35 Replies to “Butts Takes A Victory Lap”

    1. Yeah, and it seems to bother the usual suspects in some fashion, enough to open their yaps in public about it.
      I wonder if they’re worried? It would just be a fight between Tronna, Ottywah and Moan Real anyway.
      When’s Michigan shutting Line 5?

  1. In profile, O’Toole looks like the Gerber baby all grown up.
    In policy, he sounds like Blackie Boy all dressed up.
    As for Butts….bite me, you shameless, unelected hypocrite.

  2. That’s okay. If the CPC caucus has any brains and listens to its constituents, The Tool is going to be getting a smackdown from his own party rank and file. If not, then the CPC won’t form the next government, either, and we’ll have four to five more years of The Hair That Walks Like A Man™ (and we’ll deserve it, too).

  3. LOL…that’s ok, do your victory lap big fella.
    But remember: Your Proboscis monkey snout and your dudish looking wife are forever.

  4. This is why we can’t have nice things. Energy poverty will bury us.

    Indeed Shawna … indeed. The elites already have their nice things, with no end in sight. The rest of us grovel.

  5. O’Toole gets it,whatever it takes to get rid of libranos.Without power we have no say whatsoever.

    1. With the dumbest policy proposal in Canadian political history he’s not going anywhere near the PMO.

    2. O’Toole signed a pledge that as leader of the Conservatives he would never accept a tax that makes everything you purchase more expensive including powering and heating your home.
      That makes him a liar.

    3. I won’t vote for a party that’s the same as the Libranos to get rid of the Libranos. What would be the point?

        1. Keep up the good work Jimmy.

          Too many 1990’s conservatives in these comments with their naive boomer perspectives.

    4. Even when we HAD power, did it feel like we had any say? And what happened as soon as Shiny Pony took over? It wasn’t long before it felt like Harper had never even existed. Very little of anything he did had any staying power. A 2% lower GST, a scrapped gun registry, and a scrapped wheat board. That’s effectively most of what we got from nine years of Conservative government.

      What point is a Conservative government in this country?

    5. O’Foole supporters will say he is playing realpolitik but he just wants to get his feet under the table. If the “Conservatives” ever got to #32, they would suddenly find all their options severely circumscribed by the lies the told to get their. They will have no choice but to follow through on the Liberal policies. Outmanouevred again. You can’t beat your enemies by doing what they want.

  6. Butternut runs the place taking orders from outsiders and Ms Kielbassa is the Secretary. If they were to put the dead guy in from the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” as the Liberal Leader, the Liberals would win because they stuff the ballot boxes in Tronna, Ottywah and Moan Real. Its really that simple, Canada is toast anyway. Pity.

  7. The Martin Bormann of the corrupt LIberal/CCP party has taken a victory lap, as well he should because it appears Butts is also running the corrupt Con Party.
    Remember when the Con Party successfully attacked hapless fool Stephen ( the rocket ) Dijon and his globalist poverty plan called the “Green Shaft” ? Ah, the good old days. Now the Cons have their own “Green Shaft” and their very own Dijon too.
    Good for Butts ( or Assface as he’s known to his friends and Family ) he is the victor.
    Gomery was right, the LIberal/CCP Party corrupt everything they come into contact with, including the ridiculous Con Party.
    Let the far leftist one party State of Turdholeland implode, and soon.

  8. Yesterday the pro-Liberal Globe and Mail ran an editorial praising O’Toole’s Carbon Copy Tax (TM). In the coming election the corrupt newspaper will devote all of its resources promoting Justin Trudeau.

    1. He doesn’t resign. He just goes into hiding by burrowing into the ground like any other grub.

  9. It’s gotta be said: If at this point you still think the CPC is the solution to our problems, you are part of the problem. This has been getting telegraphed for a long, bloody time.

    Flame away.

  10. Screw you and your ClownShoes Buddy.. I heard MushMouth today on cbc, saying the cons plan made you buy more fuel to make more money,followed by him Lisping that If you buy more fuel you get more back from his GangOfThieves.. What a fkn Dolt!

  11. The Conservative Party of Canada – striving to gain the blessing of the brain trust of the Liberal Party. Mission accomplished! Your base will now stay home or spoil their ballot while you wonder why you failed to pick up any of your enemy’s votes while handily losing the next election. I’m sure Kim Campbell will console you for giving it your Liberal best.

  12. Butts is a douche bag.
    Anything that makes that fucker “giddy” must be bad for the average Canadian.

  13. Thankfully, we in the west have an alternative to the Turd and the hapless O’Toole: The Maverick Party.

  14. Does the idiot O’Foole now understand tht he’s normalized socialist green dictatorship.

  15. O’Toole is convinced, clearly, that Bay Street will never support a party leader that will support allowing debt-slaves to keep their money, Alberta to prosper, or Bay Streeters to lose money on investments in “green” energy that will never pay off and will only ever make money for the fathers of the pig-eyed, buck-toothed, flat-chested Chinese trophy wives Bay Streeters take to make connections in China and to pretend they aren’t queer.

    He might have a point.