Coulda Had Max

The Stupid Party;

Warren Kinsella's Daisy Group consulting firm was behind a social media campaign to put the People's Party of Canada (PPC) on the defensive and keep leader Maxime Bernier out of the federal leaders' debates, according to documents provided to CBC News.   The documents outline the work done by several employees of Daisy on behalf of an unnamed client. A source with knowledge of the project told CBC News that client was the Conservative Party of Canada.   The plan was first reported Friday night by the Globe and Mail.

Nice work, Andy.

You hired a Liberal to attack members of your base.

And then said Liberal lets it “leak”.

Quelle surprise!

Fucking moron.

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  1. Yeah, that’s several different grades of stupid. Putting trust in a person who by their current and past alliances cannot never be trusted.

    1. Exactly! Warren Kinsella of all people. When I heard this today I went and ripped the Conservative sign from the end of my driveway. I wasn’t planning on wasting my vote to get rid of Trudeau but I will be holding my nose when I vote Conservative on Monday. I am starting to think Trudeau already stole the election by getting Scheer elected as the Conservative Leader. What a pussywillow.

      1. If all those who said they were going to “hold their noses” voted PPC then we might just have a conservative government.

  2. Scheer had to cheat with Diary Cartel to win the leadership why stop there when now he has been just proven to cheat to try and win the 2019 Canadian Election.

    You reap what you sow…

    Mr Liberal Scheer of the LibCons Party of one.

    Maxime Bernier

    Scheer at the debate: PPC supporters come from “the darkest parts of Twitter.”

    He said this after paying his hired mudslinger Kinsella to fabricate this story and manipulate the media.

    Scheer and Trudeau practice the same kind of DIRTY POLITICS.


    1. “Scheer had to cheat with Diary Cartel to win the leadership …”

      No he did not cheat. Stop repeating the same lie in a vain hope that people will eventually believe it. Two more days and they’ll turn you off Maxbot, can’t wait.

      1. Perhaps he did not cheat according to the rules of the CPC but he sure displayed his piss poor morality and win at any cost attitude.

        Really, Weak Andy would make a great Liberal.

        1. Yes that is all true. No argument from me here.
          It does not change the fact that the POS Angel and the rest of the glitching Maxbots keep crying that Maxipad lost because Dairy Queen cheated. It is a lie and those worthless demagogues know it. No he did not cheat. Period, end of story. STFU Maxbots.
          In any case, the best we can do in this election is destroy Aladdin. That is provided that sufficient number of useful idiots don’t vote Maxipad.

          1. I’m not a bot but your use of the English language indicates you’re probably a closet Liberal. Grow up. Everyone has free speech and free opinions. If you can’t handle it, the NDP beckons you.

            Max is not the issue, the platform speaks for itself, Andy has revealed a disturbing pattern. deal with it.

          2. If you don’t understand that stating that Dairy Queen cheated to win the party leadership is a lie then you may as well be a bot.

          3. BTW accusing those who want Aladdin defeated of being closet Libranos while simultaneously doing everything to help Libranos win the election is a very Librano thing to do.

          4. Oh and Maxipad is the issue. He is a traitor from Quebec who wants to help Libranos get re-elected out of his personal vendetta. Vendetta resulting from a temper tantrum when he lost the contest and so declared that those playing by the rules were cheating.

          5. Unfortunately, Andy 2% will be that much short and there will be a hard left coalition government that will bring in PR that will guarantee an perpetual hard left government. The “civil service” will love it, as it guarantees jobs and pensions for life.

          6. What do you mean “unfortunately” that is exactly what Maxipad supporters were tirelessly labouring for. Thanks a pantload a$$holes.

            P.S. Not “for life”, only until the ponzi scheme collapses.

          1. Colon,

            Dairy Queen cheating to win is because he cannot do it by his policies and personality. He is a loser and cheats to win. Now all’s fair in love and war but ultimately you need more than one string to your bow, don’t you know. And he’s being out-cheated by the Lieberals, who are past masters of the genre.

            Look how they won multiple elections in Ontario by playing the sucker Conservatives; Butts was there and now Butts is here.

          2. Worthless drivel. He did not cheat. Maxipad lost, then betrayed me and others like I, threw a temper tantrum and went to work for Aladdin, idiots followed him. A pox on them all.

        2. “The official count, based on the ballot-point system, was Andrew Scheer 17,221 points (50.95 per cent) versus Maxime Bernier 16,578 (49.05 per cent).

          One source says that as many as 3,000 points went to Scheer as a result of an organized campaign in which farmers temporarily joined the Conservative party.

          Bernier didn’t lose the leadership vote; it was stolen from him by a concerted campaign organized by members of Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) and farmers in Ontario. Via Facebook, Quebec farmers and others were urged to join the Conservative party and vote for Andrew Scheer.”

          ~Terence Corcoran, Financial Post, May 31, 2017

          1. Bullshit. People joined to vote against Maxipad just like I (foolishly) joined to vote for him. All played by the rules. French traitor lost and went to work for Aladdin. That is all.

          2. Anus, I have never seen anyone defend a more worthless, cowardly, unappealing, hypocritical politician like putzface Scheer as you. But hey, that’s ok, I guess.

          3. Just stating the facts Maxbot, just the facts. Keep trying wishing them away and see how that works out for you.

            Oh and when RCMP come for your guns proudly tell them “I voted for Max” I am sure they will go away.

      2. Max, first with the Parti Quebecois, then with the Conservatives, then with the PPC.

        What are his real principles?

          1. Robert

            Nice brief, to the point answer. “Piss off” sums up Max’s principles quite nicely.

            We’ll see how long Max stays around.

            Perhaps he’ll run for Premier of Quebec?

      3. Colon, phukk off jerk, scheer liberaled, and that is cheating by any normal conservative standard, but that is too complex you a fool like you to grasp


      He sold out Canadians families to the dairy lobby.

      Worstest is that the CPC covered for him at the policy convention in Halifax.

      Those $20 billion in dairy quota are collateral for loans to the Dairy Mafia from the Fed Charted banks.

      He who is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much. He who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.

      1. Andy’s ethics speak of a salesman who will lie or do whatever he had to in order to make the biggest commission on a sale. Canada is the product, and and Andy wants to control the sale. Don’t get me started on Singh, May, or Dopey McBlackface. I have no recourse in voting. It’s Max or nothing at this point. Canada is imploding, it’s only a matter of time and speed. The massive debt, oppression by the East, and the gross imbalances in power, and the authoritarian hobnobbed boot worn by the burgeoning number of minority groups is doing everyone in. Make your Plan B when it’s our turn to be Venezuela or Hong Kong.

    3. Glad my husband and I voted for our PPC candidate.
      The way Scheer became Conservative leader never sat right by us.
      Max thinks like a normal person.

    4. So we are replacing Tweedle-Dee with Tweedle-Dumb.

      Not only stupid, but corrupt. Max was right. i don’t care about “splitting the vote”, you’ll get the same shite from Andy 2%, as is revealed. Vote with dignity; vote PPC.

        1. I own guns and I am voting PPC.

          You allow your fear to control you.


          Fear will not control on how I vote for I do not care what the establishment says I can or can’t do.

          They can all go f themselves

          1. Sure you do. When RCMP come to pick them up remember to proudly announce “I voted for Max” I am sure they will go away.

            I allow reality to control me. Try it one day.

    5. Agree wholeheartedly. I have been very unhappy with him since he became Leader and now I am thoroughly disgusted. I hate voting for him but I hate Trudeau more.

    6. One thing that Max must realize by now is that politics was, is, and continues to be the dirtiest of occupations.

  3. Or Maybe a last minute Liberal trick to grasp for power. No doubt the source is a Liberal insider with ties to the CBC.

    1. That has been my immediate reaction as well. Either Libranos or Maxipad (but I repeat myself) are probably behind this.

    2. You know I was going to hold my noise and vote Conservative, because I hate Trudeau more, but now I think I will throw a few votes (family) to the PPC just to send a message. I’m pretty sure our local guy will get in easily but It can’t hurt to go with plan B.

  4. You would think some major Conservatives would be jumping up to refute this story pronto, being 48 hours from a general election.
    Crickets would be much more telling. But hiring your enemy’s dirty trickster would probably be a failed strategy, no matter who tried it.
    The only silver lining is the fact you can STILL have MAX if you did not vote yet.

    1. Stan,that was perfect!

      A month ago I predicted a Trudeau majority of 175 seats,here at SDA, I ‘d like to revamp that prediction to 180 seats for the LPC.
      Boot Scheer’s ass back to Saskatchewan,maybe this time he can actually get his insurance broker’s licence.

    2. The ConCommunists have a thing for idiots like Scheer, Joe Clark and Kim Campbell’s. The adore LOSER’s and IDIOTS.

    3. Yep. Nothing to add. Scheer is, was, and will always be a well connected weasel, installed by backroom boys.

  5. News Flash: all politicians are dishonest, hypocritical weasels. The only difference is the degree of dishonesty, hypocrisy and weasel-ness.

    There should be a ranking system for politicians. From political weasel private to political weasel general. Or just rank from 1 to 10 on the weasel scale.

    My decision to not vote in federal elections anymore looks better and better. From now on I’ll only vote for a federal PrairieWest Independence Party.

  6. Warren’s only real loyalty is to himself. He turned on the Trudeau/Butts Liberals when they stopped paying him. He was bitter enough about that to endorse Doug Ford. I doubt the Dairy Queen needed to twist Warren’s arm much.

    Yes, we could have had Max—and the Tories would be losing by twenty points.

    Papa ti-PET imported so many of the wretched of the Earth into Canada for many reasons. One of them was making sure Canadians who worked for a living, were white, spoke English and believed in God would never take back control of their own “democratic” government from Bay Street.

    As it is, Max Bernier is only loyal to himself. He’s controlled opposition, recruited by the Quebec Liberals to destroy the Conservative party in English Canada. When his attempt to take over the party failed, he tried to split it in half, allowing the Grits to divide and conquer as they did in the Nineties after Mulroney destroyed the PC’s.

    One day we’ll find out what Max was offered by the Grits for his services. As it is, Max will be rewarded only by losing his seat and being finally consigned to the dustbin of Canadian political history along with his “Parti populaire.”

    Always room for one more hack in that dustbin. Ask Warren. He and Max deserve each other.

    1. This is merely some personal theory without any known facts in support of it. Can you point to one actual fact that substantiates what many would see as a tall tale?

    2. Scheer and the CPC started this whole mess by hiring Warren Kinsella’s Daisy Group consulting firm.

      Love how CPC supporters try to twist it into a plot that makes Scheer the victim.

      Scheer and the CPC failed this entire election because of their piss poor management of it…

      Scheer Hires Kinsella,

      Maxime Bernier

      Scheer: Poor Maxime thinks he can win with principles and good policies! LOL!

      Kinsella: We’ll show him how a real dirty campaign is run. I have decades of experience doing it with Liberals. Deal?

      Scheer: Cheque is in the mail Warren!

      Angel (Warren Kinsella’s Daisy Group consulting firm stab Scheer and the CPC in the back.)

        1. What are you even talking about? I have never mentioned polls and in fact think they are rigged. You, on the other hand believe in some bizarre conspiracy theory.

  7. I would never vote for Mad Max or the Steer. Seriously neither of them are worth supporting. I am hoping this election results in the destruction of Canada as we know it and if the will to rebuild is there reform Canada using an American Republic style of governance. Where the head of state is elected and head of the executive branch. Rep by pop is in the commons and provincial interests are kept in the senate. Canada as it is was designed broken. It was meant to be an empire not a nation. The hinterlands are only here to enrich the center. Those who dwell in the hinterlands are to be peasants, hewers of wood and drawers of water.

    1. The original intent – by MacDonald, et. al. – was to make something that was the polar opposite to America. If it had remained a small country consisting of the three original provinces – Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia – it might have worked.
      Adding Rupertsland, BC, PEI and Newfoundland recreated the same situation that led up to the American Revolution. That is, Toronto and Montreal acting as foreigners dictating to the colonists. Was it because 19th Century politicians were perpetually drunk that they really did not see this coming, or did they just not give a damn? Likely the latter.

      1. Mike, it was pure greed, and about securing the land before the U.S. took it all. Canada as a country was an afterthought.

        1. That and the original three were in debt up to their eyeballs.
          Even the formation of the NWMP was to prevent the US Army from coming in to quell a potential Indian uprising. Some American miners got the short end of a raiding party. The Cree and Blackfoot were also out killing each other. Shutting down Ft. Hamilton (aka Whoop up) as mentioned in the usual propaganda wasn’t even an afterthought.

    2. Joe the Albertan-

      Well said. In particular, Canada needs an inviolate Constitution that guarantees the rights of the individual, and can only be amended by super majorities.

  8. Like I said all you have for options in Canada’s rigged election scam is varying shades of Communism. Pick your poison. Canada is to screwed up to ever fix by voting for Communists in a rigged election. You have to torch the Slave Ship and start again. You can not fix Canada because it is locked down by Quebec and they have the whip hand. A complete veto over your lives, your Freedom and Liberty. You need to wake TFU and get of the Slave Ship. Albertan’s and the Stubble Jumpers need to understand they are screwed, blued and tattooed
    The only way forward in Freedom and Liberty is the UDI. Wake Up and instead of working for Ottawa work for your Families future. Walk away from the Gangsterism and Corruption. Stand up straight and move forward on the right trail. UDI the crooked bastard’s.

  9. Scheer deserves to lose this election despite that his party would , if elected, “do less harm”. He’s really nothing more than a young populist (anti-ideologue) completely invested in the political class / consultant / spin doctor / “they really like me” theme. He pissed all over the conservative base, couldn’t deal with a prominent rival and stupidly allowed himself to sell out to the Quebec-based dairy lobby that is now voting for the bloc. He sucked up to Canada’s most dangerous and zealous enemy of liberty, the CBC while attempting to censor Canada’s only non bought-off media, the Rebel. And now this. No need to comment as Kate said it all.

    Andrew Scheer – “Just not ready”

    I’ve noticed the swings in polls showing the Greens plunging while the NDP are rising, confirming that given that the Liberals, NDP and Greens are not very dissimilar to voters, they are astute enough to realize that this election is really about everyone against the Conservatives as they all want to consciously or not destroy the Canadian economy much faster than Scheer’s rate of decline and they are voting strategically and accordingly. The Spawn is deservedly more despised than ever but he and Butts are close enough that NDP minority control can better achieve their destructive ends. The rise of the bloc confirms that screwing the ROC while milking it is always the dominant theme in Quebec. in this case, even a Spawn majority might have resulted in a pipeline being built (Trans Mountain) so shifting votes to the bloc makes sense as the Spawn will now have to kiss up to Jagmeet the Destroyer.

    1. A good scenario: CPC landslide but Scheer loses his riding.
      Of course he’ll expect someone to step down so he can run in a by-election. It would be better for him to resign as CPC leader. But where to find a politician with a spine and cajones that is an actual leader?

      1. Sheer is my MP, at least for the next 48 hours. The last time I was canvassed, in August, I told the poor lady that he was useless as tits on a boar. I’m voting for Max. You may remember that Deb Gray was the only Reform MP the first time around. Patience, Grasshoppers.

    2. Chittick- “the Spawn will now have to kiss up to Jagmeet the Destroyer.”
      That’s why a vote for the PPC is actually going to give more power to Singh, because PM Turd will have to suck-up to Singh for support, maybe even have NDPers in Cabinet, FFS!
      The CPC needs every vote, and conservatives splitting with CPC means more Jagmeet not less!

        1. I’m voting CPC anyway.

          Scheer’s never been my pick, but it doesn’t matter. To date there’s been no evidence of active criminality by the CPC, and they have announced no plans for a huge carbon tax to kill our entire economy.

          You can’t say that about the other three parties.

          1. Andy’s Carbon plan will do almost as much harm as Trudles, so no comfort can be taken from that. As for active criminality, Why do you think Sche(m)er will suddenly become principled as premier, after seeing him show his true corrupt self, over the last two years. It’s laughable to believe the corrupt will become uncorrupt , once they are elevated to higher office.

          2. Yeah except that Dairy Queen will be predictably dragging his feet and most likely implement nothing while indulging in endless consultations. He does not have to be principled it is enough that he is whoring himself to the right people.

  10. Scheer’s ahead !!

    My colleague from The Canadian Press tallied up the questions to Scheer today about the mudslinging story —
    he dodged the question and related questions on that story 23 times.
    [pipeline] So far at this press conference, five questions. Five times, @JustinTrudeau has given the very same answer.

  11. Not a bit of good will come from voting for maxi. At the start of the campaign I thought a vote for max was a vote for Trudeau, now it appears that a vote for max will mean more power for Jagmeet Singh. Singh will have and abuse his power in a minority Liberal government.

    If the story is true that Scheer and the CPC had the chutzpa to go after political rivals, I’d be impressed!
    That’s what I what from Conservatives, someone that’ll fight for it’s supporters. I also hope it’s true that, Scheer is tougher and meaner than Harper, but with a friendlier, smiling face. Like a mob guy slowly sticking a knife into your chest while reading you a bedtime story.

    If it’s not true, then it’s just another story to divide CONSERVATIVES one more time.

    PPC voters will give power to Singh,,, then enjoy it.

    1. Gee we went from split the vote to help the Liberals to now voting in the NDP you all are acting like Scheer

      Lied about being an insurance broker

      Lied about balancing the budget in two years

      Not confirming or denying he hired Warren Kinsella’s Daisy Group consulting firm.

      1. Exactly. Is this New Math or something? For a party that is polling so low it sure is causing a lot of consternation for SDA commenters.

  12. Kinsella is probably the single biggest scumbag in Canadian politics–and proud of it too. This is like the final, POUNDING nail in Scheer’s coffin. RIP Cucky.

  13. Win or lose, I am looking forward to mocking the living **** out of that idiot Scheer after the election. No matter what he does, count on him to screw it up. This is the only satisfaction I have from such a royally screwed up country until the west separates.

    1. When Scheer’s PM, that IS the time to push for separation! We’re never getting a deal to separate,,, or have a sovereignty association with Canada,,, if we’re trying to get it from Liberals.
      Liberals will never let us leave, CPC might at the very least, reopen equalization and transfers. That’s why a majority, without a lot of Quebecers, would give power to the west.

  14. Liberals helped Scheer win the leadership over Max.
    Liberals set-up a (negligible) counter to the Cons with Max.
    Liberals convince Scheer to over-react and attack mosquito Max with an AR15.
    Kinsella, Butts, Telford, May, Jugmeat et al are laughing at how easy it is to manipulate mental midgets.

  15. Progressives are enjoying these bitter tears from the internal squabbles of the right. Don’t forget that.
    Meanwhile, welcome the new socialist cabal, that will tax and borrow this country to oblivion. Bring on the decline

  16. We should have a pretty good list of the sock puppets Andrew has deployed here. Why, without reading any of the comments in this thread, I am 100% certain that at least one of them has already posted something to the effect of

    “Bernier can’t win”
    “had to stop vote splitting”
    “most important thing is defeat Trudeau”

    This is where unprincipled gets you. Always. Without exception. It gets you into the Liberal Party of Canada.

    Thank you for voting Liberal Lite.

    1. “Bernier can’t win” – He might win his seat but that’s it and his non-party hasn’t broken 3%.
      “had to stop vote splitting” – PPC’s entire vote added to CPC’s or vice-versa wouldn’t have made any significant difference.
      “most important thing is defeat Trudeau” – that’s as unrealistic as Max winning – this is Trudeauopia
      We’re screwed.

  17. To add to this internecine political battle being waged at the moment we have another report from the Buffalo Chronicle that is very tempting to believe. The CBC was quick to launch their lawsuit against the CPC, but as of this morning there has been nothing about a lawsuit from Trudeau and the Liberals concerning the story that the Chronicle broke last week, interesting to say the least.

  18. This is all extremely deja vu of the recent Ontario election where the Conservative Tim Hudak seized defeat from the very jaws of victory against the odious Liberals.

    Setup? I mean, how stupid does one have to be to hire Warnout Kantsellya?

  19. If further proof were needed that Scheer and the ConHQ are idiots hiring Kinsella is the QED.

    I’ve already voted for Max. People in non-competitive ridings where there is no danger of a Liberal winning should vote for Max to run up his popular vote and to indicate their disgust with Scheer.

    If your CPC vote is needed to hold a close Conservative seat or even to add a seat put on a gas mask and do the job. But, after the election, conservatives need to get rid of Scheer and the people around him who thought hiring the Lying Jackal was a remotely good idea.

  20. I have already voted and without hesitation, picking the best from the worst, it was a clear PPC choice. It really, really doesn’t matter who wins this show. It’s a race to full Communism and the majority of Canadians don’t care. The sooner ‘the sh$t hits the fan’, the better.

  21. Stupid party – sums it up. But Kinsella isn’t working for the CPC. He is working for the Liberals. How many times has he had stories about Justin that the cons ran with that can’t be verified? And how stupid is the CPC ? Well they likely were paying for it. I want a new country.

  22. So what, who cares. And who benefits when conservative votes go to Mad Max? The liberals obviously … PPC will not win a single seat.

    If Scheer does not win a majority on Monday, Canada will be finished. If you want communism, if you want higher taxes and more corruption, vote for anyone except Scheer.

    1. Yup ! It’ll be Jagmeet Singh telling Trudeau what he wants, and how many cabinet ministers the NDP want,,, the NDP will hold the balance of power.
      Those that vote PPC will be depriving themselves and other conservatives from halting the escalation of leftism in this country, and if you think reversing that will be easy, think again. The more freebees people get, the more they want. If you think Scheer will govern anywhere near what Trudeau/Singh will govern, then you need to cut back on the number of bowls you do each day!

      1. Rest easy. Rather than fighting more principled but naive voters who won’t change the dial, a greater concern is that even if the PPC all voted Conservative or vice versa, the left’s numbers and voter distribution ensure that there will be enough support for the Spawn to continue. There aren’t enough so called conservatives in the deranged dominion to elect a majority even if they were united when the left is not fighting one another. Climate change hysteria has united the left which means that only the Prairies and interior BC have the concentrated support to form a conservative government but only if they were their own jurisdiction (nation). The battle for Canada is likely lost.

        1. So give up and vote Scheer like you did???

          I voted Conservative (do less harm) while holding my nose but with no expectation of him prevailing in a >60% leftist ruin of a nation.

          Where are your morals???

          Just because you don’t have the balls to vote for what is right doesn’t mean we have too.

          1. Don’t blame me for you voting Trudeau in 2015.

            I never voted for blackface and I will never vote Cons ever again…

          2. Sure you did not, I doubt you’re even of voting age.
            You’re agitating for people to vote Aladdin now though.

          3. Doing less harm is better than doing “nothing” which is what voting PPC would do, even if the PPC candidate for my riding didn’t drop out several weeks ago. Your delusions of success are three election cycles from reality if there is anything left of the PPC after their 3% standing in this one and you can suck up all CPC support and draw in the mushy middle to get a majority.

            You’re not listening. lets pretend every CPC vote went to Max’s party. They still wouldn’t form a government the way this election is shaping up. The Prairies show 60% CPC/PPC which , given their number of seats is a waste of support requiring more popular support nationally than what is now barely more than the Liberals.

    1. Warren Kinsella’s statement is delusional. He’s doing what leftists do, projecting.

  23. I call this a Liberal master-stroke. But the Stupid Party is as stupid does.

    I was suspicious about those early racist-membership and executive-quitting stories. With good reason it appears; too good to be true for the establishment story about the PPC. I also thought that maybe the CPC would do something like this, along with the Rhino party candidate, because their strategists are boys in short pants and they would think this an awfully clever Machiavellian stratagem. However, how could they be so dumb as to use Warren Kinsella, a notable arsehole who just hauled them in like some dumb fish; possibly in their short pants, they didn’t know of Kinsella’s history, which extends beyond their lifetimes.

    Arsehole Kinsella may be, but stupid he is not. (That’s why he an arsehole because he should know better).

  24. Voted for PPC, no harm done, the CPC candidate is an NPC and will get the seat.
    Just could not do it.

  25. If Justin wins I hope he increases the carbon tax by 30 cents per litre. It wont affect me because I am retired. But it will certainly affect you stupid teachers and civil servants who will be able to take credit for his win

    1. You should hear the bleating in Vancouver and Victoria right now, gas prices went up 18 cents a litre. These are the hotbeds of the NDP and Greens, who want that carbon tax jacked right up.

    2. wally – if the carbon tax is increased, food costs also go up. (I’m assuming that you’re human, like most of us here. 🙂

    1. Let’s see a former Liberal cabinet minister investigating for the Conservatives and the story is released 2 days before the vote by CBC??? And know one sees this as being fishy! Wow!

  26. Since we do not know who the source is,l am not taking the story setiously. Regardless, I am not sure why this is supposed to be worse than any other political stunt. The “base” referenced are the PPC supporters, not Conservative supporters. The clear “winner” here is the media (and of course their pet party the Liberals.) The idea seems to have been to create division among conservative voters at the 11th hour. They have succeeded.

    1. The biggest problem I see, is that if true, then the CPC was not focusing on the real enemy, the lying, conniving, fake thieving LIberals.

      Always focus on your main enemy, not the one at the back of the pack. Meethead was focussed on Lizard for awhile, then he gained, and took on the Libs and CPC, ignoring Lizard and her Cat Ladies, no matter what she said.

      Yes, as said above, the Stupid Party reappears at the worst time.

      All parties play the dirty tricks, but the CPC decided to farm it out instead. Jeepers. Say g’night Andy. He couldnt even put Fat Katie in her place yesterday. The CPC still hasnt learned, and understood, forever.


  27. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. You can tell from Scheer’s lame comments on the story that he got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, and probably right after a big old glass of milk too.

    I hear he has a lot of that around.

    The PPC is basically the only place you can really register your anti-globalist sentiments, if you want the ruling classes in Canada to hear the feeble voice of the dissenters. If you don’t, then don’t complain about being under their boots in the years to come.

    The message of the CPC is basically this — sure we see those boots coming, let us walk all over you in hush puppies for a while, then it won’t feel as bad when the jackboots hit. But I think they are going to that phase next anyway. This Kinsella stuff is just a practice run.

  28. We were doing door to door today in Overbrook, a very solubrious part of Ottawa-Vanier. Several people remarked that we were the first ot ever, and I mean certainly in the last 20 years, show up in the neighborhood. Our conservative and dipper candidates do not even live in the riding.

  29. We were doing door to door today in Overbrook, a very solubrious part of Ottawa-Vanier. Several people remarked that we were the firs tot ever show up in the neighborhood. Our consrvative and dipper candidates do not even live in the riding.

  30. Beginning of September had the opportunity to drive from eastern Ontario to around the Wasaga Beach area for a wedding.
    We saw at least a half a dozen hand made but very prominent PPC signs on people’s property – I’ve never seen this before.

    We voted already but a polling company called so I figured what’s good for the goose is good for the gander – I lied the whole way thru, they think I/we are voting liberal…LOL!
    (PS they didn’t even have Max on their question list past the first question and I picked that one – just to see what would happen, they immediately dropped him from the rest of the questions.)

  31. Hmm….lying about your opponents. Hiring people to make them look bad, and then denying that you are responsible for it.

    Add in stealing millions, groping women, and painting your face black……and you can’t tell the difference between the Liberal leader and the Conservative leader.

    After this election….leadership convention!!

    Bring back Max, and Stephen Harper.

    1. Stephen Harper is a Globalist

      He let 22 senator seats vacant and available for blackface to fill as well as:

      But for Canadians, there’s another compelling tidbit in the emails. Specifically, in this July, 2016 email that Powell addressed to former Canadian attorney general Peter MacKay:

      Peter, I am back from the Bohemian Grove. Surprise, surprise, I sat next to Stephen Harper a couple of times and had a nice discussion. Grove attendees know that Trump is a disaster. Most will vote against, but quite a few will not vote for Hillary and will vote for a third party candidate. Strange doings down here. Otherwise all is well with the Powells. We’ll sneak away for a few days in August. Of course I’d love to see you. Let me know your dates. I told Stephen that you seemed quite content in your new place in life.

  32. Ok let’s dissect this a bit, no harm in that.
    Observation 1 – it’s like 48 hours till Election Day and this leaks out now.
    Observation 2 – consider the source and if they have a history of manipulating a story or attacking anyone right of Center.
    Observation 3 – Who benefits from this the most?

    My conclusion is that what you have here is a case of mass mesmerism in action.
    Kinsella is typical of any liberal that see’s anything that he doesn’t agree with and attributes it to racism. Was he contracted?
    There are claims that he has. But lo and behold he has suspended his Facebook and Twitter accounts because he is experiencing something he has visited on others. Karma can be a real bitch.
    But I digress.
    You can Join the chorus on this …. just like the conspirators want you to …. or you can pay attention to details and point out any inconsistencies that come up.
    Do i doubt the CPC a political party would do this? Not in the least, kind of expect it from those that hang around Ottawa.
    There in is the defining issue of this campaign.
    We know that politicians cannot be trusted, nor can we trust the bureaucrats surrounding them, nor the media that is supposed to be reporting the truth instead of carrying water for their favourite party.
    Hell, we know that whatever laws they pass they do so only to gain benefit for themselves or never intend to let these laws apply to them.

    As to Bernier, it seems that ever since he started his new party, there are a lot of the established folks that see him as a threat to their meal ticket.
    Wonder why that is?

      1. I’m glad that you are thrilled with the upcoming election of the Lib-Marxists.

        You’ve got no idea of the hurt and pain coming up.

        The massive upcoming deficits will sink the dollar like a rock, then come the tax increases, that the Great Economist Katie Simpson says are lies, lies, lies

        1. Scheer is part of the global Lib-Marxists so no harm no foul…

          We have nothing to lose voting for the PPC and the best leader available in Max for all we have is no loss and only gain in making Canada a more sanely place to live.

          You said

          The massive upcoming deficits will sink the dollar like a rock, then come the tax increases, that the Great Economist Katie Simpson says are lies, lies, lies

          Max and the PPC are the only ones promising to balance the budget in two years so why are you trying to scare people in voting for Scheer then?

        2. “You’ve got no idea of the hurt and pain coming up.”

          He does not even comprehend it. If he isn’t a paid operative then I doubt he is even of voting age.

          1. Notice how colon has nothing to debate with as he tries to sell the LibCons bull… of don’t discuss issues attack the poster and the political party that he supports gee isn’t that the thread we are on right now Scheer getting caught with his immoral moron pants down.

            Scheer’s Cons scare tactics no longer work

          2. I know, Anus really has nothing to offer other than saying they will take away my guns! LoL. Just weird how he defends the globalist Scheer who is just as likely to take away guns as the other Libcons.

          3. Angelbot, you’re not a poster. You’re Librano programmed bot mindlessly spamming the same crap. There is nothing to discuss, they will unplug you in two days.

          4. “Just weird how he defends the globalist Scheer who is just as likely to take away guns as the other Libcons.”

            You can stop lying anytime. One promised to do so the other promised to reverse past Librano legislation. Same goes for Section 13. Easy wins for the Cons if they do it and a meaningful differences between them and Libranos.

          5. colonDork, because of stupid like you, and the nutless panty boy phamtom, we are going to savour another 4 years of blackie blackface, you are too stupid to understand that the cpc is the liberal party, Harper put some very questionable laws in place, so he started the decline into liberalism for the cons. Me, I’d love to have a beer with both of you nutless fools at the same time, as one of you doesn’t have enough brains for a good discussion!!!!

            you have gone full unDork in this thread, and maybe have even out unDorked the real UnDork

    1. Not sure it matters to Liberals, its the party of “if it feels good, it ought to be legal.”

      They are morally relative, so it would just add cred to his Lib fanboys and fangirls. Anything goes, for them!

      1. Sounds just like the CPC under Scheer

        LibCons the only Party of one that has almost completely destroyed our Canada for it’s only the LibCons who are guilty of the complete mess that we are all in…

        And some of you think the LibCons are the only answer to getting us out of all the mess the LibCons have done is pure and utter stupidity.

        Doing the same thing over and again like voting LibCons is what got us all here for heavens sake the LibCons are not the answer for getting us all out of the corrupt mess that Canada is in.

        Think about it

  33. The people at ToryHQ hate their voters. They hate their base. You should hear what they say about you. And they have far more in common with Warren Kinsells than you.

    They aren’t fighting for you or even representing your interests. They are fighting for power and money. Liberal, Tory, same old story.

  34. Sarah Chung

    US media posted my op-ed about antifa’s grandma-abuse. ”Conservative” outlets here wouldn’t.

    Like Scheer, they won’t stand up for CDNs. But the PPC will! @peoplespca promotes Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness, Respect.

    Despite the video gaining national news coverage in Canada (including big coverage in the United States), no elected politician outside the PPC has condemned the attacks. Instead, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has condemned threats made against the old lady’s harasser; a wealthy, young immigrant from Syria named Alaa Alsoufi whose family temporarily closed their restaurant in downtown Toronto, apparently in response to the threats after his name was revealed. Shockingly, both the leader of the conservative opposition party and establishment conservatives in the media have followed suit. A nation certainly is in a rotten state when its elite go out of their way to take the side of a grandma-bashing, Stalinist thug.

  35. Kate’s two word epithet is a meme.

    Successful memes take on a life of their own, just ask “low energy Jeb Bush” or “Lyin’ Hilary”.

    Hold their nose and vote Conservatives are going to have to come up for air, sooner or later.

  36. Re: Smear Campaign. ”A source with knowledge of the project told CBC News that client was the Conservative Party of Canada.” Ya, right!!

    A: let’s not forget the fact that Max was a member of the CPC and went against his party when he failed to make the grade as leader. B: Let’s not forget the embarrassment he raised within the party in 2008 when he left his briefcase that contained sensitive government documents in the care of a biker babe named Julie Couillard who had former ties to questionable biker gangs. C: What smear campaign are we talking about?? If I recall, the decision to allow Bernier to participate in the second English leadership debate was made by the Trudeau government’s Minister of Democratic Institutions, Karina Gould. Keeping in mind that the CBC’s Rosemary Barton was heavily involved in the English debates.

    I know how some of Max’s supporters must feel, especially after 5 weeks of campaigning and only having 3% support in the polls. However, 3% over and above the lead Scheer has today would have meant 36%, and most likely a majority for the CPC. That would have also meant a Minister’s post for Mr. Bernier.

    1. This was already covered in this thread above with linked rebuttals maybe you should have read it.

      I see now that the CPC also copied this from the Liberals as well:

      “If you repeat it, if you say it louder, if that’s your talking point, people will totally believe it!”

      LibCons created and caused the Canada we are all now stuck with, so how can you actually think that the LibCons can get us out of this mess when they created it in the first place and you never don’t think that the LibCons planned it this way, for the way Canada is almost completely corrupt as it is today?

      1. You want me to read 139 posts so I can remain silent and find a reason to vote for Max?? What next?? Don’t tell me. You’re going to send me an picture of Max with ”Little Greta” sitting on his Harley!

        1. I never said you couldn’t post

          Scheer is the one who forced a vote on the Paris Accord and is on board with Greta…

        2. pali grifter. mad Max is a normal person, and that is proven by the very fact you posted, he went out with form biker bitch with big tits, and that makes him one of us normals, as to Scheep having 33% and not 36%, the asshole should be at 40% if he just became a smart leader and kick the GD bible out the door.

    2. Hmmmm, so I should just hold my nose and vote Schneer now, that it? Same old same old. When I was highly critical of Harper…when he had a friggin’ majority, guys like you came out of the woodwork and trash talked critique. I wouldn’t vote for that non conservative Schneer if you paid me. As for Sock Bhouy, Jagmeet, Mrs Green Jeans….scum, the lot of them. Not worth paying taxes to keep them fed. Schneer is inept and you still try to sell us a bag goods.
      He’s the Milk Man, in the pocket of Kaybec. I can tell some tales sport, I lived there once.
      You know how we feel? BULLCRAP! The polls close in Ontario and it’s over for us out here. Won’t touch you CPC Tronna hacks for anything this time. Piss off.

      I’ve never seen a more pathetic campaign in my life. Four years to pick apart the Turd and what….basically squat. Sock Bhouy’s been tripping over his shoelaces and the CPC still listen to the little elves of political plain vanilla. Silent. I am sick and tired of pontificating shitheads like you from the CPC. There isn’t one of them sitting in the HOC worth the money we pay them to represent us, even the ones from Alberta.
      I’m voting UDI for Alberta. If Kenny isn’t up to the task, we’ll find someone else. You national party hacks can KMA from now on.

      1. You are not the only one that is P’Oed. I’ve voted conservative since 1968 and when I was finally able to donate financially to the party I did. The last election, 2015, was the final straw. I volunteered a good amount of time and stood by as the backroom boys came up with the lamest campaign in fifty odd years. This latest campaign by the CPC actually gives an Oscar to the one held in 2015. My money and vote went to the PPC this year and I know that as a fledgling party they will not do well at the polls but hopefully their platform will resound to a growing number of Canadians that still have the ideals that helped create this country, self reliance and responsibility and a desire for personal freedom. I don’t need someone telling me that I’m an intolerant racists, bigot, homophobe or whatever, and that I should apologize and pay restitution for the rest of my life because of the methods my ancestors made to create this country. I was once proud to be a Canadian and proud of the people that sacrificed to make this country what it once was, along with America, a beacon to those who sought freedom and liberty. It now it appears that my pride is something to be denigrated and shamed by people that proclaim to know what is better for me. Well I’m a little P’Oed and I’m not the only one and the politicians that are elected in this next election better take note of what they have done to this once great country and try and rectify their past actions because across the world people are starting to wake up and are realizing that they have been taken for a ride. If things don’t change there is going to be a reformation that is not going to be pretty.

        1. Same here, voted PPC and gave my local candidate a couple hundred bucks.
          Hearing people in my riding saying they held their noses and voted sheer incompetence, but only to make sure the turd gets flushed. The next election will be PPC across the board.

          1. “The next election will be PPC across the board.”

            No it won’t. Max isn’t going anywhere. He blew it as hard as Scheer did. It’s painfully clear the CPC had no good choices in the leadership run. Shoulda kept Ambrose!