28 Replies to “Free Holiday!”

  1. This is beyond the pale, what will it take to waken the people and remove these tyrants from office? The virus isn’t nearly as dangerous and politicians and snivel servants drunk on power.

  2. And that is just how easily it started in Nazi Germany. If you don’t think it can happen here, then you are living under a rock. She was punished for lying to authorities. Same as Michael Flynn, they will use every means possible to stifle opposing views. With only a population of 25 million, virtually unarmed citizens, Australia is the test case. If it works there Canada will be the next domino to fall. If this doesn’t ring a wake up alarm in most Canadians then I don’t know what will. The long term plan has been happening for the better part of fifty years and most of the population has been blind to it. This video is in your face proof of what some of us have been aware of since high school. Utter and complete control and if you do not comply they will happily grind you to dust. To rephrase a famous Churchillian quote “This is not the end, it is the beginning of the end!”

  3. Under George Orwell’s Newspeak “concentration camp” is now spelled “quarantine camp”.

    1. No, silly! Nothing so sinister!!!

      It’s called a ‘wellness facility’…! Now, isn’t that better and reassuring?! Those resided in them can concentrate on getting better… For the common good, you understand.

      When I end up in one, as I almost certainly will, I hope i can find some like-minded souls to help me run rings around the Kommandant and the Wellness Facility guards… Anyone local who’s good at digging tunnels on here?! I’m good at planning myself…

  4. Apparently a majority of Aussies are just fine with this. Why would anybody wonder how such terrible things like Nazi concentration camps or Soviet gulags could happen, when the supposedly free loving Aussies endorse state run kidnapping. Every cop, every administrator, every politician should be, doxed, publicly whipped and imprisoned. This is a war and being silent is endorsement. Compliance is support. Stop complying and fight back!

    1. The RCMP kicking in your door, cuffing and blindfolding you and hauling you off to the Arbeit Macht Frei “family fun camp” just for having purchased Ivermectin is your idea of a “normal life”? Think I’m kidding?

      1. I’m thinking you have never been around cattle, have you…

        If you understand “animal husbandry” in the proper sense, you know what I’m talking about…

  5. A case can be made that the booster shots will not last long (weeks rather than months). These research papers are important because they present research methodologies one would expect our Province’s health care researchers would use. If Saskatchewan researchers do not agree with the benchmarks or research methodologies, they should be able to explain what the problem is and how they would approach it.

    Here is a research paper about healthcare workers (mid 40s age group). The 2 shot antibody levels last about 10~12 weeks before they have dropped to levels similar to having only the 1st of 2 COVID vaccine shots.

    Here is a research paper about long-term care residents with many co-morbidities who have meaningful antibody levels lasting ~6 weeks.
    …The median time elapsed from the second dose to admission was 39.5 days (range 8e97 days), and 125/152 (82%) patients were admitted 21 days or more after vaccination, supporting the assumption that they were not infected before vaccination. The median age was 71.1 years (range 22e98 years), most were male (107, 70%) and 38 (25%) were residents of a long-term care facility. Only six patients (4%) had no co-morbidity. Immunosuppression was present in 60 patients (40%)…

    Here is a research paper graphically showing antibody level comparability between vaccinations, time after vaccinations, recovery from COVID, and no COVID (see graph on page 3 of 9).

  6. This is just unbelievable! But ask yourself, what would you do? Do you refuse to answer the first set of cops, do you fight the second set that comes? Do you have a big enough group of like minded people to fight with you? How big? Can you take on the local cops, the provincial cops, the army?

    It’s easy to say you wouldn’t go to the camp but in all seriousness none of us is able to physically fight the authorities.

    It’s terrifying because they win without even trying. So we look at Australia and say they aren’t even fighting back! Ok, but who would fight with you if you were being arrested? Your neighbor? Probably not, they likely called the cops on you in the first place.

  7. And no brave young men will be volunteering to free us from this round of State Genocide,slaughter and economic suicide this time.
    A massive cull is about to play out.
    It either goes ,State Agents slaughter millions.
    Or Madame Guillotine sings again,for our mindless parasitic overload.
    For the “helpers” are the crisis.
    Would any sane person pay taxes to fund their own enslavement?
    Especially enslavement to the most useless and clueless people alive.

    As people realize that they are damned ,no matter what they chose,the natural consequences will occur..
    Human nature has not changed in centuries,those who demand that they shall rule,always rise up,provoke complete universal hatred and are destroyed..
    Round and round we go.
    An Independent Western State,where Rupertsland once was,will need to start processing those lovely ores out of Uranium City..
    Every citizen needs their very own personal nuclear deterrent.

    For those of us,who remember some history..now would be a good time to read up on the ways and means that common tools and household goods become weapons..For the ways are legion.
    No matter how many weapons and implements are forbidden,free men will find another way.

    Modern technological society is indefensible,our systems are way too vulnerable..
    This current screwup of the supply chains is frightening enough (to those who keep your lights on).
    Imagine a society like ours,that alienates its tradesmen…
    Same for computerized tracking of all your “Subjects”..the weaknesses are immense.
    A semi competent hacker,with a good hate on, will have the minions swatting each other on a nightly basis..

    And then there are people like me..
    I help you real good…Oh so sorry,we ordered your parts..not here yet..And no we can’t put your system back together using the old parts…Safety First..Terribly sorry..I help you good.
    While we sell those “condemned” parts to people we respect.
    There are a million ways to destroy your society..once you decide it must fall.

  8. I wonder if they give you a 5K fine if you go on a hunger strike or refuse medical care while imprisoned?

  9. The young lady in that video stated that after two weeks in solitary confinement she was given AU$1500 upon release, so reparations for forced internment have been fast tracked by her governors.

    Another fine conversation with UNHERD TV host Freddy Sayers is this one with a well spoken classic liberal, who has been entirely compliant with Covid mandates/restrictions, but who has drawn the line at vaccine passports and internments.
    He makes some valid observations about western society turning away from Christian tradition in futile search for ‘freedoms’, and ultimately falling victim to the allure of/control by computer technology.

    Paul Kingsnorth: Why I changed sides in the vaccine wars:

  10. PLEASE share this with your “normie” friends & family. Most people are completely in denial that such things could possibly be happening.

    “A Concentration Camp By Any Other Name”

    1. One of my normies informed me that “this is Australia, it could never happen here because charter”… l you can lead a lemming to water but it will promptly turn away and run for the cliff anyway.

  11. The Final Variant Will Be Communism.
    “You can vote your way into socialism and Communism. But history tells us you always, always have to shoot your way out.
    Tomi Lahren on Fox.
    “The Final Variant Will Be Communism”