29 Replies to “Visit The TC Douglas Building While You Still Can”

  1. Joely BigEagle-Kequahtooway who is married to Little Buffalo Farts Nogottabrain is a fraud.

  2. Wow, colour me impressed. 1,000 on-line signatures and 500 real ones (must have ben a busy day at the reserve).

    1. (must have ben a busy day at the reserve).

      More likely a busy day on campus for mostly white students in the Indigenous Studies department.

      1. I grew up with an awareness of Indian people although no reserve was in the neighborhood. I took an anthropology course about Indians around 45 years ago and it was already 100% fiction. Back in the day the University of Alberta had already institutionalized lies. Poor ignorant young me hadn’t yet realized that half of what is taught in the social sciences is simply made up. Apparently instead of sending Indians to jail like we do they should all be sainted.

        1. I took an anthropology course about Indians around 45 years ago and it was already 100% fiction.

          That sounds about right. I took an anthro course during my sophomore year because it was the only arts option I could fit into my timetable. (That course ran about the same time you took ours.) It was about technology and society, or some such thing, and the prof clearly hated engineering students. He completely disregarded what we had to say, even though technology was how we would eventually earn our livings. After the mid-term exam, he wrote the grades on the board by discipline and he chuckled with delight when the engineering students were at the bottom. The artsies were overjoyed at that.

          I quickly figured out that, in order to pass his course, I had to play his game his way, so I gave him garbage in, garbage out by parroting what he told us in our lectures.

          I ended up acing it and, thankfully, I’ve long forgotten much of what he tried to teach us.

          1. One of my arts electives in the early 90’s was Environmental Ethics. They did a reasonable job of balancing in class presentations because it was dual profs, one from Forestry (for fact based lectures), one from Sociology (to tell us we’re all evil for harming Gaia).

            One paper I wrote in the course was on the topic of race and disparate impact. I got the cobwebs off of some books of Tsimshian legends published between 1870 and 1900 and sitting in the main library for decades without being checked out. I used them to compare the actual stewardship of resources (as outlined in the clan and village histories) with what they were claiming for Native Indian stewardship obligations. Needless to say, I got an F. The grad student who marked mine only used the word “racist” once, and berated me for only using old sources.

            I appealed and got my mark up to a D, still below my average in the course to that point. Part of the appeal was me being asked why I didn’t use newer sources. I replied that the stories had changed from when the denizens of the area were proud to share the history of their family with anyone who asked, to when they were paid to produce new stories. As a result of being paid more for stories of hardships (often caused by the white man) they naturally found more stories of hardship (often caused by the white man). The grad student was really not impressed by this point, particularly when I said that this was the oral history of my family, as recounted from her experiences in the 1940’s and 50’s from conversations with the elder who had just made deals to sell his family stories about the Nass lava flows, stories that she had asked him about 10 years before and he said that there weren’t any. “They pay good money for stuff like this. Why shouldn’t we make a buck off of it?”

            I think the only reason I managed to get the grade was so I’d go away, after I put on my best look of innocence and said “Unless you think money isn’t a corrupting influence?”

  3. I for one, am so tired of this constant revision of history. Stuff happened in the past – get over it!

    My Scottish ancestors were probably thrown off the land in the Highland Clearances and immigrated to Ireland. Then in 1922, after he had 3 trucks blown up because of fights with Northern Ireland, my maternal grandfather immigrated to Canada at the age of 65 to start over again. There was no welfare, there was no immigrant resettlement policy. He, his wife and his children lived in a sod house for the first 2 years while they got the farm going. Then, just as they were making a go of it, the dirty 30’s hit.

    His attitude was “life’s a bitch and then you die”. He did not go around blaming the government (well, maybe the federal Liberals in the 1930’s) or moaned about his lot in life.

    Good things happened in history, bad things happened in history. It is what you do today with your life that counts.

  4. Why not named it “Smashed-in-head-Buffalo-Jump” or “Road to Hell by Good Intensions” ?

  5. The reality is that Big Eagle Bullshitter should be happy that whitey came along and colonized the place or she’d still be living in a stone age environment, nothing but a nameless and wretched beast of burden.

    1. Exactly.
      I am offended by them daring to use MY Alphabet and My Written Language for “their” street signs. Lets allow them hang a pictogram sign in their own language beside my white privelige sign.
      Anything less is just borrowed priviledge and a sellout.
      Their first pictogran should feature their great inventor… The pre-colonization Indigenous one who invented the wheel.

      1. Don’t forget their appropriation of electricity and the internal combustion motor. Oh, and horses, which were introduced to the Americas by Europeans.

        If you agree to live in our current culture, derived from European culture, and to follow the rules the rest of the country follows, welcome! Glad to have you! We’re all different and come from different cultures/backgrounds/histories, but we’re stronger together. If you whine that life owes you a living, stop stealing things from other cultures that make your life easier.

        1. Buddy, Quick and Miner: Well said. When Europeans arrived in North America, the native population was at least 3,000 years behind. In spite of all the advantages of being exposed to and encouraged to participate in a (much) more advanced culture, they continue to insist on moaning about their lot. All the while, living off the public teat. There is one notable exception that I am aware of – Chief Louie in BC. There may be others. If they’re insistent on renaming Dewdney, “Stone Age” would be appropriate. But they’d have to turn it back into mud track.

          1. Not true, Calgary 68. IDNF is an example of a Canadian who happens to be a Native Indian. Most of the Native Indians I’ve known are Canadians. They work, pay their taxes, are part of the majority culture, and are as full of crap as the rest of us (especially over a cold beer on a hot day).

            The whiners that want everything changed to please them are a very vocal minority. I’m pretty sure you agree, but we need a better term to distinguish the parasites from the full Canadians.

  6. This Dewdney guy seems like a real scumbag. I’m all in for changing the street and pool name but let us not forget what an a$$hill he was.

    Also maybe watch the language people. I’m an Indian and have a pretty thick skin but some of you need a lesson in how to be polite.

    1. You have to take that bio with a healthy helping of salt. This final judgement of Dewdney shows the unmitigated bias of the author:
      “His greatest fault, perhaps, was his partisan loyalty to John A. Macdonald, which clouded his judgement at critical moments.”
      Even by the author’s own words, I do not see how he can assign fault to Dewdney for the North-West Rebellion. It was directly caused by policies instituted by others over the wishes of Dewdney. I suppose Dewdney’s greatest fault was his desire to educate young Indians so that they can become productive members of society. Work is racist.

  7. Wow, I am impressed. “Hundreds of signatures” were presented to the city hall of a city with a mere 215,000. That’s what confrontational politics means instead of representative government. 0.1 or 0.2% of the population wish to dictate to the rest of the 99.8 or 99.9%.

  8. This is what I wrote in the comments section of the actual report on 620.

    Ok, I’ll pay this game. Are those who signed the petition also going to raise the money so that businesses/residents on these streets can get their business cards, signage, etc reprinted with the new name? Only asking because I’m clearly a racist.

    Of course not. Those who signed the petition have NO interest in real consequences to whatever they advocate,

    Now I’m all in favour of kids being taught in school the origins of the street names and how they may (or may not) be offensive to some, BUT I’m only interested in children being taught facts (not emotions or feelings)

  9. Isn’t “buffalo” a settlers’ word for the animal? Not to mention “big eagle” sounding rather non-native.

  10. Note to Chief big eagle, So, if I am offended for some reason, or have a need to get noticed and respected, I have to persuade a few others to sign my petition to get something done or changed, and then I’ll feel better or something? What ends up happening is that if I achieve my little victory, instead of getting on with my life, I start looking for other or bigger things to change. In light of all the crap and Covid, terrorism, corrupt politicians, billions of wasted tax dollars, rising food prices, people going bankrupt, war zones in some of the US cities, (probably soon to spill over to Canada, starting with the occupy group in Toronto city hall) Suicides, accusations of police misconduct, China, BLM, Antifa, LGBQUERTY, gun control, yada yada yada. I could go on, but you get the point. You can’t change what happened in History, and your little victory might make you feel better or important, but there are MUCH bigger fish to fry right now, and petty whining just adds to the misery. I sympathize with you, I really do, but jeez, we need to focus on the big stuff, instead of adding to the grocery list of things. If we did actually live in some utopia, everything would be wonderful, but we don’t, and things are tough enough already, and most of us just want to be left alone to live our lives without all this sewage to wade through! So my suggestion is, OK, we are aware of your issues, so make a note to yourself, and pin it to your notice board, and when we get all the worlds BIG problems solved, we’ll get to your particular item in a few centuries, but for now, could you just bide your time. Okay?

  11. I did not comment on this earlier, but, who the hell cares. we are finished because we are freaking cowards.

  12. CBC celebrity a-holes generated a petition to change Stockwell Day’s name to Doris.

    Perhaps attack them, or mock them, with their own methods.

    A group of adults could launch a petition to change Justin’s first name because he’s named after Emperor Justinian, who was a failure in his own right.

  13. Point of order.
    Anyone or anything named: “BigEagle-Kequahtooway” is by definition a savage not entitled to an opinion. Thank you.

    P.S. Also swallowing a big eagle whole, does not make you a big eagle.

  14. Am I the only one who noticed the woman in the hijab in the centre of this? Can it be that I am the only reader who is aware of how the Muslim Brotherhood PAYS for people to get out and agitate for change that suits their agenda, which is social instability, social unrest, extortion rackets, riots, creating police no go zones, pushing payment of reparations and so forth? Who are the organizers of events like “The Women’s March (except if you are a Jewish woman of course.) After all, it was the Council on American Islamic Relations that founded Black Lives Matters. CAIR openly boasts about this.

    And the Hijab? Not required under Islamic law. Considered a sign of extreme oppression by feminists in the Muslim world. Uniform of a woke Muslim woman among leftists activists

    So why has no one else said anything about the HIJABI in the middle while going on and on about 15 people including a few of the treaty card holders????

    1. It’s kind of amusing actually. This is the best disruption the Muslim Brotherhood can mange in Regina? I’ll admit they don’t have a lot to work with but still…. Being assigned to promote the Great Muslim Awakening in Regina must qualify as a special kind of purgatory.

  15. Isn ‘t the name “Big Eagle” demeaning to others, such as the men and women currently referred to as “little people” (formerly midgets/dwarfs)?

    And I agree strongly with the commenter who addressed the cost issue. There should be no economic impact on any business or resident; AND prompt GPS updates must be made!!!

  16. Forget revisionist history. Dewdney was as corrupt as they get. He used his position as Lieutenant Governor of the Northwest Territories to select the capital, right next to a large parcel of land owned by himself and a number of other land speculators. He probably ended up making the equivalent of about $10-$100 million in today’s dollars by locating the capital there instead of near a good water supply (near Fort Qu’appelle). You can read all about it in Pierre Berton’s The Last Spike, chapter 4.