48 Replies to “What Would We Do Without Experts?”


    There never has been an attempt to stop/control this Virus….Cause you CANT -PERIOD.

    THEY Knew that.
    THEY also knew that the planets population was far far to flippin STUPID….and went ahead with a SCARE Campaign for the ages….replete with bodies dropping dead in front of an iPhone (as effin if.)

    Like all other flu’s, it mutates at a rate that defies inoculation.

    Calling it the the “Flu” wouldn’t do ya see, so they re-named it….to “COVID” in order to imprint catastrophic FEAR unto Humanity..

    I don’t call 18-35 yr olds dying in their sleep from Myocardial infarction a mild issue –
    I call that State Sanctioned MURDER.
    And pushing it for Children is Beyond EVIL.

    1. Unfortunately, the educated classes are still complying and supporting this leaky non-vaccine. My nephew who is a doctor argued with me that unvaccinated hispanics in LA were getting really sick with covid. He refused to look at the evidence regarding the successful use of re-purposed drugs in treating patients. When the toddlers start dying, maybe more people will wake up?

        1. “Educated” means “schooled”…which as time goes on means “indoctrinated”. Some of the dumbest people on the planet are those who walk across a stage with their new sheepskin in hand.

          1. As I’ve often said here on SDA, one reason there are so many idiots as professors is that getting a Ph. D. is nothing but a game of politics.

            If earning a doctorate had anything to do with intelligence, talent, and hard work, many universities would have to close as they can’t find enough qualified faculty.

          2. Agree with you completely. I did two years of nursing school and I couldn’t believe how much fluff we were being taught. Fir example, always ask what gender patient identifies with.

          1. *

            ‘Let them eat myocarditis,’ says PM Blackface.


    2. I’m actually hoping the jab is approved for children in Canada soon simply because there are an entire group of people just dying to get their kids the shot. There was a pediatrician who was giving it to kids aged 5 and under at the parent’s request because it was his moral duty.

      We can never reason with these people. Their children will just take up resources in the future. Give them the damn shot. Let whatever happens, happen.

      Like children, you have to make the jab junkies make their own mistakes. Some will cry for the children!! Their spawn. Spawn of people that want me dead. I’m fine with giving their kids the jab…


    3. “ Like all other flu’s, it mutates at a rate that defies inoculation.”

      Yup. Yet government policy and public sentiment, including the sophistries of every laughable troll here, operate on the premise that it’s a sterilizing vaccine.

  2. The PC word for dumbkoff. The “experts” say that having the china plague death shot will ease the effects of the plague when you get it.

    What is their proof??

    1. Well, in a way, it does, because you can’t feel any pain or discomfort when your dead.

  3. Another conspiracy theory turned mainstream fact. It’s become so tiresome.

    1. Sox….more like 2 full years ago…Twas BS then and its BS now.

      I maintain that regular Large daily doses (5000+ IU), of Vitamin D was paramount in ensuring my immune system remained COOph Proof…likely have the “CCR5-delta 32” gene as well…given I have to be a descendant of those who survived that Middle Ages Blight….stubborn Dutchman n all.

    1. If you’re healthy without comorbid conditions, you may not need it. We’re in our 60s got sick last Feb – was like the flu. Lasted 10 days, 2 were really bad, I even vomited once, which I rarely do. The usual stuff works, chicken soup, Tylenol or Advil – alternate them as to not upset stomach. No jabs.
      Family who did jabs, also got just as sick, repeatedly.

      1. It was the flu, still is the flu, a flu, nothing more nothing less. The “flu” has always been deadly for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Just wait a year or two and you will see see how many compromised immune systems are out out there as a result of the vaxxes.

  4. Yet our own Health Minister asserted we’d have to have a shot every nine months, the lies and propaganda that we’ve had to endure should be a sound basis for taking anyone involved in the vaccine issues to the world court for “Crimes against humanity”. I don’t want them punished, I want them in jail for what they’ve done to humanity in the name of a virus 99 percent survive.

    1. I don’t want them in jail, I want them hanging in the public square, no hoods. I want to look into their dead faces in person.

    2. In the fall, we will be back to wearing masks everywhere, the unjabbed fired, the unjabbed confined to homes and forbidden entry into restaurants, theaters and other services., snitch lines and arbitrary arrests.

      Enjoy your summer.

      1. NOPE…not doing it PERIOD – I and I would hope most would say Fcuk YOU with your Globohomo/WEF/UN/WHO BS.

  5. I’m sure China would provide the antidote for their bio-weapon, if enough money passed hands. Hunter could arrange it.

  6. “Experts”:
    Dr. Shira Doron, an infectious disease physician and hospital epidemiologist at Tufts Medical Center.
    John Brownstein, Ph.D., an epidemiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and an ABC News contributor.

    I’d like to see these “Experts” explain how they know the “vaccine” makes the illness less severe when it’s unknowable how severe the “illness” will be on an individual basis?

    1. An epidemiologist is a medical statistician. And stats are numbers to be manipulated. Without moral integrity, stats are lies. Incomplete numbers are also deceptive and Big Pharma doesn’t want complete numbers (as evidenced in the Pfizer information dump).

    2. Correct. I don’t think there has ever been proof that the vaxes reduce severity of Covid. The claim gets repeated oftrn, but it is really just wishful thinking.

      1. Correct and very easy to prove. There is no one severity of disease. One person gets very sick and the other hardly a sniffle. Which one is vaxed which one is unvaxed. Impossible to say simply by looking at the vax status. The vaxed I know are more sick and sick more often than the unvaxed. hmmmm

  7. This was clear last summer. Then the boosters were the answer and now they’re going with boosters every nine months.

    1. And yet despite this admission … my official medical chart lists me as a “non compliant” patient … because I’ve refused the TWO boosters I am suppose to have taken. No. I never will.

  8. From the article:

    “The manufacturers have been advised to create vaccines that include two strains of COVID-19, the original strain and the most recent omicron BA.4 and BA.5 strains that are currently dominant in the U.S.”

    It’s not entirely clear yet but the new, improved autumn boosters may have twice the amount of mRNA and lipid nanoparticles as previous shots – the original amount plus the Omnicom variant addition. The drug regulatory agencies in the US approved a new framework on June 28 that allows the covid vaccine pharmaceutical companies to skip safety trials on new mRNA covid vaccine formulas. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the human body reacts to a double dose booster.

    1. The repackaged the flue and colds and your .gov’s and paid media sold you the fear…





      1. People were subjected to a sophisticated psyops campaign. Anger should be directed towards those who implemented the manipulation not those who were victims of the manipulation. Every quirk of human nature was exploited and knowledge of behavioral science was used to coerce people into getting vaccinated and to hate the unvaccinated.

        Those of us who remain unvaccinated should not belittle or attack the vaccinated. The vaccinated were used and abused by the same organizations that implemented discrimination policies against the unvaccinated.

        1. LC.

          First paragraph: NAZIISM Defined.

          Agreed with the 2nd….except in my case where my entire extended family has basically excommunicated myself, my Wife and to an extent, my Adult Girls.

          I called it Naziism as far back as Apr 2021… (& was told “I’m Wrong by Family)

          …. the Fraudulent trashing of PROVEN Prophylactics (HCQ & IVM)
          …. the utter COERCION, & at times with $$$$
          …. the trashing of those of us who decided not to partake.

          Impfstof Mach Frie = Arbeit Macht Frie.
          Both lead to either a Gas Chamber of an Intubation bed.
          Zyklon B or mRNA….only the letters are different – Desired outcome..??


  9. Back in September a friend of mine tried to convince me to get the jab. He was well meaning and I hold no grudge. I declined to get the vax while he got at least two doses. I had a mild cold in October that I was over in a few days and it was so mild I never missed a day’s work. My vaxed friend is now on his third battle with covid and each episode seems to be worse than the one before. I haven’t had so much as a sniffle. Very strange how the vaxes seem to work in reverse.

    1. I tell people that I would have died from covid if I hadn’t been taking Vitamin D and C.

      Well, they tell me that they might have died if they hadn’t been vaxxed.
      If my statement is illogical then so is theirs.

  10. Never been about that.
    What’s been about is billions for big pharma and the result of that, kickbacks to the politicians, your basic fascism.
    The medical fascists also got their cut.
    Expecting any time now that fascism is going to go mainstream and will be considered to be good and desirable. The mass media cartel is working on it as you read this.
    Just watch.
    Anyone that did not get on the gravy trains is …. misogynists, racist, homosomething, anti LGBTxyz and endless number of other things that make you deplorable.

    That should cover it.

  11. Those assertions were true from the beginning. The government health establishment said so when Trump was in office. It wasn’t until they wanted to make political promises that the notion that it was sterilizing or interrupted transmission.

  12. In this week’s show, we have Dr. Shankara Chetty from South Africa, who developed and empirically tested treatment protocols that did not call for antiviral agents such as hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.3 His approach relies on treating the “hypersensitivity reaction” or the exaggerated immune system response that drives symptoms, organ injury, blood clotting, and death. This is an interview you will want to save and review. Our music selection is familiar to us all as we try to understand what or who is behind the global plan of therapeutic nihilism and mass vaccination.


  13. So these ‘experts’ were just ‘hoping’. I hope that my lottery ticket wins; I guess that makes me a financial expert.

  14. I have to laugh when a guy who appears close to death’s door comes on TV to advise “get that latest boost folks.”

    Sure dude, I want to have the great health you obviously managed to secure.

    Even most of the vaxxed are ignoring these boosts, it’s clear they got double jabbed to travel and eat out, not to protect their health. Time to call off this farce in general, let the chips fall where they may.

    And free Tamara Lich. She has done nothing wrong by any sane interpretation of the law.