Margin Of Fraud

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    1. This theory is technically and practically implausible.

      1) The voting machines used in MI, PA, etc. are paper-based. The original paper ballots that voters submit to local election officials STILL EXIST, are securely stored, auditable, and cross-referenced against the “electronic” results that were supposedly “flipped” by mysterious CIA hacking software as they travelled from one computer server to another. It isn’t like the election results are submitted through old-school pneumatic mail tubes, and whatever pops out on the receiving end is taken as official. Everything is verified and reverified, checked and rechecked. This happens every election.

      2) If the Democrats simply used Hammer/Scorecard to flip votes for the presidential race, WHY DIDN’T THE DEMS ALSO STEAL THE SENATE USING THE SAME BALLOTS AND SAME CIA SOFTWARE?

      1. The fact that you need the paper ballots to match is why the count was halted and observers sent home. It was very unusual as counting usually continues through the night. Then stacks of ballots were brought in — all for Biden. This happened simultaneously in sbout 5 swing states. The left is calling this election a victory for democracy. If the current results hold, it will be the end if democracy.

      2. It is interesting that the guy is pointing what is. What is, depends on the meaning of the word “is”, heh…
        That there is possibility of paper recount is not in play here in so far as it can be done if the decision is made.
        There of course is the possibility that there were votes flipped, there is enough evidence if you look for it. To say that CIA done it, is a distraction. There is no comment that say so except the one above.
        The switch is as easy as 010 to 101.
        As any code guy can tell, if you put your mind to it, it can be done relatively easy.

        Altogether, nothing is known except to those that know.
        And the guy above does not.
        Neither do I, just to make sure there is no smart ass saying how smart ……

        The second point is nothing but running interference, “why not” is typical tactic of socialists/fascists, the useful idiots.

      3. “Why didn’t the dems also steal the Senate using the same ballots and same CIA software”…. Simple, Time. They were convinced that they were going to win by a landslide, because TDS, when it became obvious that the vote was heading to a Trump victory, they halted the count (that in itself is unbelievable that they would do that) Halted the count to give themselves time to mark enough ballots for Biden, that took until 4. AM, they had no time to fill out the down ballot votes, and that is part of what exposed their deception!
        Please try to keep up.

      4. But of course they are in the process of stealing the senate. That is why both Georgia seats are “unexpectedly ” going into run off. We’ve been over it already, subhuman.

  1. So far there are many clues that fraud occurred in voting process.

    This analysis, is one more solid clue, but, this is important, it is not evidence.

    Real evidence, the smoking gun is required. That would be the ballots, properly vetted and audited in a recount.

    A handful of compromised turned participants to sing like canaries would also be required. TDS is pretty strong though, these people would rather die or spend 20 years in the can if it meant getting rid of Bad OrangeMan.

    They may have seized the Scytel servers in Germany, which handled the Dominion Voting system, but, the dots have to be connected, with the rogue communications, and those responsible individuals would have to be arrested, indicted, and sing.

    That’s a lot to ask for in 3 weeks.

    1. Anyone one who is not prepared to accept the mountains of evidence available should be arrested for aiding and abetting the fraud.

  2. I remember when the cone of silence was a funny gag on get smart. Looking at the ‘news’ makes me feel like I’m being smothered by 31 different flavors of Pravda.

  3. “Gerry and the Atrics” suddenly get politically active in their dulcet sunset years;
    by rocking down the office of the President and ignoring EVERYTHING else on the ballot!

    But heh, not suspicious at all, they were just Biden their time…

    Yeah suddenly the nona-genarians were feeling “Trumptastic” and decided they were gonna go out and vote;
    and drink the establishments dry.

    Well the cheaters were a little too clever by half; cause when you leave a trail a mile wide and six feet deep
    it’s mainly dead people voting. But you know maybe they were feeling a little plucky and were either newlywed or nearly dead!?!

    But if Biden was such a swell guy, why didn’t this nona-genarian groundswell from the near grave vote for him en masse in the last 47 years while he was skulking around the graveyards of Washington,DC?

    You’d think they would’ve got that…”you know the thing” much earlier in this 47 year farce…cause they were like “Come on Man!” lets vote.


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North

  4. Um, those mail ballot patterns that Spotted Toad tweets are entirely what you’d expect in a normal election.

    The three day-by-day mail returns show weekly fluctuations. The troughs every seven days reflect…wait for it…your Sunday days of rest, and the five-day surges in between represent…yup, you guessed it…the weekdays, when voting drives, mail collection, etc. happen. The various lines only compare age cohorts ranging from 77 to 96 — all advanced seniors who would, at the population level, be reasonable expected to demonstrate roughly similar “when I filled out and mailed off my mail-in ballot” voting behaviours.

    The data in the blue bar chart represents mail ballots REQUESTED, not votes counted, as Spotted Toad incorrectly tweets. Even then, are the numbers plausible? Does 4,600 mail ballot requests by 95 year olds pass the sniff test? Well, the US Census counts 330,286 PA residents aged 85+, which would lead to a conservative 5% estimate of ~15,000 people aged 95+. Many in this age group will have mobility issues, will be in nursing homes, will have wanted to avoid in-person Election Day line-ups due to COVID. So yes, 4,600 requests among 95 year olds is entirely reasonable.

    1. Nothing to see here. Move along. I’m a cowardly troll afraid to use my own name/distinct handle, and I approve this message.

  5. The last tweet in that thread is the money graph.

    It shows how the fraud caravan went county by county, submitting these votes en masse, and then moving on to the next county. You can even see the order they went.

    Before October 16: Philadelphia, Allegany, Beaver, Northampton, etc…anything with a straight blue line at the top of the graph.
    October 17-24: Montgomery, Monroe, Mercer, etc
    After October 24: Butler, Bucks

    In an honest election, if these votes were actually real (of course most of them aren’t, but if they were), they’d all look like Juniata, Sullivan, or Forest.

    There are 380K pre-1945 voters in that dataset. Biden “won” by 60K. Trump didn’t just win PA. He won it *decisively*.

    1. “It shows how the fraud caravan went county by county.”

      Um, no, it reflects the different paces by which individual PA county election offices sent out mail ballots to voters. In some counties, the bulk of ballots were out the door by early October; in others, they weren’t sent out until mid-month.

      1. Nothing to see here. Move along. I’m a cowardly troll afraid to use my own name/distinct handle, and I approve this message.

        On the off chance that you’re getting paid by the response, I won’t further copy this to any other droppings you’ve made on the chessboard of this site.

  6. I have zero doubt that election fraud occurred in PA on a large enough scale to swing the election. We have a guilty plea from an election judge who stuffed ballots in 2016 for other election judges and a PA supreme court justice who is the brother of a mobbed up labor leader, but I see no evidence of fraud in these tweets.

    These things are just distractions from the real issues, which are mostly to do with partisan canvassers, and why they blocked oversight. Oh, Republicans were allowed in the room, just not to have any meaningful oversight of the process.

  7. This is how you ferret out fraud

    The former data and strategy director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign has canceled his vacation plans to comb through election data for voter fraud. Matt (Snip)Braynard has assembled a team to look for inconsistencies in the six contested states—Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada. So far, they’ve identified 1.25 million voter issues that they’re following up on through phone calls and against other databases. The largest issue they’ve found so far is with voters who had submitted a National Change of Address form to the post office indicating they moved out of state, yet appear to have voted in 2020 in the state they moved from.“We’re calling them to confirm. – Epoch Times

  8. Has it received much or any attention around here that Dominion Voting Systems shares an office building with Tides International (Soros lobby group) in downtown Toronto, at 215 Spadina Ave?

    This seems very significant to me. They are basically neighbours in the building and you have to wonder if they share more than just the occasional coffee down at the Dark Horse Espresso Bar with its Che Guevara style red star logo (that’s conveniently down in the lobby).

    Of course the Canadian government wouldn’t permit any real criminal activity to be launched from there, would they? Oh right.