166 Replies to “Oh, Shiny Prime Minister!”

  1. wow.
    now THAT is a find.

    except it’s the TURDoo 2.0, thus it gets a pass.
    did it grope any of the wimmin?

    also ‘west point grey academy’.
    uh NO, ‘west point blackface academy’

    1. American Headlines, “Canada’s Justin Trudeau in Blackface shocks Canadians”

      Headlines in Canada, “Liberal Numbers Soar in Quebec”


    1. And in the article he says he downplays his time there.. Is this where the stories come from of him harassing other teachers?..But I still think the Creepy picture of him and Bianca Andreescu doesn’t get enough press.. I wish I knew how to get ahold of Fox.. they had this story, but not the Andreescu story.. Nor the video’s of him appearing to be “Under the influence” of some elicit substances.

    1. That’s ASSAULT !! brotha.

      The brown face goes perfect with his dancing dress. You can hardly go to a 7-11 without a slight accent and your brown-face on. Yeah, we conservatives are the “racists” … yep … that is called … pro-ject-shun.

      1. I really hate liberal socialist politics but I really don’t give a damn about some guy dressing up in black face, brown face or any other face. People need to get over themselves. The worst racists on the planet are those who hate white people.

    2. Huh? I scrolled down through these hundreds of comments and couldn’t find one from our resident tard, UnMe. Imagine that, he doesn’t want to comment on the PM painting his face to look like UnMe’s people. Wasn’t he just mocking Kate for “avoiding embarrassing stories”? I highly doubt he was busy working a 14hour day and was too busy to post.

      1. Libranos are in damage control mode, first they have to deal with issuing orders to MSM, online trolls come later.

  2. Wow oh wow, if this was some Conservative candidate, the leftist woke would be all over this. BTW, how come it is an American magazine that broke this story. Surprising considering they pay no mind to canuck stuff. From what I recall, there is no longer a Canadian version of the magazine.

    1. How come is it an American magazine that broke this story? Well they aren’t eligible for a chunk of that $650 million, that’s how come it wasn’t exposed by a Canadian publication.

      But you knew that, didn’t you?

  3. On the radio just now the Canadian Press is calling it “brown face” rather than the death penalty offence of “black face”. I’ll wait to hear butts spun this crap. Eat it punk.

    1. That was my first reaction. Why is this reported as brown face? That is a deliberated obfuscation.

  4. Yeah BTW is that is girlfriend or something or is she a student? Anyone noticing a little pattern here? There has to be more groper victims.

    1. “Yeah BTW is that is girlfriend or something or is she a student? Anyone noticing a little pattern here? There has to be more groper victims.”

      Considering he’s as gay as a maypole, it’s odd he gropes so many females. Probably trying to convince people he’s actually into chicks.

  5. Gerald Butts will come out with a doctored photo tomorrow, showing Scheer dressed in a Nazi uniform and attending a Hitler rally.

  6. Think about it for a moment, this bombshell was hiding in plain sight, the West Point Grey Academy yearbook from 2001 and he entered Parliament in 2008. No one in Canadian media managed to find this in over a decade and it only comes to light because of Time Magazine. How soon until someone from Party HQ says he was channelling Peter Sellers’ character, Hrundi V. Bakshi?

    1. That’s some oppo-research operation you got there CPC HQ. Missed the groping and the black face.

      “You’re doing a #heckofajob” — George Bush

      1. trudeau will say sorry again, maybe the odd fake tear thrown in.
        And that will be ok. i wonder if Trudeau was hitting on the girl, was she a student.
        Ctv reporter just mentioned Scheer and gay remarks.
        Scheer should not say anything until Trudeau talks.

      2. Ain’t that the truth. They could’ve nuked this bozo from orbit YEARS ago and spared us all this awful excuse of a man parading around as Prime Minister. Way to go Harper et al, heckuva job!

  7. Not to stir the hornet’s nest that is about to be unleashed but wasn’t there some controversy about inappropriate behaviour once upon a time about something that happened on the Wet Coast.

    1. The kokanee groping story was released by the LPC well before the election so it’s “old news” now. He experienced the groping differently than she did so it’s OK.

    2. Yep. Groped from behind, hand under throat, right above chest???? WTF??? When was the last time have you seen anyone touching someone else in this manner? This looks a lot like sexual harassment/assault.

      1. The theme of the party was “Arabian Nights”

        Justin is the Sheik, the women are his harem. As per his status in that society, he is just taking his rightful liberty with his possessions. The harem appear to be delighted to participate.

        The media are envious of this “Epstein Moment”. Prince Andrew must be chuckling, knowing what the feeling is like to be included in the Time halls of history.

    3. Yes, there was an incident rumored that got him dismissed from Point Grey. All kept under wraps. Surely some enterprising journalist can find out more. Ezra? Trudeau and Freeland have treated Rebel quite badly. Time for payback.

  8. The cost of Captain Canuck’s earthshaking revelation absorbing vibranium rainbow shield was a bargain at $600 Million.

  9. It only matters when a conservative does it.

    This would sink Scheep, but I wonder if the progressives will simply dismiss it as youthful arrogance.

    1. He was a drama teacher and an actor. Justin likes to dress up in costume.

      Pride parades
      India trip
      House of Commons

      Hopefully his next costume will be prison garb.

  10. trudeau will say sorry again, maybe the odd fake tear thrown in.
    And that will be ok. i wonder if Trudeau was hitting on the girl, was she a student.
    Ctv reporter just mentioned Scheer and gay remarks.

  11. I’d be interesting to know who the young lady is he has his hands all over and it should be easy to find out. If she’s a young looking teacher that he was “friendly” with then that’s one thing but if she’s a STUDENT then he has some explaining to do. Or at least he SHOULD have some explaining to do.

    1. Looks like a student to me but could be a teacher. Groper is going to scrum on the plane soon apparently but they said that 45 minutes ago. They still need time to craft the messaging here. I sure hope they mess up the scrum!

      1. To me she doesn’t look much younger than he was then. I think she’s a teacher. The other two in the picture certainly aren’t students, it’s more likely she was the youngest of four teachers in a group photo than the lone student posing with three teachers while one of them groped her.

        If a teacher was getting too touchy-feely with a colleague who didn’t welcome it that would be a reason for him to have left the school, with everyone contractually obligated to keep quiet about it because his famous name would bring unwelcome attention to the expensive private school, as much as to him. Or if something happened between two quite willing colleagues, somewhere it shouldn’t have, and was discovered by students an expensive private school might give both of them keys to the street, again with a non-disclosure agreement. In that case, everyone who knows about the terms and conditions of their departure would have an interest in keeping it secret.)

        But I would bet all three of the women in that photo know why the Prince of Trudopia had to leave, even if none of them were involved.

    2. He grew up in a political home.

      He was 29 at the time.

      He’s done it at least 2-3 separate times.

      The Libs can no longer come out against any People’s Party or Conservative Party candidates.
      Justine has now removed that ammunition from their arsenal.

      He was completely unnerved in his press conference as he stayed with Gerald Butts’ talking points.

      I guess he just wasn’t ready.

  12. BTW… This is a contender for BEST THREAD EVER. And Bernier and Scheer supporters can be united for a little while.

  13. Rich, trust fund, red diaper babies like Canada’s Zoolander can afford to get a pro to do him in Blackface such that his hands are even perfectly blacked. Born with a silver spoon protruding from his orifice, he was.
    That said, Brownface? Is that why they thought so poorly of him last time he visited India? He calls them Brownies?
    Whatever happened to “PeopleKind”, eh Zoolander?

    trivia: Did you know that KIND is a word from Old Norge. It is Proto-Germanic, meaning Aryan people. Ja!
    Kindergarten literally means growing jung Volks as if they were a garden.
    In India the Brahmins dressed like this, they believered they were Aryans.

    1. In Dutch Kinder is “child” … Kinderen is a bunch of kids or “children” in general.
      Dutch – German – English…all from the same roots.
      And all white…imagine that eh.?
      Damned straight – Euro Centric and proud of it.

  14. Since it came from “Time”, the Liberal main stream media defense team will call it foreign interference in a Canadian election and give Gerald Butts another interview to comment on “how insidious it is that a foreign magazine would attempt to influence Canadians on pipelines Oops, I mean the election”……

  15. Checkout out bourque.com. (I know… I know…).

    Is Justin pulling the ‘Kokanee Grope’ on that lady with the dark hair ?

    Yeah and WHO IS SHE? The black face thing is good and all but the real scandal here could be the young woman in that photo. If it’s a student the guy is finished.

    1. Grabbed from behind, paw between her chest and throat… looks like clear sexual assault and intimidation.

  16. Blackface Justin just admitted that he also dressed up in blackface at high school, and sang a black person’s song.

  17. Uh Justin here. Um, uh, I wanted to uh apologize to all those who uh have experienced racism.

    I too uh have uh experienced racism (see above picture) and this uh is why I uh practice uh diversity in all I do.

  18. This is terrible, I was all set to vote for Justin but now I feel like I would be betraying my brothers and sisters of colour.

    Ha ha, had you going there for a second.

  19. No need to focus on this stuff. little tater has done enough real crimes and, anyhoo, this won’t change anyone’s minds. Liberals know enough that these kinds of hijinks are inconsequential and that only conservatives bother getting defensive about them. Liberals don’t actually care. Finding any little racial or sexist faux pas to use against conservatives is purely tactical on the part of liberals. They know it doesn’t matter so the next time a conservative sets accused of racism, DOUBLE DOWN AND BE A KLANSMAN

    1. I think you underestimate the power of the enraged woke Twitter mob. A lot of college students who were getting wet at the very thought of Justine may now be inclined to vote NDP/Green.

    2. Our elections are decided by only 10% of the electorate at most, that mushy middle that makes their decisions on whims and shallowness. At this point, only 5% more, or so, forms a majority for the CPC. It’s a little early to peak, but you know the Libs now are going straight for the Dirty Tricks/Gutter/Ratfcking at all costs. And we thought Trump 2020 was going to be an outrageous election, this election is going nuclear.
      I’ll take Peter Principle actions for $1,000 Alex!

  20. “I wanted to uh apologize to all those who uh have experienced racism. […] I too uh have uh experienced racism”

    LOL. There is a difference in the experience of a beating though too.
    Your experience depends on which end of the truncheon you are on. *snert*

  21. But… but…. but… the picture was taken out of context.

    Down here in Arizona I winter with several climate refugees from Alberta. They are most welcome here. I would be proud to share citizenship with any of them.

    1. Yes, yes, out of context. If you saw the next photo you would see he was just about to demonstrate a standing half nelson choke hold. Very useful teacher technique for controlling uncooperative students.

  22. Ya know something… BFD. The B stands for Big and the D stands for Deal. I’ll leave it to you to figure out what the F stands for.

    I DON’T CARE. I don’t care if someone dressed up in a costume and threw on some make up just as I wouldn’t care if was Joe Two or Max or Donald Trump. I don’t care.

    What I do care about is the fact that this “man” is a profoundly stupid twit who would be incapable of running a Subway restaurant but solely on the basis of his name and his looks, he is catapulted into the most important office in the land. I care that he is a liar and corrupt and a whole cabal of media are ready to cover for him and an enormous part of the population would vote for him even if he came into their home, set their mother on fire and then pissed on her to put the flames out. Just as long as the free stuff keeps flowing because after all…he cares…he really cares.

    I care about the grossly incompetent finance minister who is so morally bankrupt. Another “Great Businessman” His father built that company and his father sent him to Ottawa to make sure the company got fatter and richer by having someone so oily in charge of the Exchequer that even Quebec wouldn’t have to import oil from Saudi Arabia if they tapped him.

    Maybe the usual set of woke nitwits will be so offended by this stupid photograph that they’ll vote Green, NDP or stay home.

    My hope and goal remains the same ; a New Dominion. One without this sore excuse for a leader.

    1. Chris..??

      Comment of the day. Slam Dunk
      totally agre with you. The most useless TREASONOUS, Filthy, Incompetent, Perverted 2 bit trust fund (_i_)hole with the intellect of a licked dry DOG bowl to ever see the light of day. Castro’s son pour CERTAINE, deserves an ending like Nicolae Ceaucescu…..from a Bank Street Lampole – in BLACKFACE

      Its all fine and dandy to make jokes, but this rotten Fk has destroyed Lives, filled his greasy pockets with Chicom Millions. Pissed all over a sitting US President, Is attempting to KILL MY Industry and just recently cheered on Ukrainian NAZI Colloaborators ffs..!! Explaining just 1% of the insane ludicrous shit this dirt bag has pulled.

      That Commie Fascist Mofo’ing family has cost me (and thousands like me)…large. How/Why he has not been capped from 3000 meters with a 0.50 Cal is completely beyond me. Fill the breach, I would happily pull the trigger….

    2. i don’t care that he’s in black face. I care that his team and supporters would grind anyone to dust under the millstone of hysteria and defamation for a similar situation.

      Launch the torpedos

  23. trudeau had a ontario female mp that quit about the time of the Raybould, philpott lavscam i believe she was of african descent, cant remember what that was about but she was really pissed with him.
    I feel also the reporters gave him a pass on the assaults on scheer over things in past, And trudeau used scheers reply
    of late that of apologizing. But my question is he has removed canidates and mps over racial comments from past . And is his wife going to ask who the girl is, Makes me wonder about all the trips to BC.

    1. No, Jane Philpott is a doctor who worked in Africa for awhile [& lost a child there]. She stuck with Raybould in the dispute.
      Last I checked Raybould has a 60% chance of winning as an independent, but Philpott is running a distant third.

      1. No, dizzy. There was another MP who quit who is black. I believe she represented a riding in the Oshawa area, but I’m not certain. She finally saw through Turdeau’s facade.

        1. Yea the one that got into a Twitter Shitstorm with Max. cpl yrs back…!!
          And he gave it back to her in “spades” (pun totally intended).

          Over White privilige or some shit….

        2. Right. I misread that.
          So , to come up with something accurate, I checked.
          She is:
          Whitby, Ont. MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes

          From a CBC article:
          The interview I gave last week to the Globe and Mail has had unintended effects on those I care about.
          Although that was not the intention, it was the consequence, and I am sorry.
          I no longer want to distract from the great work my caucus colleagues are doing.
          Love and hugs, C.

          The interview:
          Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes on racism and privilege in Canada and why she’s not afraid to lose the next election

          She’s not running [ LP & CP are in a dead heat there just now]
          but is still tweeting as Mp: https://twitter.com/MPCelina

      1. With little boys methinks…part n parcel of the Global Paedophile gang.
        A pervert that requires a medical reduction.

        As for women…what’s his score ya think hmm…?? cpl thosand +.??
        And now he’s supposed to be Monogamous..??
        Ha HA Ha HA….as fkn if.

        1. Good song choice.

          He’s toast! After SNC Labia this is just the cherry on top of the Twit, Twat, and Twat! HA!

          Scuse the decorum!

  24. Remember when you watch clips from that presser: Skippy knew this might emerge for at least the last two months. How many times do you think he rehearsed his performance with his Butts buddy?

  25. Moral indignation and outrage about the black/brown face, the placement of the hands, meh not so much. I wonder if all of those women who voted for him four years ago because he was so dreamy and had nice hair will go to the voting booth with a different perspective this October?

    1. The problem is, those same shallow women won’t be offended, they will be wishing they were the gropee. Cuz he’s so dreamy, or something.

      Liberal voters are the essence of shallow.

      1. Dan, my thoughts exactly,,, I’m sure a high percentage of leftist women fall asleep every night dreaming/wanting to be that dark haired girl with PM Turd’s hand between their breasts and their throat.
        BTW, You know it was mostly women that went to se 50 shades.

  26. Someone is surely going to remind Mr. Scheer about his Christian forgiveness shown to those of his candidates who have some “foolishess” in their past.
    And the Liberals may also be reminded of their “politically correct” highlighting of same.
    The thing about elections in our era is that you actually get to see the sausage being made.

    1. It ain’t about Sheer you Librano fellator.
      It is about a wokest femminazi PM in the history of the planet posing for a picture while looking like a sexual predator wearing blackface.

  27. What if that is not Justin and this is not a trap by the election police to shut down sites that are spreading fake news?

  28. Here is the final verse of the song “Arabian Nights” from Disney’s Aladdin:

    “Arabian nights, ‘neath Arabian moons
    A fool off his guard
    Could fall and fall hard
    Out there on the dunes”

  29. dizzy i looked it up and it was celina caesar-chavannes , from whitby ontario.. she sat as an ind. after she resigned as a liberal mp and said she would not run in election
    cbc article mar 20,2019
    in article she stated trudeau was yelling at her she did not appreciate him after all he did for her.
    conservatives called trud a fake fem. in hoc.

    1. Yeah, Max isn’t proclaiming that IF he were Prime Minister then Trudeau would be charged and convicted with Obstruction.
      Max knows you don’t bite that hand that pays you.

  30. Type Trudeau into DuckDuckGo and the first proposed queries are “Trudeau brownface” and “Trudeau scandal”. Type Trudeau into Google and the proposed options are “news”, “bianca” , “polls”, “andresscu”, “twitter”, “photo”, “Trudeaumania” and … “Castro” (LOL).
    Type “Trudeau brown” in Google and the first option is “Trudeau brown shoes”.
    Type “Trudeau black” in Google and the leading option is “Trudeau blackberry”.
    Option for “blackface” or “brownface” does not show up.

    1. And the Media Party tells us we live in a free society and that they are the champions of real truthful news.

      DuckDuckGo is all I use as a search engine for I do not have any google programs on my computers or cell phones.

      I may use google or google translate but right after I delete all website cookies on my computers and cell phones.

    2. The gatekeepers at Google could only hold off for so long “Trudeau Blackface” is the first option now. Can’t wait to see the faces of my progressive colleagues at work tomorrow.