8 Replies to “Censoring the Planet”

  1. There appears to be a coordinated tyranny of all the western bankrupt welfare states. Rather than balance budgets, pay down debt, and focus on the mundane delivery of services better delivered through the private sector, the ruling classes have focused on manufactured crises, cultural suicide through nihilism and their grand distraction of salvation policies aimed at ordering all elements of society as taught by their Marxist professoriate. The March through the institutions is complete and now the resultant authoritarianism is blossoming thanks to the magic of end stage democracy where the majority of the electorate only cares about free stuff. Liberal democracies are transitioning to censorious, illiberal, totalitarian, post modern nihilist, and thoroughly bankrupt green theocracies. We are rapidly heading to the point where the only significant difference between us and Communist China is the facade of elections. From a cultural and economic point of view, the dictatorships of Russia and China are more rational than the west (not Woke and with intelligent energy policies) as they are pursuing prosperity rather than killing it, likely because our institutions are blessed with more Marxists.

  2. The best thing that Trudeau ever did for our freedom is let his arrogant effing brother testify and then hang out that Neanderthal Mendocino to dry on the Chong affair.

    Mendocino’s tailor alone should be enough to bring down the government.

    But sadly I’m sure the wine moms in TO will still vote liberal.

    Then we’ll all be placed on fentanyl in silent freezing hovels.

  3. So much for net neutrality that they used to love. It is bad for your internet company to interfere with what you access, but it is good for your government to do that.
    Totalitarian hypocrites.

  4. Wake up people, this is end times and it is closing in fast. Get yourself right with Jesus and we will meet up in Heaven. This is all predicted in the Bible. It is coming true before our eyes and people are sleep walking through it. Soon, it will be too late for far too many folks. God bless everyone.

  5. I can’t believe there are only four replies to this thread. This is just another cog in the wheel of the WEF plan, but it’s a big cog, and it’s not being noticed, which is also part of the plan. It will get noticed when it’s too late = Sigh!

    1. Gerry.
      When “verbal ” communication is banned,forbidden by Statist Thugs..
      Kinetic communication will follow.
      We will not be voting our way out from under our Parasitic Overload.
      Withdrawing our Labour is surprisingly easy.
      The censors are fools.
      Shakespeare showed us the way.
      The English Language allows 100s of ways to state the obvious.
      Our “helpers” are stupid,they will be made to promote words that mock their every breath.

      “Tranny Fluid”
      “Lets Go Brandon”.
      “No one was forced to get the jab”..
      “Dear Leaders,one and all.”
      “Perverts for Parliament”.