Don’t Want to Follow the Official Narrative? You’re Canceled!

Cancel culture is alive & well at John Muir Health in Northern California. Calvin Knight and Jane Willemsen may appear to be nice people but they are, in fact, little tyrants who refuse to let anyone deviate from the official Covid narrative.

What’s so ironic is that the head of California Public Health recently admitted that there was no science or data supporting the closure of outdoor restaurants. Makes no difference to power hungry individuals with dark souls. Let’s hope that John Muir Health directly and them personally are successfully sued.

12 Replies to “Don’t Want to Follow the Official Narrative? You’re Canceled!”

  1. If you think the lockdowns will end you haven’t been paying attention. We’ll have to fight for our freedom back.

  2. Happens all the time. Give power and authority to small minded individuals and it goes right to their head. Born dictators.

    1. Give power and authority to small minded individuals and it goes right to their head.

      One issue that hams have to deal with it are people like them who run homeowner’s associations. They like to boss people around, so putting up an antenna when they’re in charge is usually impossible.

    2. N Prospector, having small minds with big ideas puts them out of their depth, but their minds are so shallow, they are thinking they can wade through their own bullshit. They believe their power allows them to get away with what they do. It’s only when they get smacked up side of the head do they notice the tide is coming back in.

    1. Correct. I am not a doctor and do not play one on tv, yet I have known this from the start. All I had to do was read and observe.

  3. “We cannot afford to wait until our hospitals are actually full to make policy changes to reduce the spread of this deadly virus.
    It would be irresponsible to suggest that universally accepted, proven-effective public health prevention measures to promote physical distancing are not in order at this time.
    It would be dangerous at this moment to promote unfounded, unsupported theories about the efficacy of the standard test used to detect COVID-19, or to deny the reality that hospitals across California are rapidly filling with people who are very ill because of this virus.
    We are now nearly a year into this pandemic. We have learned a few things along the way. We know from experience that stay-at-home orders, as challenging as they are for everyone, flatten the curve and save lives.”

    I believe the letter the doctors sent were questioning whether or not these points were true and if so where was the proof of this, the science, in other words. In reply, the administration simply re-iterated that these things were true and it was downright dangerous to question the truth, the very opposite of science. These people are not scientists, they are faith healers. They do not abide those who question the faith.

  4. I think by now everyone knows that in the ‘war on covid-19’, as in all wars, the first casualty is truth. Viruses mutate and so will the justifications to keep the public under controls above and beyond need. This new ‘cold’ war requires our subversion through contemptuous laughter for the claims, the experts, the politicians and the scientists who usually are ‘social’ scientists.

    1. I have to disagree Burgess. Contemptuous laughter won’t be enough. Tar and feathers won’t be enough. Tyrants have to be stopped with bloodshed or a short drop with a tight noose, and the sooner that starts happening, the better.

      1. Agreed R55, Only when politicians and busybody public work tyrants start getting attacked “directly”, do they sit up and take notice.

      2. We elected these idiots so we, collectively, are to blame. If we put up with nonsensical policies then the consequences are ours to enjoy. Unseat these politicians. If you want a violent solution then be prepared for an unending sequence of violent acts. Unravelling a society is not a solution.