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    1. Everything surrounding the whu who flu was, is and continues to total and complete bullshit. Wake up folks before “they” kill us all.

    2. BAD – I was wondering if this new strain was over hyped. Volatility is good for day traders. Maybe the omicron variant is just what the doctor ordered. You get a weak strain of covid. You don’t get that sick but you develop immunity to the other variants. It might work better than the vaccine. No wonder they now want to close the borders.

    3. Moderna CEO’s vaccine warning rattles markets

      Moderna’s CEO worried global markets on Tuesday (November 30) with a warning about the new Omicron variant.
      Stephane Bancel told Britain’s Financial Times that current vaccines were not likely to be as effective against it.
      He also warned it could take months to begin shipping a vaccine that works against the new variant.
      Bancel’s comments drove fears that vaccine resistance could lead to more sickness and prolong the health crisis.


      Omicron brings COVID-19 vaccine inequity ‘home to roost’

      It’s the filthy unvaxxed who are the problem.

      1. The last vaxx didn’t work. Why is anyone expecting the Xi-version to work any better?

        We have already achieved 90-92% herd immunity in the US via natural and injected “immunity” … what happened to “everything goes back to normal” once we hit 70% herd immunity (which we achieved last May)?

        Dr. Fauxci > Dr. Mengele

      2. The Omigod Scariant, from all SA reports, is a mild cold only.

        Not that the North American propaganda complex would ever report that.

        It’s the typical evolution of a virus, to lose its virulence, and become harmless. Instead of more, harmful toxic shots, this Scariant needs to run through the entire population.

        It’s called Natural Immunity. Covid is over!

    4. The Xi mutation of C-19 is GONNA KILL US ALL !!!! … but Jao Bidinh has got it all under control. Bidinh will *cough* *cough* save us. He said so yesterday. And KamellalaLA will help too.

      All Praise our Dear Leader

  1. Guess which right-wing media outlet published this?

    “In a rational world, the collapse in Biden’s approval rating—and of Vice President Kamala Harris, who’s at 28 percent, according to the USA Today/Suffolk poll—would send a signal to Capitol Hill that its current occupants need a course correction. It hasn’t because today’s Democrats don’t understand politics any more than they understand economics.”


    1. I’m thinking that the Bidenites de facto control over much of the media, leads them to believe that positive spin stories from CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post, etc. will cause the public to support their programs.

      And negative stories are rewritten (an SUV killed 6 people in Waukesha) and/or forgotten.

  2. It’s not important to be popular or understand politics when you OWN the Fukkin election.

  3. Remember when “leaded” vs “unleaded” gas was a thing? They would deliberately put lead into the gas, then charge you more to take it out.

    Maybe we should start referring to vaxxed and unvaxxed people as being “leaded” and “unleaded”.

    Proudly unleaded and still high octane here.

    1. Lead was put in the gas to prevent an engine knock. It was taken out presumably to safe the world from environmental destruction.

      1. Big lead/zinc smelter in Trail, BC, and – before pollution controls – lead in the smoke did contaminate the surrounding communities. As well, until the 1930s, sulphur wasn’t removed from the gasses and the comment was that no one had a lawn mower because, when the wind blew the “right way” the toxic fumes would kill the grass for a bit. All that’s been cleaned up long ago. However, do remember hearing that, because of pollution from leaded gasoline, the ground in West End of Vancouver was just a polluted with lead as the worst areas in Trail.

  4. Jury selection starts today for Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter.



    If you want to follow the trial, I suggest using Andrew Branca’s posts at Legal Insurrection. He covered both the George Zimmerman and Kyle Rittenhouse trials well. He also covered several others that I cannot name off the top of my head.

    IMO She is in the dock because her trainee messed up cuffing and taking Duante Wright into custody. Watch her body cam video. He tried to cuff Mr. Wright at the side of his car, with the drivers side door wide open. The trainee fumbled with the cuffs, and Duante Wright used that as an opportunity to attempt tp flee. He should have moved Mr. Wright off the side of the car to the rear of the car and shut the driver’s side door. They were on a street with traffic, and safety from getting hit would have been a great reason to move Mr. Wright to the rear of the car, far from the drivers seat. Hopefully she never would have needed her Taser, and mistakenly pulled her gun and shot Mr. Wright instead.

    Now she will be convicted of Manslaughter, and Duante Wright is still tragically dead.

    1. Political – it was so obviously involuntary manslaughter as initially charged but it was changed to voluntary manslaughter. It was a simple eff up and should rate 6 months at the absolute maximum. Probation is a better idea.

    2. The reason he’s dead is because of political correctness. You see the taser is a nonlethal deterrent for LE.
      It used to be that the non lethal deterrent was a police officer that bore a striking resemblance to an inside linebacker!
      No more! Today’s LE is shorter, dumber, and more than likely, a steroid monkey with all that it entails.
      Situations that fifty years ago, would have landed the suspect a few lumps and bruises, now result in officer involved shootings far too frequently.
      It’s not as if the guy was a hulking brute. There’s a photo of the deceased at this link.

  5. Enjoyed the gas station video. I found it interesting as I ran the Texaco station on the corner of Mississauga Road and Hwy 2 in Port Credit
    in the late 60’s. It was on the corner of the Texaco refinery.
    As far as gas prices go the cheapest I ever paid was 26 cents a gallon in the early 60’s.

    1. While working I was reviewing some old files and found a letter from an Alberta oilman, negotiating a deal, complaining they were only getting $1.60 a barrel.

    2. I worked at the Pioneer on the corner of Bronte Road and Hwy 2 in Oakville twenty years later…29 cents a litre.

      That darn metric conversion…

        1. Yeppers. Recall driving across town because another gas station was a tenth of a cent cheaper per gallon. Now, no one blinks when gas is 2-3 cents (or more) higher per liter.

          And, seeing as we’re reminiscing, I recall taking $20 out of the bank, putting $10 gas in my ’69 Ford 1/2 ton, driving 50 miles to the city with my GF, going to a movie, with popcorn, cruising the strip all night, driving back home & having both change in my pocket and gas left in the tank.

          Aw, the good ol’ days…

    3. VOWG

      I left Vancouver in 1970 with my wife and new baby (returning in 1979). We flew. A friend, who was also returning to Atlantic Canada, drove our car from Vancouver to Fredericton NB. I reimbursed him for $50-something.

    4. I’m pretty sure I filled up my 1965 Ford Falcon up in Ottawa for .32/gallon on my way to Camp Borden in 1972…military days.

      What.? Around 8 cents a litre..??

    5. I worked at Tom Terry’s EXXON station in the mid 70’s. Yes, I was the one who had to tell the 20-people lined up for gasoline, that we had just run out. By their reaction, you’d have thought that I had personally imposed an oil embargo. I was fortunate not to have been beaten to death (although I’d have probably kicked THEIR ass, back then, in my studly HS days … I was like the character “Tim” in Friday Night Lights … a Canadian Actor, BTW).

      And isn’t it interesting how gasoline prices started SPIKING in the mid 70’s … after the embargo … and Jimmy Carter LYING about “peak oil” (more “science” from our government). And also after America started admitting 1M+ immigrants/year thanks to the Kennedy immigration “reform” Laws. And BTW that gasoline price chart isn’t even close for CA gasoline prices.

    1. While they are firing 100 generals boot out 300 colonels. In WW II second lieutenants commanded platoons. Now captains do it. Just about everyone is a captain. Those who aren’t are corporals. There is almost no such thing as a private. My father spent 5 years single handedly beating the Germans as a private. You never see that anymore.

  6. The Trudeau cult’s CBC is demanding that Canada’s Coat of Arms be redesigned to show something Indian. Perhaps Indians burning a Catholic priest at the stake would be a historically accurate addition.

    1. Maybe they want to alter the motto to ‘Nothing Sacred’. These quick change artists are the first to claim ‘We’re all in this together’. No we are not.

      1. Canada’s new coat of arms will have Justin’s portrait on it in blackface wearing an eagle feather headdress. The motto will be changed to, “L’état, c’est moi.”

        1. Don’t forget that it has to have a rainbow background for the you-know-who people.

  7. The Greenies in Ottawa were bursting with excitement recently as they unveiled the first of several all-electric buses that will be added to the local public transit fleet. The mainstream media lapped it up and amplified the excitement. But a few days later, a lowly peon had the temerity to point out that this latest Green initiative, like all that have come before, will be an economic sinkhole:

    “Perhaps OC Transpo needs some remedial math lessons. According to the article, the current diesel buses do 800 kilometres a day and the proposed electric buses only do 250-to-350 km/day, depending on the temperature, and then require five hours to fully recharge. That means the electric buses will need about 15 hours per day of recharging time. Clearly, OC Transpo will need a lot more buses!

    I know from listening to quarterly investor calls of the manufacturer, New Flyer, that, all costs considered, New Flyer believes electric buses will be significantly more expensive than diesel ones for their customers. We need to be a little more skeptical. After all, this is the same entity that told us that the LRT would work like a charm.”


    1. After finding out aboot Ottawa’s purchase I sent an article aboot Philadelphia’s Phiasco with electric buses to my city councilor. He asked me if I wanted him to forward it to the mayor. I said yes. But frankly its pointless. Facts and logic…the truth, these assholes are delusional.

  8. Nice to see those beautiful 1956 and 1957 Chevys. I would think that a new 1957 Chevy should not be burning oil and require an extra quart to be added. Removing a radiator cap from a hot engine is dangerous. I know this vid was meant to explain how things were and not about accuracy.

  9. Instapundit:
    IF FAUCI WERE ANY GOOD AT HIS JOB, HE MIGHT HAVE A POINT: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Respond to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Claims of Political Persecution by Republicans.

    Very VERY weak Mr. Green.
    Better (and accurate):
    If Fauci had not actively suppressed proven early treatment protocols, 500,000 deaths may have been prevented.

  10. Let us not forget:
    True Dough clan made their $millions on the sale of gas stations, the money junior uses to kill oil and gas, by not having to actually work for a living.

    1. Interesting read.

      My only concern is, these bastards have a proven record of little regard for the law in the first place so why would a mere lawsuit even register? Get some woke lawyer to fight for you, have the case presided over by some woke judges, et voila!

      IMNSHO, lamp post, rope. That’ll catch their attention.

      1. I would think that the Trudeau govt is relying on the fact that about 80% of Canadians are uninformed and only watch CBC news and listen to CBC controlled radio.

    2. @LindaL.

      That was one of the best letters I have seen lately!

      THANK YOU so much for posting. I shared it with everyone I know.

      Hope others do as well.

  11. An observation from a Swedish engineer:

    “The notion that a nation can run on sunshine and breezes is worse than delusional.

    People might fall for the idea that we can merrily run on sunshine and breezes, alone, but with a few trillion dollars worth of mythical mega-batteries providing backup for a few minutes, when the sun sets and the wind stops blowing.

    A two-megawatt w!ndmill is made up of 260 tons of steel that required 300 tons or iron ore and 170 tons of coking coal, all mined, transported and produced by hydrocarbons.

    A w!ndmill could spin until it falls apart and never generate as much energy as was invested in building it.”