16 Replies to “Rising Mass Transit Is Like Inviting 30 Random Hitchhikers Into Your Car”

  1. Sex play. This is a souvenir video for some thrill seeker. There is a team of them there.

  2. The mentally disturbed have the same rights that all of us do. And they’re coming to recognize this. And they get to live their fantasies.

    And if you disturb them in that pursuit then you will be arrested. Aren’t these interesting times?

  3. “I’m not eating bugs, I’m not living in a pod, and I’m not taking the train. ”
    I don’t think the elites understand how many people agree with you Kate.
    We outnumber them 1 million to one.

    1. No, the elites know it. And they know exactly how many of the million they need to arrest and persecute in order to make the rest fall in line. “You will own nothing and be happy” is not a prediction.

  4. Sorry but why not kick this thing in the snout multiple times? Clear case of self defense. It presents itself as a homicidal monster and appears to be attacking. Kick it until the boot goes though other end of skull.