54 Replies to “Elongate”

  1. Now that he is going vote republican, they are going to call him veritable racist, misogynist, hell they will even call him nazi, fascist.

    I do understand that I didn’t cover all the bases, though never fear, they are working on it as you read this.

  2. Musk is the new pinata #1 for them, so it makes sense that they throw all this ridiculous crap to the MSmedia fan. Maybe something will stick.

    1. Severance package is more to the tune of what she had gotten paid from the employer.
      If there was anything more of a complaint nature before leaving, you’d expect it to be much higher with a nondisclosure agreement and Elon Musk lawyers would be all over her right now.
      Just the timing is quite suspicious from the Democrats always going after people who aren’t aboard.

      Wrong person to play with.

    1. He’s a real slacker. Just not with the flight attendants (maybe – I doubt it).

  3. They just want to date him.
    And with a handle like Elongate….

    Musk will have a hoot laughing at them and mocking them.
    He knows their weakness.

  4. Joe Biden fondles kids all the time

    the left does not care about that

    is it any wonder we call them leftards

    1. The left doesn’t care about sexual misconduct of any kind if done by one of their own. But Elon betrayed them, switched sides and suddenly what’s OK for a lefty became an unforgivable crime in a conservative, making him a target they will exploit to the max, whether true or false, they don’t care.

  5. Let me guess. They have a dossier from Christopher Steel.

    Odd, I thought this was all a big nothing burger after Bubba had that cigar in the Oval Office

      1. Thomas wasn’t the first to coin the phrase, and something tells me he won’t be the last.

  6. Maybe they can call him a global warming denier next.
    You know, electric cars and all?

  7. They are trying to produce a morals premise to deny his purchase of Twitter.

    He needs to sue this person, so that they can be put under oath.

    A lot of these claims, like that against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh have accusers who don’t want to expose themselves to perjury claims. Which tells you everything.

    And after the truth is revealed, sue everyone involved for any slanders they committed.

  8. It must be nice being a Leftist. Never having to think, just consult the manual and do what it says…

  9. I find it curious that all of these things pop whenever someone does something that the political elite doesn’t like.

    By the way, Justin still groped a woman, left a high school under suspicious circumstances, declared and demonstrated his undying love for a communist country that trafficks organs, wore blackface on numerous occasions, insulted the Japanese prime minister, handed millions of tax dollars to a convicted terrorist, ordered the arbitrary arrest of citizens and ruined an economy.

    If anyone cares …

    1. Let’s not leave out “restricted and continues to restrict the movement of those people whom he does not tolerate”

  10. The problem with this smear is it’s completely unbelievable. Elon Musk is a relatively young billionaire. Younger, attractive women throw themselves at him all the time. He would have no need to sexually assault anyone, ever.

    1. Well, unless he felt like it. And if he did it once for the hell of it, and gave the victim a quarter million to ensure no hard feelings, I would think there should be no hard feelings. But hey, he has the same appeal Donald Trump has. He can handle whatever they throw at him. So disgusting as it is to watch them throw it, it does him no harm.

  11. I like this line in the story
    “The flight attendant, who rides horses, declined and finished the massage…”
    What in the world does her riding horses have to do with this?!?!?

    1. What in the world does her riding horses have to do with this?!?!?

      I’m not sure, and I’m afraid to google ‘stewardess riding horse’ to find out.

      1. Without the context, him offering to “buy her a horse” implies she may need some man to ride her or her to ride him, in other words a gratuitous sexual comment by Musk. Instead he offered to buy her a real horse. Women, these days. So weak. Some man wants to have sex with them and they cry over the perceived insult. Most of them performed fellatio by the time they are15, yet they act like swooning virgins in the public eye.

    2. @Arty:
      Musk, knowing she was a horse rider, offered her a horse for a rub down. Hence it is part of the story.

  12. There was a settlement for $250k. Did she break the non-disclosure? Whatever, if she could only bilk a lousy quarter million from the world’s richest man, he probably didn’t do much. But that’s between them now. Just like what happened between Justin and that minor. Or will the media dig into that one too? And Clinton. And Bill Gates. And..

    1. Let’s say you were a flight attendant and it didn’t work out – for whatever reason. So you left and they paid out your contract – you know, the one with a confidentiality clause? Next thing is, you were paid off as long as you maintained your silence. Someone would pay for that angle.

    1. Is the accuser’s name Christine Blasey Ford, or Crystal Gail Mangum, maybe?

  13. Elon Musk 2021-03-25 “If there’s ever a scandal about me, *please* call it Elongate”. twitter

  14. Road apples never last long in the village.
    They’re immediately scooped up with a dustpan and fed to the roses.