MO. Divide, divide, divide.
      So, the Libs are trying to solidify the Sikh vote with this nefarious strategy.
      Get ready for more of the same, but different visible minorities.
      All an attempt to once again portray the Cons as White Nationalist Aryan KKK kunckledraggers. That’s the Liberal stereotype the sheep believe in.

  2. Why would you trust a serial liar?
    Or someone who values their personal luxury over national security?
    Or someone who has demonstrated and acted over and over again that he wants his country destroyed.
    Or just a junkless fool?
    I expect the Khalistanis to retaliate.

  3. If India is so good at crossing our border with weapons and able to kill people at a whim… maybe they could do us a favour and remove a few politicians.

    Than we would have proof they actually did it… pardon them, thank them, and move on.

  4. Re: Nijjar, as Alanis Morissette said, “Thank you, India”. Of course, that’s assuming that Sock Boy isn’t lying. Which he is.

  5. Sounds like the Sikhs who actually live in “Khalistan” don’t want anything to do with the separatists. Why are we harboring them in Canada, especially with the history of terrorism?

    1. Think TAMIL TIGERS. Yup, Paulie Martin’s Liberals chose that Terrorist groupthink to befriend. Libs have a history embracing terrorist cells.

  6. What was Justin thinking?
    To lend credibility to his story about credible evidence, he should have got Jaghmeet to go undercover first by parading through Surrey carrying a Nazi flag.
    Then it would be clear to the CBC that the Indian government was involved in the murder.

  7. Khalistani Hardeep Singh Nijjar who Justin Trudeau claims was assassinated with “credible potential link” by agents with ties to India’s gov is shown shooting weapons in a ‘training camp’ in British Columbia, Canada. Is that an AK47 (prohibited in Canada)? can’t tell what the other gun is.

      1. It’s stupid that it was non-restricted? I hope you don’t think the Firearms Act has any basis in common sense, because it doesn’t.

        The entire Act should be scrapped.

    1. Good grief, alan! It’s no wonder those wars over there last forever. Did you notice their shooting techniques?

      You know that old saying, “Couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn”? Well, these guys could… so long as it was 100 feet to the side of where they were aiming.

  8. I think he’s an abject liar. Even if this whole thing would have been true, he could have been a gentleman and talk on the phone with India etc. But no, he was not treated like a king in India recently and now he’s retaliating by throwing poop to the fan: raise the issue needlessly in Parliament, do some cheap theatre/fake outrage, play the great defender of Canadians, have all slave media churn this BS, send India officials home.
    He’s back in business, centre of attention – this time on global scale. It’s all about ‘Me! Me! Me!” with PM Scumbag.

    1. Narcissists will throw everybody under the bus, or use props, to make themselves look superior.
      Example#1, trotting out the kids on political junkets.
      Example#2, throwing an ever increasingly important trading partner under the bus. All countries have some form of human rights issues, but the Khalistani’s are openly terroristic.
      Needless to say, no mention of China’s egregious human rights abuses, it’s acceptable in Liberal land.

  9. When Sikhs voted with their feet when India was partitioned you notice that very few (or none) opted for the freedom of Pakistan. I can’t imagine why. Canada has essentially been at war with India they way they tolerate Sikh terrorism.

  10. Political Congress @insatiblepol 12h Replying to @bcbluecon
    US department of defense has just issued a statement a day after Justin Trudeau’s bombshell allegations against India in parliament. They call US and India relationship critical and a priority. [Link to U.S. Dept. of Defense webpage article]

  11. Where’s the outrage over the alleged training of terrorists on Canadian soil? Notice how the media gloss over the character of the dead guy and seem to lack a modicum of interest at our government ignoring an alleged terrorist training camp?

  12. This guy has been in Canada for over 20 yrs. A terrorist allowed to stay ? Is he even a citizen? Seems like there’s a lot more to this story that will never be told.

  13. This is merely a “look over there, it’s a squirrel!” distraction tactic to try to take attention away from his gross ineptitude on all other issues, inflation, immigration, housing…

  14. @Where’s the outrage over the alleged training of terrorists on Canadian soil?
    Old saying, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.
    Plenty of terrorists in the country already and crossing the borders.
    Our Fearless Leader will ĥave to declare martial law, good for the people and good for the dictatorship.

  15. I’m not feeling all that “Enriched” lately, and yet they continue to promise that “Diversity is our Strength” and provides Cultural Enrichment.

    Enrichment – Apparently that word doesn’t mean what they think it means. Even the Diversity can’t afford a home or the ability to retire unless they get on the Government Marxist gravy train.

  16. “Credible alligations” regarding the murder of a “citizen” (?)  who has “interpol warrants” for “international terrorism” and was “credibly alleged” to have run a “terrorist training” camp in Alberta.

    Nijjar apparently orchestrated the bombing of a theater in the Punjab and for this Canada hands him citizenship and a plumbing license.

    For years Nijjar was  plotting and agitating to create a breakaway Sikh state from India and Trudeau wants to claim an affront to his sovereignty because someone finally popped this guy off in a church parking lot. Puh-leaze.

    Harboring  international fugitives is rogue behavior and tantamount to state sponsored terrorism. India governs a huge population with 1.38 billion more people than Canada. Trudeau does not have the capacity to understand the serious nature of dealing with such a vast, exposed country so he wears whimsical socks and feigns outrage to achieve the illusion of bravado in front of his sheltered dim-whitted constituents. All Canadians are diminished by this.