8 Replies to “Dumb & Dumber Enter a Bar in the Capital of Canadia”

  1. Oh, cute, Robert. Dumb and Dumber, but which is which?

    There are good arguments to be made both ways.

    Hmmm… have to throw out the China Pawn factor because both of them are in Xi’s hip pocket. This is gonna be tougher than Ginger or Mary Ann?

  2. maybe justine can do bohemian rhapsody again like at the queens funeral. to be fair he honestly did think she wrote it

  3. Now comes the time we juxtapose…the West’s Two Greatest Morons.

    And by March 24th, every Canadian’s IQ will have declined, as a result of their proximity to this Cataclysm of Stupidity.

  4. President Xi must be ecstatic, watching the political systems in both the USA and Canada handed over to left wing/communist useful idiots. I doubt he saw this even in his wildest dreams.

    North America still is rich in resources and Xi hasn’t forgotten that. It might take another 20 years for Xi to have us by the balls, but he’s a patient man, and his successor will be just as patient.

    The next century will belong to China, and given the state of our political systems it’s a wonder we lasted this long.

    I won’t be alive to see it, but I’d love to see wokeness meet the Chinese.

  5. I am excited that the most popular president in US history will be gracing our capital!