How It Started

Aaaaand, how it’s going.

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The decimation of 70 Metroland newspapers is a tragedy, but it should have also brought opportunity. When local papers die, space opens for companies like Village Media to invest in communities and start digital news sites.

But they’ve frozen all new launches due to Bill C-18.

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      1. Sorry Paul, but we in the coal business don’t want ’em. We have an outstanding safety record now because we only hire people who can think and learn.

  1. “Jordan Bitove, the owner of both Metroland and the Toronto Star, has called on both “government” and Canadian companies to increase their advertising in local news to counter the siphoning of those dollars south of the border.”
    Welfare pig.
    Never a bolt gun around when you need one

    1. How much you want to bet The Star came up with the brilliant idea of “make google and facebook and twitter pay us for all of the stories of ours that people share online, that must be why we’re not making money!”?

      I think that’s likely where the idea came from, because they have no idea just how unpopular their views really are.

    1. Never going to happen. The government, no matter which party is in, will always shovel money into that furnace to appease the commie 416 base.

  2. Who would have thought the Toronto Star still had than many people? No one will miss them.

  3. The Red Star needs to pack it in along with the rest of them.. The business model is as broken as their politics.. Liberals wont even make room in their recycle bin for it.. Why should I?.. Sellouts, pimping a product nobody wants..

    Face it.. The days of news being a blue collar salt of the earth job are gone.. Its a university educated rich kid job now with all the politics that implies.. Why we have put them all on welfare when mom and dad are rich is a problem.. Who is your daddy and what does he do?..

    Plumb jobs for brat kids.. Working for a newspaper the size of a postage stamp.. Its brutal..

  4. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

    Happy weekend one an all!

  5. Trudy should have held back a few million from the billion or so that he’s squandered on Ukraine. He could have bought a lot of TorStar bootlicking.

  6. What better way to ensure that the people can only get access to news by listening to the Ministry of Truth than by making the lives of independent media companies so difficult and expensive that they don’t bother even trying. That was the whole point of C-18 and its follow up censorship Bills.

  7. Kate will have known my email address. I’ve had it for decades. torstarsucks at gmail dot com. A bitter sweet moment in my life was moving my mom home when she could no longer look after herself. The best part of that other than spending more time with her was emailing the star with that email address to cancel her subscription.

  8. Life has a balance. Watching TorStar go down as a slow moving train wreck is just life moving back into a balance.
    Sweet Justice to see the LPC propaganda mouthpiece going down. The others can’t be too far behind.

  9. I just looked at LinkedIn to check the profile of someone I sort of know — they work for, or worked for, TorStar. Their LinkedIn profile is fascinating:

    “Incall, outcall, BBBJ, CIM, COF, Greek. 150 HHR / 200 HR, same price as in town.”

  10. So 605 suits against TorStar for failing to pay severance in lieu of notice? I wonder if the bootlicker labour lawyer who writes for the Star will get in on the action.

  11. Maybe TURDeau can threaten owners of the Red Star, like grocery store owners, to fabricate the cash out of thin air. I bet he already has them quaking in their jackboots!

  12. // Metroland Media Group, … will cease the print publication of its weekly community newspapers across Ontario, moving to an online-only model.
    The bankruptcy will spare the company’s daily newspapers — including the Hamilton Spectator, Peterborough Examiner, St. Catharines Standard, Niagara Falls Review, Welland Tribune and the Waterloo Region Record — which will continue both in print and online.
    The Toronto Star will also continue to operate, as it is owned by a separate company and not part of the bankruptcy filing. // Torstar

    Torstar & Natpost swapped local papers last year, and then both cashiered many of them.
    Ad fliers used to pay for the local papers.
    Now it’s all online.

  13. Thank you thank you thank you Kate, this is the kind of news I savor with a shot of scotch. Which I’m doing.

  14. Liberal policies during the last four years have killed thousands and flushed billions and inflated everything from gas to immigration.

  15. I was terminated in 1997 without legally mandated severance or benefits When my employer had to close because of Chrétien/Martin policies. It was a tough situation but I adapted and overcome. One result was that I never voted for Lieberal bastards ever since. I have no sympathy for journalists who suffer the same after supporting Lieberals.

  16. I don’t have any empathy left for the woke leftist media in canada. Let them die.

    Oh and tone down the bloody captcha. I get that you were having security issues, but that’s not how to fix them.

  17. Years ago. I wrote to the editor about mandating licenses for journalists, government inspection of each written piece, and a tax on every word printed.

    I did this because the lefty libs never met a license, tax or inspection that they didn’t support for any other activity. Because, you know, safety, the children, fairness.
    Good enough for us proletarians, good enough for them I thought.
    They published it.