25 Replies to ““Keeping Up To Date” Is the New Boost You Up Your Wazoo”

  1. “I’m unvaxxed and had covid. It was very mild but I would have died from it if I hadn’t taken my supplements and lost some weight.”

    Tell the covid cult people that and let them try to correct you.
    It’s the exact same logic we’re hearing from them about the vaccine.

  2. “up to date”. Tory and Tam using the same phrase within minutes of each other.
    No…not scripted at all.

  3. So to clarify, we have collapsed our economy, destroyed fundamental human rights, doubled the national debt, broken social contract, all so people can feel slightly less sick.

    1. Now do hangovers.
      Because omicron seems to be about as bad as medium hangover.
      We must protect the health care system!

  4. Based on those news from China (“authorities have turned their health code apps red”) + the new code-phrase (“be up to date”), I can see in near future how Ottawa will push for some “UpToDate” little app for us-all, nonooo nothing bad or intrusive. Just for “the greater good” of course + to “help” you in keeping you up-to-date with useless/harmful jabs and pretty much everything else and new (what these bastards might have think of).

  5. Gas about $10 a gallon.
    Inflation getting worse.
    More and more vax injured stories.
    Pfizer documents continue to be dropped showing the company knew how deadly the shots were.
    Higher interest rates about to push many homeowners to sell.

    Yeah, good luck with those shots assholes. Windsorstar had a link saying Canada just dumped 13 million expired doses.

    On the plus side, we have tons of immigrants who are probably willing to do the political violence that ordinary Canadians don’t want to do…..to avenge grandma who was poisoned. The burning cities should be fun. I’m not going to miss them.

    Our leaders are soon going to have so much more to worry about then pushing shots. Unless I missed that beautiful blue light that flashed around the world removing all of humanity’s baser instincts. They like to think we’re ‘evolved’ and easily controlled. Good luck with that.

    1. Diseases, vaccines, lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, fuel shortage, famines, wars, fertilizer shortages, human migrations, boys in girls bathrooms, men can have babies, crashing stock markets…

      There’s too much stuff screwed up for it all to be unintentional.

  6. They can shove their VAZZINE up their collective NAZI ASSES.

    Period full stop. I for one will NOT comply..Ever.

    1. This. It has to stop here. This is the fork in the road.
      Sadly there are many Canadians who are literally begging for more boosters and masking forever. This is going to be the most significant divide in a seriously fractured country. So far the covid cult has ruled. There has to be a fight back and we have to have political power.

      1. Sadly, disgustingly, dumbfoundedly, unsurprisingly, it is blaringly obvious that a good 20 to 30 percent of Canadians don’t just WANT Big Nanny Government to tell them what to do, what to think, how to act but actually NEED it.

        Given that and the docile, bovine nature of most Canadians; an interesting, scary as heck, dystopian future most assuredly awaits.

        Big trouble has never been so big in Canada.
        It will get worse.

        1. Big Trouble in Little Chinada Town.
          Wonder if Snake Pliskin will make an appearance.

          1. I’d love to see Max dressed as Snake at his next speaking tour event.

            Maybe Julie Couillard can don her leather biker gear and join him.

  7. And the loyal presstitutes continue running cover for Dear Leader and the rest of the COVID tyrants.

  8. The Libranos purchased 11 jabs per dumb Canuck.
    Last year.
    Big Pharma requires ongoing Big Bucks.
    The Libranos have yours.
    Obviously, neither you nor the (caff, snort, chuckle) Opposition nor the Media care what they do with it.
    It’s a made to last marriage made in hell.
    Bend over, get on your knees, present arms.
    Have another shite sandwich.
    Now you’re Canadian as all get out.

    1. Well, someone had to present financial cover for all of the kickbacks and bribes received by public civil servants and politicians in order to get public approval of crap gene therapy shots.

      1. Here’s hoping the Canadian Nuremberg Trials inspect the finances of every Politician, Bureaucrat, Mediascum and Business Exec with a fine tooth comb.

        Librano history demands it.

        A real country deserves it.

        Pity. That doesn’t appear to be Canada.

  9. Marxists have to destroy the capitalist economy using lies and outright tyranny so that they can claim capitalism failed and then they will implement central planning to save us all.

    Socialism can’t exist without an authoritarian government and that is exactly what they are implementing with this covid BS.

  10. I am 73, unvaccinated and had Covid with mild symptoms. I attribute that to not having had my immune system damaged by an experimental gene therapy.

  11. My neighbour and his wife – a pretty healthy ~35-year old couple – are up to shot #4 already and lining up #5 in the fall. Since Christmas, every time we talk one of them (and/or their kids) is sick with some nagging cold they can’t get rid of even though I had rarely seen either of them sick in the previous 8 years I had known them. They have both had Covid-19 twice and are so happy they were vaccinated or it would have been way worse you understand….

  12. It’s getting glaringly obvious that the more shots you have had, the more likely you are to catch COVID.

    Yet the media ignores this basic fact and sticks to the false narrative. Oh how I long for days of yore when media was as factual as they could be.

  13. When all the health officials and political dignitaries get Covid at once, it must mean something.

    Maybe they get a raise from Big Pharma.