54 Replies to “Dear National Guard”

  1. “Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed,” the Guardsman said.

    Well young guardsman, your purpose for being there is over. You’ll learn and this is your first lesson judging by your reaction.

    1. They should be happy. They did not have to kill any of their fellow Americans, or die by their fellow American’s hands.

        1. I remember that old feeling of having to watch your own back as our government and politicians and officers wanted recognition or medals for putting my life on the line.
          I was there for the love of my country and learned quickly it was more to the whims of my officers or politicians.

  2. Biden’s on the job 24/7.

    He works for 24 minutes, then naps for 7 hours.

    Repeating three times each day.

    1. That’s a good thing. Can’t do any harm sleeping. I wish all politicians would keep cats’ hours.

    1. Dan – it depends on their orders. Happened to watch Churchill’s funeral recently, and all the soldiers and police were facing towards the procession. But I watch more recent events, and those “guarding” the procession route are all facing the crowd, watching for threats. This particular troop may well have been ordered to watch the grasssy area back of them.

  3. Rudyard Kipling was an astute chap:


    To the average scumbag politician, members of the armed services are merely expensive set-dressing.

    ESPECIALLY when it comes to “part-time” soldiers.

    Those who wear the uniform and trudge through mud and rain when all their “friends’ are out partying.

    Those who wear the uniform and forgo some of the niceties of life and do so, to DO A JOB, not because they NEED a job.

    (Ex “cut-lunch commando”; over thirty years of “lost weekends” whilst wearing a baggy skin.)

    1. So when will Texas and Alberta/Saskatchewan formally become a new Nation?

      I mean Alaska is a distant part of the what was the USA. Distance shouldn’t be an issue.

      There’s a lot of people in Ontaristan who would immigrate to such a country.

      Any new country name suggestions? Buffexas or Texalo maybe?

  4. L- Interviewer:
    So, how does it feel to be extras in the crowd scene of a low budget B grade Hollywood
    conspiracy/monster/science fiction movie ?
    Okay, there are no crowds. So the movie plot must be about a deadly virus that has the
    crowds hiding in their basement dutifully in imitation of their new heroic leader…

    So why do you feel it’s more like being in a Dilbert cartoon ?
    Okay, because you’re not sure if you’re guarding from a threat or guarding the threat.

    Do you feel the movie plot, events and characters are credible ?
    Okay, you thought the Iraq election years ago was more credible, as voters had inked thumbs.

    How do you like the accommodations movie extras are provided with ?
    Okay, well admittedly, when you were stationed in the real Sandbox, you had better places to sleep in and more places to pee.

    Some of you came up from Texas, would you visit the Capitol if you weren’t ordered to?
    Okay, could you word that answer with fewer expletives…

    1. Some of you came up from Texas, would you visit the Capitol if you weren’t ordered to?
      Okay, could you word that answer with fewer expletives…

      I parsed that as “fewer explosives“. Which also works.

      1. Born Texan, living in a lesser state these days.

        As a condition of my son attending a DC school visit, I had to come along. I was not appreciative. Of course, the group visited the Capitol. I did my part to symbolically express my views, but the gift shop didn’t have a “I took a dump at the US Capitol” hoodie.

  5. Seem to remember when Trump mentioned military parade on the day of independence or some such occasion.
    The expected reaction of the media cartel was massive, militarist they said.

    When you consider the 25 000 soldiers patrolling the capitol of the US for weeks, it does sound like a siege.
    An overkill. This is what political class does.
    If anything good came of the protest, it was putting fear of the proles in the political class.
    The unfortunate result will be as with the aristocracy of old, isolation and complete ignorance of the people that voted, leaving out the dead and such.

    1. I remember that scary quote.

      I remember visiting Washington 20 years ago and thought what an amazing place. So full of history. I was star struck.

      But now, Washington, you sure are messed up….welcome to Ottawa, Kenji.

  6. They were each vetted 3 times for their loyalty to this corrupt illegitimate regime. I have zero sympathy.
    These will be the storm troops who kill their own countrymen if their try to take back the American Republic.

    The majority of Americans voted for Trump.
    They didn’t vote their way into this mess, and they sure aren’t going to be voting their way out.

    1. OZ.

      You do know that most of our troops who join, come from (Red) states. They have for a very long time.

      1. Yes. You do know that these National Guardsman were vetted at least 3 times each.
        What does the U.S. serviceman’s Oath of Enlistment say?

        -I, (state name of enlistee), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and of the State of (applicable state) against all enemies, foreign and domestic-

        If Joe Biden and his Democratic Party don’t qualify as domestic enemies of the United States, then the Oath has no meaning at all.

  7. Maybe the national guard should claim refugee status the democrats promptly would put them into the best hotel they could find.

  8. Baby killers! They probably eat their victims.

    But only after the Biden’s, Clinton’s, Podesta’s, Harris’, and the long list of Leftists get their fill of aborted baby organs, flesh and blood first.

    1. Seen the News dummy. Biden’s (troops) are going back into Syria.
      I guess O-dumber did such a messed up job. Biden wants to be part of it too.

  9. Typical Democrat – Always powerplaying to punish those who they think disrespected them. A kind of “Do you know who I am? Well, now you can sleep in the garage…how do you like them apples?”

    In this case Dem rep. Bill Keating who didn’t like the soldiers remark about his freedoms when reprimanded for not wearing a mask.
    What a dick.

  10. Oh my!!! Democrat rep. Bill Keating is getting his ass handed to him on Twitter today. Ooooof!!!

  11. Packed in like sardines.
    Isn’t there a pandemic or something?

    “The problem was compounded on Thursday night, when thousands of troops who had been standing duty in the U.S. Capitol were told to vacate congressional buildings and take their rest breaks outside and in nearby parking garages. POLITICO obtained photos of Guard members packed together and sleeping on the ground in the garages. One unit was forced to rest in a garage with only one bathroom available for 5,000 troops.”