Saskatchewan Breaking: Multiple Stabbing Fatalities (Bumped)

Update3: Finally “Saskatoon police confirm that they’ve been searching for James Smith Cree Nation suspect Myles Sanderson since May.”


Update1: The latest from the worst news-talk station in the country.

Suspects are still at large. Police will release an update at 10:30am.

At yesterday’s press conference a question was asked about the criminal backgrounds of the suspects. Incredulously, they responded “At this point we’re still in the initial stages of the investigation and determining that information.”, as though that isn’t at their fingertips. Not a single reporter pushed back.

Well, here’s Crime Stoppers from May 27th.

Original post below.
10 dead, 15 injured at 13 different locations at James Smith Cree Nation, Weldon, SK… some apparently targeted, others random.

Live police news conference now

Suspects are still at large.

Damien Sanderson, left, and Myles Sanderson. Thought to be in a black Nissan Rogue with Sask. licence 119 MPI.


BTW, if you’ve been listening to the live coverage as Rawlco’s CKOM news reporters focus on the safety of tens of thousands of fans at Mosaic stadium attending the Rider game, as if the two wanted men are likely to burst through the gates and begin attacking spectators at random — no, your ears are not deceiving you. This is their norm. The CKOM newsroom is unwavering in their commitment to stupidity.

Update: According to Yakowennahskats Media, these are better photos.

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    1. I hate to say it, but it will be because of racist white men and residential schools. Oh and a knife registry is now required.

      1. Won’t apply to Indians, after all steel knives and rifles are part of traditional Indian culture.

        1. *
          Robert… not so fast whitey!

          It was white fur traders who provided steel knives to Canada’s
          stone-age aboriginals… hence none of this latest spree killing
          is the Cree Nation’s fault.

          Check your privilege, bruh.


      2. I was expecting Shiny Pony to hold a news conference and to say almost the exact same thing, but blaming it on white anglophone cis-gendered males.

      1. You got something against people turning their lives around or do you think natives aren’t capable of doing that?

      2. Sometimes smug is preferable to starry eyed and not too bright. Please don’t call for me to be banned. I couldn’t stand it it.

    1. *

      “Meanwhile, the House of Commons is still considering BILL C-5, an act
      those for smuggling firearms. The idea is to reduce the ‘overincarceration
      rate of Indigenous peoples’
      as well as for other ‘marginalized Canadians.'”


      1. Ban “assault knives” now!! Those all-black commando knives are so much more deadly than a 10” razor sharp Chef’s knife. Ohhhhhhhh mommmmaaaaaa …

  1. We need “Common Sense Knife Control” and we need it now!

    – Justine Trudeau, sometime tomorrow, probably

    1. I heard that the RCMP released information as to the type of knives used. We really need to ban these “Assault Knives.”

      1. *
        Coppers also announced that this was a ‘relentless’ manhunt.

        Good to know that they’re not just gonna give up and pack
        it after the first 24 hours
        like usual.


        1. Relentless manhunt, since May 27, 2022.
          I’m sure they searched every golf course in northern Saskatchewan these past three months.

          “Still, major questions remain. Notably, those concerning the location and track record of Myles Sanderson, a figure well known to police, with a years-long history of both personal and property crimes, RCMP said. According to a post from Crime Stoppers, he was being actively hunted by law enforcement since as early as late May.”

  2. “– Justine Trudeau, sometime tomorrow, probably”

    It’ll likely be “thoughts, prayers, and cycle of white-induced violence. “

    1. *

      “In a post on Twitter, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the
      attacks in Saskatchewan… ‘horrific and heartbreaking.’


  3. Well that explains it, they were driving a stolen Nissan “ROGUE”…


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group

  4. My thoughts as well, about common sense knife control. I do recall the London UK mayor demanding new laws, forbidding knives being carried, and all kitchen and cooking knives to have only rounded tips, no sharp ones!
    If I was so inclined to stab someone, I’m sure I could either grind a point on a knife, or use a file, or even a sharpened pencil. These idiot politicians just cannot fathom it’s the machinations going through the brains of the attacker, not the tool they are using.

    This attack with ten dead and fifteen wounded, will, I am sure be used to attack guns or knives in the hands of the public as being to dangerous to allow. I’m sure the turd will find a way to use it to HIS advantage. I’m also sure he’ll advocate for healing rings or smoke circles or whatever they are called, for the sentence and native healing lodges for the perps as well as their victims, …Oh sorry, they’re all victims of whitey culture right? So really it’s us that should be blamed!

    1. I have a terrible, and hopefully wrong, feeling that many of the victims were kids and other people not able to fight back against adult sized “men”. I suspect the criminals were trying to maximize the body count with minimal risk to themselves

  5. Good western liberals can be confidently pleased to know that not a tiny hair on these darlings heads will be harmed when they enter a busy gun-free zone with their knives before eventually caught.

  6. CBC’s banner (which was running on my in-laws TV when we arrived because I don’t ever tune into the CBC and practice my own personal “defund”)

    Anyway, the banner included the term “manhunt” and my first thought was…that’s an awful lot of gender assumption going on there…on the CBC.

  7. Legalese to obfuscate one of the Ten Commandments.

    Also, and even more pertinently, to further facilitate the perpetual expansion of “government” into EVERYTHING in society.

    As Rahm Emanual was wont to say:

    “NEVER let a crisis go to waste”.

  8. CKOM is trying to ensure Rider fans they don’t need to worry for their personal safety…due to a knife attack spree near PA?


    1. The stolen car was spotted in Regina. That surprised me. For quite a few years I lived an hour north of where the crimes took place, literally at the end of the highway in what is considered northern Saskatchewan. Only one rough road of any size goes further north – Hanson Road. I thought that would have been where they fled, into Saskatchewan’s far north forests

  9. The 2 suspects are named Sanderson and as per wiki one of the 3 chiefs is Calvin

    Tom@drum re Gladue is correct!

    1. if you look at the Band website, you’ll find that 4 of 5 of the band leadership are named Sanderson. The fifth position is currently unoccupied

  10. We obviously need a ten year, sixty million dollar inquiry into this genocide. Break out the feathers, drums, and chants to the sacred tree frog.

  11. Finally, we may get a Knife Registry and maybe even the requirement of a PAL in order to purchase a knife. Better yet, the Progs may require that all knives be stored at a safe government run location where they can be signed out when needed.

  12. Ugly.
    I think I will wait for some facts.
    For is this true or did we hear it on CBC.?

    And I too suspect ,if true,far too many of the victims will women and children.

    We really are a Systemically Racist Country..
    The Canadian Apartheid System has worked very well,encouraging young natives they are subhuman and not to be held to the same standards as their fellow citizens.

    Open carry would be the only defence available,as our fine policemen are only hours/days away..

  13. My phone lit up with 3 alerts on this. I was outside armed with only my pocket knife.

    These guys typically run to their rez when trouble starts.

    1. “These guys typically run to their rez when trouble starts.”

      This is turning out to be the most prescient post in this thread!

  14. My guess, knowing nothing at all, is that the first attacks were gang related, carried out in early morning while the targets were still in bed.

  15. And this is why people, but most especially those living in isolated, rural areas, need to have the right to keep firearms for self defence. With their vehicle the area these goons could be in is huge. There is no possibility that the police could respond quickly let alone protect all the homes under threat. When seconds count, the cops are only minutes, (or in this case hours) away.

    1. Dr D
      After the obligatory Safety meeting and pre response planning,there is not enough time left in the first day..
      Safety first.
      Next day,”Travel Day” need paperwork approved..
      Oh yeah,the RCMP have your back,well at least they will pull the knives out when they bag you for the coroner.

    2. We DO have that right. It’s just being suppressed.

      It’s even in the Firearms Act, but the CFO’s have attached so many conditions to getting one, that essentially, IF you survive, and can document, 3 attempts on your life, THEN, maybe, the CFO will issue you a permit to carry.

      Reason # 5872 why the entire Act needs to be drastically overhauled.

      You know, like Harper promised, both in writing and verbally.

    3. I mean. You can keep weapons for self defense in Canada. You just don’t say that’s why you want them, or specify the need for “protection from predatory wildlife”.
      Of course if you have a criminal record, you are on your own.

  16. My condolences to the victims and their Families.

    Cynical me asks how many soft-headed, uncaring, wokish, social justice intellectuals in Toronto, LA, and NYFC are already plotting to become the next Truman Capote by befriending these monsters and “explaining” (exploiting) their poor, misunderstood lives.

  17. News report claims they are driving a vehicle with SK plates 119 MPI. Of course they could have switched vehicles by now but I thought it might be useful to put that information on this thread anyway (as well as in the original info above). According to SK police the suspects could be anywhere in the prairie region at this point so AB and MB residents need to be on high alert also.

  18. Perfect demonstration of why we need concealed carry laws in this province. Our elites want us weak and incapable of defending ourselves to the point where knife wielders can rack up double digit kill numbers while we scatter and cower in our holes like rabbits.

  19. Despite my usual antipathy to all things first nations this is a tragedy.

    Unfortunately from past experience and the sources quoted we can predict that all information currently available is probably wrong, and based on the Portapique NS experience residents would do well to shelter in place from the RCMP. Lets hope that Sask RCMP can restore some credibility to the tarnished RCMP brand.

    1. Pretty sure most of the victims were stabbed before any kind of alert went out. Same as Portapique. The RCMP bungled everything before and after the alert.

      1. Bungled isn’t the word for it. As of this morning it seems that one of the assailants has been on the RCMP wanted list since May when he skipped his parole meeting. RCMP on top of their game as always.

        If one of your neighbours see you carrying a legal registered rifle from your car to your house there’d be a squad car at your door in twenty minutes checking on you, but this guy falls off the radar for three months and it’s no big deal, get stopped in a roadside check and your name is run through the police data bank and they’ll get you for an unpaid parking ticket, but fail a parole check-in and it’s no big deal.

      1. That would suffice to sue the government for a few billions.
        Though better hurry, it could be that the idiot’s rule is coming to an end.
        Then again, there are the smitten women that will help him out.

  20. These types of crimes aren’t supposed to happen in rural Saskatchewan!

    A sad day for this province.

    Hope they get them soon!!

    1. Stop lumping crimes that happen on “Reserves” with rural crime.
      Two different things altogether.
      Unquestionably, the crime stats should be kept separate to reflect the differences in culture, lifestyle and values.

  21. By 9:00 a.m. on September 5th, the CBC report makes no mention of the two suspects being members of the First Nation that bore the brunt of this rampage.

  22. Someday we’ll realize that hate and violence comes from the heart and not the weapon. I fear liberals and Democrats are immune to that realization, however, especially since all of their social policies encourage the society from which much of it springs.

  23. Maddening as well is there is no real measure of accountability with our police forces, local, provincial or national. No real metric to measure their performance. No small amount of interference to probe whether they are doing a good job for the high price we pay. Sure it is a tough job dealing with society at its worst. And then there are communities that close ranks to protect their kind from the law. The Jamaicans in Hogtown (As Toronto is called for the benefit of our non Canadian readers) come to mind. Then when a tragedy happens blame is laid thick on whitey or the system or the patriarchy. Here in our area there is a scourge of drugs killing scads of Indians on Walpole. The police chief pleads for help. It ain’t just the white man running the boats at night from the USA into Walpole Island. But then I am just an old white racist for pointing this out.

  24. Read this comment sometime this morning (forget who) but totally agree – Canadians have been so stripped of our rights with respect to defending ourselves that we are now being told to “shelter in place”.
    In Florida they’d be asking all those with CCPs to patrol the streets and not to play it too fancy about wounding them.

  25. Incredulously, they responded “At this point we’re still in the initial stages of the investigation and determining that information.”

    I guess the RCMP are respecting their privacy.

    1. Maybe they are diligently searching for the correct self-identifying pronouns to use when referring to the suspects?

  26. Real question. When was the last time a mass homocide with knives committed? The only incidents I can think of are Richard Speck(7 stabbings I believe) and Manson Family(4 stabbings and 1 death by gunshot)

    1. April 2014 in Calgary, 5 people were stabbed to death at a house party near the University of Calgary. At that time, I believe it was the worst mass murder by knife in Canadian history.

  27. If this were happening in the US, I would have no choice but to wonder if at least one of these guys was an FBI agent.

    Seriously though, gruesome acts like these are what low-info Canadians need to witness before our rights to defend ourselves and our property are completely erased.

    1. CO, You are correct about rights. A sane society would allow legal self defense to be approved and recognized.

      1. *
        “allow legal self defense to be approved and recognized”

        I got some junkie or crazy person coming up my stairs with a rusty screwdriver
        in his hand… I’m looking for an extra mag… not ‘permission.”

    2. You know that the liberals and the media will find a way of blaming this mass stabbing on white people ( or better yet on white supremacists )

      They will say those native indians had been mistreated by whites, were kept down by the white man all their lives , that we must do more for them and blahblahblah

  28. Tired of all the anti-indigenous comments.

    Ironic how many of them are from folks who believe the
    ‘great replacment’ hypothesis, considering the First Nations people were demonstrably ‘replaced’.(By Europeans). So don’t complain when Europeans are replaced.

  29. The second dude looks like he suffers from FAS? I’ve been saying for decades that if some nutter wants to kill enmasse they’ll do it using a vehicle, gun, knife a shovel or even a lowly fork. This is a sickening story, heart breaking for so many families.

  30. What difference does it make if they are captured (which will probably be soon because we can’t all be DB Cooper)?

    They will simply wave a feather around, blame residential schools and get out of a minimum-security prison in two years only to commit more crimes.

    1. 2 years? Hell no, a week in the sweat lodge and a year in a remote cabin is “native justice”.

      That will turn them into innocent nice braves. Unless they killed Native Women. But that NEVER happens, it’s always whiteys fault.

    1. That was just the four on the May 27 Crime Stoppers list, no?
      Sanderson was on that crime stopper list for breaking parole.

      1. Good point – but something must be done to prevent this ever happening again – as well as to set examples – politicians and bureaucrats must be shown the errors of their ways – euthanasia excepted.

        1. ” … but something must be done to prevent this ever happening again …”

          We have healing circles.

        2. The Harper Government brought in “Consecutive Sentencing” for major crimes (ie. “Life Without Parole”).
          The “Progressive Supreme Court,” with the blessing of Trudeau, put an end to that.

    1. The only people that Trudeau and his liberals want to see dead are white conservatives.

      And I mean dead not figuratively,
      I mean dead literally dead.

      There is a reason they are openly celebrating our replacement.

  31. Well, in defense of the law enforcement. They, also, put a nationwide APB out on an unassuming woman who had the audacity to talk to another truck driver at a Court approved function. So, “Wanted by the Law” means absolutely squat thanks to your powers that be.

    On a side note…if someone who is 5’7′ and 155 lbs. comes waving a knife at me, I don’t think they will require incarceration upon capture. They will require lilies.

  32. So this morning I had a shot at buttering my toast with a spoon. I do hope that no one does a mass attack with a spoon.

    Go WEXIT

  33. RCMP and other police have political priorities more important than tracking down violent parole violators.
    Like arresting Tamara Lich or investigating the guy who yelled at a Liberal in Alberta.