Saturday On Turtle Island

Global Warming Scam News:  CBC is excited about climate reparations.  A fossil fuel non proliferation treaty?  Another Just Stop Oil loon.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Three billion set aside for out of court settlements.  Communist Edmonton declares Christmas trees are bad for the environment.  Today Dear Leader has burned jet fuel to Tunisia. There he will accept in French, requests for money from third world dictators at the Phony Franco conference. Or whatever its called.

Biden’s America:  Twitter employee applies for a real job.  The decline of the American Empire and the fall of that empire.  American conservatives can’t run and hide.  The Biden family.  Your morning meme.

Today In Islam:  CNN producer praises Hamas.  The Jihad plot to bomb a church.  And Islamic outreach in Canada.

18 Replies to “Saturday On Turtle Island”

  1. “Global Warming Scam News: CBC is excited about climate reparations.”

    Money laundering plain and simple. Every honest, hard working taxpayer in the western world is being shafted to the tune of trillions of dollars by these “progressive” politicians and their bundlers. Time to tell all your friends, pets, co-workers, and neighbors the awful truth.

  2. The idiots that think we can survive without fossil fuels need to be rounded up and shipped to the artic without fossil fuels or anything associated with same.

  3. Surely, any country with a shred of integrity would refuse reparations if they have in any way benefitted from the industrial revolution. Oh, silly me, they haven’t any integrity.

  4. CA$3 billion will buy a lot of Dodge 1-ton 4X4 4-door dual-rear-wheeled trucks. The chiefs must all be giddy with glee.

  5. // Twitter employee applies for a real job. //

    Well, Babylon Bee is a joke site. {I hear that they are back on twitter}
    But in fact:
    “The replies under every engineer tweeting they’ve just been fired from Twitter
    are filled with newly verified and incredibly divorced men gloating the engineer will never work again,
    and tech leads from giant companies offering them jobs.
    The trolls laughing at the senior engineers Musk publicly fired for speaking out have no understanding of reality of being senior tech person.
    These guys will have 5 job offers lined up by the time they leave the premises, while it will take years to replace their experience

    1. No one cares. One thing about being the richest man in the world…he can do whatever he wants. My sense is he is excising the cultural rot that has been tolerated at big tech since its inception.

      1. // he can do whatever he wants. My sense is he is excising the cultural rot //

        But he can’t control the effects of his edicts, so “what he wants” may not occur.
        He fired the guy who controlled access to accounts.
        Had to hire him back [because nobody could access their accounts]
        He’s coming across as a modern King Lear

        Why he bought twitter?
        Reminder that Elon Musk and his ex-wife Talulah Riley texted back-and-forth about buying Twitter
        (before he publicly offered to)…because Babylon Bee got suspended–YmIoZcsAAAA

        1. “he can’t control the effects of his edicts…” That’s hilarious.
          No one is being laid off in TechyTown are they? So, of course, there’s no one for Elon to hire.

          1. // No one is being laid off in TechyTown are they? So, of course, there’s no one for Elon to hire //

            Indeed. A suggestion from the thread:
            How many openings are there for Crypto Entrepreneurs?
            The good news for all those weird nerds is that there are openings at twitter now:
            they can apply to go work for him. What a dream come true

            It’s REALLY difficult to find good software engineers. The idea that these folks won’t find work because Elmo impulsively fired them is insane.
            There’s a fire sale on high tier tech talent as people abandon ship

            A senior engineer at a company of this scale can snap their fingers and find a job.
            It might not be as lucrative, but it’ll still be a bigger paycheck than most people will ever get in their careers.
            The engineers not fired already getting offers too.
            It is party time for all tech co which was looking for talent for years Thanks Elon

  6. What’s with the PM jetting all around the world, spreading Canadian dollars everywhere and promising more, while FN water systems STILL aren’t fixed, veterans STILL haven’t the support they need, BC STILL needs help rebuilding and raising the dikes in the Fraser Valley to prevent another disastrous so-called “atmospheric river” flood.

    Oh, I know what it is that’s important. Image. Not Canadians. Image. Why does Parliament tolerate this abuse of Canadians?

  7. John Daniel Davidson is exactly right. There is nowhere left for conservatives to hide, and we must engage in the necessary battle to repel those who would destroy the culture and traditions of the heartland.

  8. Our B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix is taking Bill 36 to the Legislature this week for its third reading. He has a majority in the Leg so the liberals can’t stop him, but the public may be able. He’s done this so quietly that we had no idea until now.

    Dix is working on amalgamating our colleges into 6 regulating bodies for all professionals.

    In this Bill he wants to take away the colleges being self regulating and the Registrants ability to vote in their boards. Instead he will appoint board members and those board members will create the bylaws and licensing bylaws including mandatory vaccination. This act gives him all encompassing power over us, With this Bill he can vaccine mandate ALL HEALTHCARE WORKERS– Private and public. This is outlined in Section49 of this new Bill.

    As a group we have been complaining to liberal MLAs and they said they can’t stop it from passing but public outcry/outrage could. We don’t have a big platform to do this and are asking
    please help us.