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  1. Sheila’s way of doing politics is how we got Adscam. It is also how the Germans got Hitler, the Soviets got Stalin, the Chinese got Mao.

    1. Big, big difference … Sheila is speaking TRUTH to POWER. Your PC reptile brain is keeping you from acknowledging the truth. Now THAT is how Hitler, Mao, and Stalin came to power. By convincing the population up is down and Black is white. You’ve got it backwards.

      1. *
        “‘Fredo’ Copps leaves the gun…
        the cannolis’… and her wallet.



    1. The Liberal “jobs-mantra” deflection isn’t working and she’s not helping.*

      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

      * Full disclosure: I want our Dear Leader gone in the very next election. So, keep up the stupidity offensive, Liberals.

      1. He’ll probably be gone by month’s end, after nthis successful putsch. Libs will go into the next election with “a clean slate” a la libs in Ontario after McGuily left.

        1. Nah, don’t think so. He’s an arrogant aloof putz that thinks he can recapture his charm offensive from yesteryear. Witness his bizarre enthusiastic crowd meandering recently. Bizarrely happy and engaging, what with the YUGE swirl of the JWR SNC miasma encapsulating his world.
          He’s either a great actor, disassociated from reality, or dumb as a rock, thick as a brick.

          1. It’s not necessarily the Leader’s choice. His brain having resigned it has no authority within the government, somewhat reduced access to and influence on other Liberal appointed and/or Liberal supporting civil servants and no official position in the Party. Without Butts right at hand the boy can’t handle internal opposition or maintain party and caucus discipline. He’s not a real leader, has no personal authority based on competence and achievement.

            If the people who really run the Party (control the finances) decide there should be a new leader, which decision they will make if they believe they won’t win with him, they will not waste their efforts and the funds they can raise on what they believe will be a losing campaign. If they believe they’ll have a better chance of retaining control of the public purse. They can lean on enough members of the caucus to advise P.M. Castreau he has lost their support and must jump or be pushed.

  2. “A liberal is someone who’s own interests are not at stake at the moment”

    1. And had more character and was a damn sight more amusing than the milquestoasts and sacks of excrement we have nowadays.

      Mulroney, Wilson, Crosby, Beatty, Crombie. Any one of them is worth 10 modern politicians.

  3. No jobs were ever at stake, total BS, workers are fungible, if one worker does not get the job and do the work another one will.
    The established order and, no doubt, an extremely complex web of money pipelines was all that was at stake.
    “All progress is the result of someone trying something new”, such as trying new EPCM (engineering, procurement, construction, management) service contractors, for example. Competition between EPCM contractors is good, it keeps the costs down for those who care about such details.

    1. However government “jobs” are NOT at all fungible. Government workers can NEVER be fired or laid off. Our former POTUS spent $1.7T to save government and UNION jobs. Oops … I meant to say “infrastructure jobs”. Hint: our infrastructure remains deteriorated.

  4. I wonder how many Liberals have said this off the record.
    When everything gets identified then divided and subdivided by race, sex, colour, religion and region – Diversity is our Strength – this is what comes out: quotas and proportions, distrust and envy within the collective. Virtue squabbling?

      1. If you’ve ever wondered what the Left’s new buzz word “intersectionality” means, “virtue squabbling” is a good definition. It’s mathematical – who has more claims to victimhood? Female? Black? Indigenous? Other non-white? Non-Christian? LGBTetc.? New immigrant? Illegal alien? Disabled? and new categories of victimhood added every day.

  5. Jobs matter to Justin Trudeau when they affect the Quebec elite!!!! The 250 thousand job loss in the oil sector isn’t important to the Liberals! Just wondering how Justin would get around without oil——maybe THE FLUX COMPASTOR——-right professor!!

    1. Soon he will be advocating solar powered dirigibles as the method by which the masses can fly.

      Dirigibles will be made in Quebec by Bombardier. Hydrogen provided by electrolysis using electricity from Hydro Quebec.

    2. Keith Hardcastle: If it is 250 thousand job loss in the oil sector HOW many were loss in the off shoot jobs probably thousands more and TRUDEAU doesn’t give a dame. VOTE OUT THE LIE-BRALS IN 2019….VOTE OUT TRUDEAU IN 2019!!

    3. Well, you could make a decent argument that “official bilingualism” was the ultimate Francophone make work project.

  6. The smell of fear, desperation and panic, that much is clear. It would be nice to know the direction and depth of the tentacles, although we can probably guess with some accuracy.

    Ms. Copps has never had any insight into how much damage she has caused over the years. I condemn the racism implied in her statement.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Outrageously idiotic comments, even for Copps, and unhelpful imho.

      This “jobs” mantra will backfire, because it argues SNC should get a walk, the intention all along, so they don’t cry and take jobs away, thus the “economic national interest” provisions apply, even though substantial likelihood of conviction exists.

      JWR and justice said that meant a plea bargain under deferred prosecution arrangement, except for one problem; the economic national interest jobs whine is not to be considered. Naturally they refused the request. Too bad so sad.

      For further reference see Christie Blatchford’s arguments recently. This is settled stuff, not open to interpretation.

      As is any nonsense of imminent loss of jobs false narrative floated by Copps et al.

      Can any criminal hold jobs as hostage for equal justice?

      It shouldn’t be too hard for Mr Scheer to let Canadians in on the fallacy.

  7. Wow what a degrading –bigoted pig ignorant comment, isn’t she aware a great many Natives lost their oil industry jobs because of Liberal and NDP policies. Not all those 100,000 thousand were all white boys Sheila.

    1. Sheila seems to think that an Aboriginal man with a job, is as bad as an Albertan.

  8. I suppose it was inevitable that the Liberals would trot out the attach dog, Sheila. Hopefully, if we ignore her she’ll go back to her tequila.

    1. She may have trotted herself out without their knowledge. I think current Libs want you to forget Sheila was one of their own. Her message — attacking the native– is not politically correct these days. Makes her look racist.

        1. No she doesn’t. It is best if she is out there front and center. People need to know the true face of the LPC. Nothing disinfects better than a bright light shining on filth.

      1. No, she has been quietly invited to have a go because she’s officially not active in the Party and she’s a woman so she’s not attacking a native, she’s attacking another woman.

  9. Agree that NO jobs would be lost – one corrupt company would not be able to bid on Gov’t work projects. The work would go to other companies…..possibly even….oh, the horror……to companies that were not generous donors to the Liberal Party.
    And SNC would have to go compete in the private sector, like so many other companies do.
    As others have said here – the issue is not jobs, it is “Should a company be put on trial for criminal acts?” According to Sheila’s words, not if they are a large company. She does not specify the size of a company necessary to achieve criminal immunity.
    That is her argument. We all know it is not the size, but the Liberal connections that count.

    1. I’m not sure of sheila copps marital status but she was married to a tradesman at one point.

      I dont think for 1 second that SC speaks in any capacity for bongo’s government. She was shown the door in da liddle thief/ paul martian putsch.

      Her opinion is no different than any one here on SDA. Personal, except she has name recognition. Maybe she comments here as well……probably doesn’t donate though – ha

  10. On the other hand, all this does strike a tremendous blow for women’s equality: it proves that female politicians can be every bit as self-serving, venal, petty, duplicitous and back-stabbing as male ones.

    1. Yes, going by Justin’s half female cabinet, the principled Ms. Wilson-Raybould and Ms. Philpott appear to be the exception, not the rule in putting what’s right before power-for-power’s sake. Chrystia Freeland defended the PM instead of at least remaining silent so she’s removed all doubt that she belongs with the backroom “boys”.

  11. Sheila Copps/Nobody’s Baby shilling for the Trudeau gong show really adds to it.

    As for Aboriginals, there can be no solution to the problem, they will mount as long as money flows.
    Trudeau can apologize his socks off, no one can apologize for the sins of others.
    One thing is certain, Trudeau is a sorry excuse for Prime Minister, he’s in a bleeping mess and it can only get worse.

    1. Bringing up the native element, as Butts did as well, is precisely the wrong strategy. Watching them self-destruct is surreal.

    2. Lizj, the whole apology was unnecessary except to a few Inuit activists and the LPC and their attempts to deflect from SNC. LPC strategy: get the PM outta town have him shed some tears in front of a few Eskimos,until this goddamned SNC thing blows over. Stick an onion in his hankie if he can’t manage the tears.

      Just after WW2 TB was still a major problem in Canada,it hit Indians and Inuit particularly hard due to several factors, one being lack of immunity of the Inuit due to their isolation, same as happened when Europeans first arrived.

      The media was crying their ignorant and hypocritical hearts out about the fact Inuit people were taken involuntarily from their homes and forced into a sanatorium, which is factual. What the media didn’t report was, this was standard operating procedure with anyone who had tuberculosis, no matter your ethnicity. We had people we knew and lived with in my home town who came down with TB, to be taken by the police to “the san” as people called it, never to be heard from again, probably because they died of the disease there.
      The coming of Spring in 1940’s Canada was a fearful time for people as it meant the return of many deadly diseases. My Mother described how women spoke in quiet tones hoping one of theirs wouldn’t be struck by polio,diphtheria or TB. One Spring my close friend across the street contracted polio. Fortunately he was the only one in our neighborhood who came down with it,and thankfully he lived.

      The media further bleated that the Inuit were not returned home for burial,again, no one was. The media can’t see the logistics of returning a dead Inuit casualty to the Far North,especially in Winter,and the huge costs of doing so.
      None of the people who were removed by Authorities in my home town were ever returned for burial,there was a graveyard near the san,and that’s where they were all buried,with probably a few exceptions if they came from a rich family.

      Ironically, TB was basically wiped out in Canada decades ago,it has only returned due to immigration from third world countries, one of Trudeau’s pet projects. There have been claims that many other eradicated in Canada diseases have returned via third world immigrants, but Trudeau will continue to bring ’em in. I can’t wait for smallpox to make a reappearance.

      If Trudeau’s still around, will he apologize to US?

      1. DonMorris: Thanks for saying it as it was….my years are numbered so I will not have to put up with the WIMPY TRUDEAU’s plan for Canadians. I also hope TRUDEAU will be VOTE OUT IN 2019!! VOTE OUT THE LIE-BRALS!

  12. Liberals are corrupt, but they are normally not this stupid. I don’t give a damn for Copps, but I am wondering if her Twitter account was hacked. Perhaps by the Chinese? Or will the Liberals say it was orchestrated by … yep you guessed it!

  13. Sheila who.?
    And here I thought this particular sack of disgusting arrogant Liberal Dung (Sister of Pelosi), had left the scene for good.? ..apparently not. It does however, highlight the Elitist and thouroughly LIBERAL thought process – VOTES VOTES VOTES to attain-retain POWER.

    If in certain parts of the country, theres none to be harvested..? Fk em….aint that Right Sheila..?

  14. If Jodi wants to create MANY good paying First Nations jobs she’d be pro-export oil & gas pipelines in Canada so there is a point to be made that both JT and SNC definitely don’t support made in Canada oil & gas. The Canadian dream, including prosperity for First Nations individuals, can only survive if the Rule of Law does and that lives or dies on the moral and ethical conduct of officials like the Attorney General. “I never had trusted the woman, But Sheila I’ll trust you tonight” that the dress you’re wearing will be bright Liberal red.

  15. When the target of your enemy’s kristallnacht is your other enemies,… Get out of the way.

  16. Tequila Sheila must have been lobbying for air time this week. Heard her on NW 980 Wednesday with one of their airhead hosts. Yes, the Libs are desperate when they dig up the corpse of Copps to attack a fellow woman. She blamed JWR along the lines of Butts, pathetic really.
    But please keep it up LIEBrawls, reading along here. Please! Your desperation is fun to watch as you slither down a dead end road of slime!

    1. Dan,where in hell is Trudeau’s chief cheerleader,Brian Mulroney,in all this? Probably hiding and hoping HIS name doesn’t come up in any probes on corruption.

      Sheila Copps’s Daddy,Vic,ran Hamilton like a mafia chief, there are books. Sheila is one of those yesterday’s people you wish would stfu and stay out of the limelight. The PLC MUST be desperate if they trotted her out.

      1. LYIN Brian wasn’t available, but Connie Black is doing his best to fill in, supporting the dozy Pony.

        1. Well my opinion of Black went into the Shitter… He deserved to spend time with the Bikers… He thinks ethics are determined by the lowest common denominator… Like Mulroney taking a 50K bride and putting it in his home safe and calling it a retainer… Canadians are shifty untrustworthy characters…

          Shella would/should have been fired for theft… The act of having her Staff pickup her bar bills & and then she Authorizing reimbursement has been considered theft in every Corporation of America… The most senior person picks up the tab and the approval is made at the next highest level, one who was not involved in the drunken party…..Where is revenue Canada?


    2. Butts is obviously still at the steering wheel deciding Lib tactics and communications. Anyone who thinks the guy who was joined to Justin at the hip is still not in touch with him every waking minute is naive. Without his Butts, Justin is too obviously an empty suit. With him he’s a walking talking robot spouting ascientific claptrap about climate that Butts with his degree in English and theology believes with the ferocity of an acolyte to a new religion.

  17. To a seasoned Liberal like Copps, for the good of the Party, dispensing with or subverting the law comes easily. What she obviously has a problem with is someone whose priorities don’t coincide with that culture.

  18. “Do you think the Government would consider a DPA agreement for 2,200,000 licenced vetted legal gun owners that have done nothing wrong and have been background checked every day for years!

    Maybe even saving 25,000 firearms and ammunition jobs and another 25,000 jobs related to hunting/guiding/hospitality! Many of those in Quebec too!”

    1. DPA: What a great IDEA do you think we could get the gov’t to agree. We have done nothing wrong and do abide by the law! Quebec gov’t doesn’t agree they are going to or are using the OLD GUN REGISTRY to follow the guns owners to make sure they behave!!

  19. Tequila Sheila at her very best ……..keep it up . This is better than House of Cards .

  20. “Wilson Raybould would have looked for legal solutions if 9000 aboriginal jobs were at stake.”

    Where’s the lie tho?

    Pointing out the aboriginal supremacism of the sainted JWR—-priceless.

    Thanks Sheila! Keep ’em coming.

    1. jeppo: Do you know all of the nationality of the 9000 people that will lose their jobs…some could be First Nation employees. Just sayin!!

  21. Shove your ruling class, corrupt-wing-of-the-Liberal Party privilege, Sheila. You defend Trudles by denigrating JWR. You try to pull Trudles up by pulling her down. This is the moment for Lib backbenchers who may have been only marginally pro-Trudles to differentiate them selves as reform Libs by attacking the usual corruption everyone expects of traditional Liberal governments. We certainly know reform won’t be coming from any government led by business-as-usual Andy Sche(m)er and his corrupt-o-Cons.

  22. No one in government seems to give a damn about 90,000 Alberta workers losing their jobs

      1. Especially not the NDP government. Their policies have been extremely damaging.

  23. Do you find it interesting that a discussion is impossible without racism?
    One upmanship is killing the civilization.
    Seems everybody wants to find more racism on the other guy.
    The exchange is getting to the bottom of the swamp more and more day by every bloody day,

    1. Racism is a natural human instinct. The only variance is the amount a person is willing to repress in order to be civil. Which is totally fine, but to deny it is just silly.

  24. Remember the old claim that women would make much better leaders (than men) because they are so cooperative and inclusive?

    1. That is what Trudeau thought when he appointed 50% of his Cabinet. More cooperative, inclusive and more pliable and directable. The only problem with that is, woman are every bit as equal as men they can also be every bit as stubborn and pigheaded as men especially when they think they are right or wrong, whatever!

      1. He and other progs just treat women and minorities like something to put in a display case.

  25. So dear Sheila oozes out from the underside of the rock she has been under. We haven’t seen her since Paul (deer in the headlights) Martin punted her out of politics. The only smart move that twit was ever able to make.

    This is the liarberal’s new strategy: racism. They have called JWR a liar, killed her career, called her incompetent. That hasn’t worked so the only reason she would have any ethics is to screw whitey because she is a racist. Super, just super.

    Again Qui Bono; who benefits? How has JWR benefited? How will major shareholders of SNC benefit? The same people that own shares of SNC own the liarberal party.

    God almighty, these people are the scum of the Earth

  26. Ah yes, Sheila “Heh heh these submarines cost basically nothing heh heh heh” Copps. The fattest pig ever to claim Liberal Party status. Yeah, she’ll succeed where Butts failed in this PR battle.

  27. A now irrelevant politician climbs out of obscurity to defend her party with the same absurd and malicious charges that have been leveled before.

    This spectacle just gets more entertaining.

  28. Canadians are witnessing the most incompetent and corrupt government in the history of the country.let,s start with the leader Trudeau, a narcicist way over his head, Bill Morneau, a man with a weak memory of his assets, Marc Garneau who I thought was very intelligent, but he has dismissed that theory, Catherine McKenna, a total airhead who thinks higher taxes will control the weather, the incomparable Ralph Goodale whose best before date expired 15 years ago, Maryan Monseff, the only illegal ever elected to a Canadian parliament, apparently Truneau regiged the law so she is now legal, I am sure there are many more incompetents but the aforementioned should be enough to even make a liberal voter think before voting


    1. “make a liberal voter think”? Very unlikely. Lib voters will vote for a dog if it carries the Lib banner and have done so over and over again. For them, corruption in a candidate is a feature, not a bug as long as the fruits of the corruption come to them. Think I’m wrong? Watch Quebec vote solid Lie-beral Party in the coming election converting their NDP seats. They certainly won’t be voting for a clean up crew of Conservatives.

  29. This is another casualty in the liberal civil war.
    Irony alert.
    Sheila’s biggest critic is all over this and is taking flak from some liberal corners.
    However, not long ago wk was dissing a certain party with the same kind of accusations Copps is leveling at JWR.


    But please don’t anyone clue him in, karma will take care of this before the end of April.
    Keep clear of the blast radius.

  30. A mind is a terrible thing to lose. Mind you in her case, not much of a loss.

  31. “…it is my RIGHT to hold onto my parliamentary seat…and a promise is not really a promise if it is made by a politician trying to get re-elected” Sheila Copps 1996.
    Not at the trough any more but still just a pig…

  32. Nobody’s baby (because no one has ever admitted to giving birth to the hag).

  33. You’d think a fat useless pig like Sheila Copps would keep her racist thoughts to herself , shut her enormous snout and simply sit back and enjoy her outrageous and undeserved taxpayer funded pension, but no the dumb whore can’t resist the urge to kick at an Indian who failed to worship at the ass end of Peeair’s corrupt imbecilic spawn. Pig says, oink, oink. We don’t have enough money for veterans but we have more then enough taxpayer cash to piss away on a venal racist sow like Copps. Trudopia is a cess-pool.

  34. What part about, you do not break the law to protect jobs because the company broke the law, do they not understand?

    Oh yes, Lieberals, never mind.

  35. 1/“It says a great deal that the company’s response to being charged with serious crimes was not to fight the charges in court, but to fight them in government: to lobby the politicians, to attempt to intimidate the prosecutors, to arrange calls between old civil service chums.”


    2/ “They did so, it is logical to conclude, because they thought it would work — because they were given reason to believe it would work.”
    -A. Coyne

    -> Of course, that is PRECISELY how it works in a system based on cronyism.



    There was never a risk of losing 9k jobs at SNC, despite what Libs have been saying.

    So why did they do all this maneuvering?? To buy votes in Quebec by *pretending* to save 9k jobs and the company? To help their well-connected friends?


  36. Sheer avoids answering the question truthfully he even gets called on it. Proven on camera says:

    Listen to Scheer’s answers at 10:50.


    “Does the Conservative Party believe that a DPA should still be considered for SNC-Lavalin?”

    HE WILL NOT ANSWER. Too afraid of negative headlines in Quebec.

    I have been clear: No deal with SNC, no one above the law.



    1. Do some research, improve your reading comprehension skills or open your ears: DPA, essentially a no contest plea bargain, is not permitted on “economic national interest,” grounds, so it’s a Grit red herring to “save 9000 jobs.”

      Why should Scheer comment on this false narrative of saving jobs, essentially on a non-event or possibility?

      I guess you were out of the country when the rest of us realized the CPC does not need to pander to Quebec to win a majority.

      You seem, like “real conservatives,” to be determined to lose the election for the CPC even before the writ is dropped.

      It is the Grits who are for sale to the highest bidder. Sheila Copps represents four big Grit things, where integrity is for sale.

      Big government, big business, big labour, her big mouth. Give.Your.Head.A.Shake.

    2. “HE WILL NOT ANSWER. Too afraid of negative headlines in Quebec.”

      Told ya!

      Andrew Scheer
      A Liberal steer
      Got all dressed up in blue
      Then promptly fled
      And wet his bed
      Afraid of turdo 2

  37. Arguing about the number of jobs or the colour of the jobs simply plays into the Liberal bullshit narrative.
    It gives Liberal supporters the cover to believe that Trudeau screwed up but it was because he wanted to protect jobs.
    This was never about protecting Canadian jobs, thats just more Liberal lies.

    Ask these idiots to explain HOW any Canadian jobs would be lost if SNC can’t bid on Canadian government contracts.
    Other Canadian companies would bid.

    The Liberal spin is working; we keep hearing debate over how many jobs it would affect.
    Why help the Liberal spin machine?

  38. lol !!!

    again the replies go on and on, this time, eureka!!! ONE in agreement, tweet name ‘dick’ (figures!).
    this is such a rich vein of authentic Canuckistan humour. migawd. and a hearty ‘merci merci beaucoup
    m merde’. LOL !!! ( and THAT is my contribution !!!)