16 Replies to “O, Sweet Saint Of San Andreas”

  1. An excellent idea for California to pay reparations to all the world’s blacks.

    They should pay anyone who mails in a claim.

    Question: would a black person include Justin Trudeau?

    Sarc off

    1. I’m sure the Nigerian prince and his 15,000 children (don’t ask their names, just make the cheque larger) are looking forwards to getting their fair share.

      Because Democrats tell us that fraud never happens.

  2. The issue of reparations has been, according to Black Lives Matters, been settled. The members have quoted saying, “This is reparations” while destroying billions in property.

    Meanwhile, someone has done a serious economic analysis of the matter. They compared the economic status of the descendants of slaves living in the USA with the economic status if they were living in Africa. As intuition will tell you, even the poorest in the USA are far ahead of the general population in Africa.

    Meanwhile, what possible way could anyone track all of the descendants as individuals of slave owners or slave holders. Another problem among many is determining what cost, if any, should be assessed against those who settled in the States after the Civil War. Or those who homesteaded in the States then moved to Canada to homestead again. How about those who were peasants in Russia (slaves) then came to start life as free people?

    If this happens then as a descendant of Ireland I demand reparations from those in Canada of English descent.

    Cash or money order only.

    1. I’m half Irish and half English. Does my English half pay my Irish half? My wife is Acadian French. Does my English half also pay her full Acadian French for reparations for the ethnic dispersion her ancestors suffered at the hands of the English?

    2. OOT, As was said elsewhere, how would we determine what we should pay Oprah? Don’t be fooled by the demands for reparations. The way they see it, we should just hand over everything we have, and become their slaves, then even that, may not satisfy their lust for balance, they made need to see us all executed by guillotine, hanged, or stoned to death, before they are done. They will never be satisfied, and those that make such demands, have minds that are not in any rational balance, therefore, how could we ever negotiate in good faith with them, we would be fools to do so.

  3. Since I was born in Europe, would I have to pay reparations in Canada?

  4. All slaves in California were freed in May 1865.(end of Civil War)
    Until 1848, California was Mexican territory.(after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo)
    You do the math.

    1. I wasn’t aware there were any slaves in California, period. California was admitted to the Union as a free state. The few slaves, if any, must have been brought overland by their owners, a couple at a time.
      The closest thing to massive slaves in California were the Chinese coolies. They helped build the infrastructure, the railroads the dams, but were treated like animals. At least, the slave owners protected their slaves, it was in their interest. No one protected the Chinese in California. A famous saying referred to “a Chinaman’s chances” in a court of law. After the Watts riots, LA Times had an article on past race riots, referring to a “Chinese riot” in the late 19th Century. Turned out it was when whites ransacked Chinatown. So it should have been called “White riot”. There were covenants on real properties prohibiting the sale to Chinese, specifically. We ran into a few when we tried to buy. That was in the early sixties. I had a bit of schaden freude when that area eventually became a huge Mexican barrio. When I went to UCLA, we sat around the table in the Student Union debating bus rides in the South. We, the UCLA students, blacks and whites and me. We talked about the segregationist South as though it were a foreign country. We didn’t think we had any race problems, even though there was Watts, that was where I lived.
      If California is going to pay reparations, they should start with the Chinese. AFAIK, there were never any laws in California against the blacks. Why should California owe blacks any reparations?

      1. Oh, I forgot to add, before the Second World War, in California, specifically, if you were an American citizen of Chinese descent, specifically, you could not vote, hold any public job, or own real estate. Sympathetic whites were titular owners of the properties in Chinatown. Where is my reparation?

  5. I’m half Uke and half Irish. I want big stacks of dosh from England and Turkey, along with at least one sizable check from Canada for the Uke internment camps in WWI. Thanks in advance!

    Alternatively…here are your reparations, BLM.

  6. Ignorance has truly proven to be bliss. if you don’t know what the hell is going on why would you care, about anything. W T F cannot I get reparations from England my ancestors were Scots raped by the Brits. Fortunately we have been here longer than Canada has been here.

  7. This is the kind of perverted ‘logic’ that causes genocide. And it won’t be whitey getting wiped out. Got that homey?

  8. I left California in the ’80s and haven’t looked back. Now I’m working hard to get my parents out of there.

  9. The last and only former slaves still alive in America are the draftees, particularly those sent to Viet Nam to fight a war their own government wouldn’t allow them to win. No one else has any claim to the word “slave”.