15 Replies to “I Amuse Myself”

  1. University professors hardest hit.

    Unfortunately, this will be just one more test to identify those actually doing their job of trying to prevent such illiberalism from taking hold.

  2. Oh well, when people accept all forms of perversion and insanity what’s just one more word.

  3. There is no reason to change the meaning of words we have been using forever. I will not change my usage. I speak the English language that I was taught during saner times.

    Fuck these idiots and their perversions, sickness, lunacy, evil.

    The changing of the meanings of words is what is truly OFFENSIVE

  4. They will have to change the definition of the word “Orwellian” next.

    We don’t need a conspiracy, they are all ready to step in and do whatever they think will help in their particular corner of the world.

  5. As soon as The Human Genome Project identifies the “gay gene” and can reliably detect it in the developing fetus … I will drop my “offensive” use of the term “sexual preference”. Until then … this is just so much more bastardizing of our language – ironically, by those charged with preserving and enhancing it.

  6. “The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. ‘Preference’ was offensive. ‘Preference’ had always been offensive.”

    Dammit, George, you’re a freaking oracle…

  7. This reminds me of the progression from graveyard to churchyard to cemetery to memorial park, however long it takes the reality of death to overcome the euphemism.
    So we go from sexual deviance to preference to orientation to, indeed Joey, what’s next?

  8. When we get to the point that any adult/child sex, is acceptable, (not far now) we will have completed our descent into Sodom and Gomorrah, and perhaps there will be biblical upheaval. The signs are certainly aligning, and dammit, I’m an atheist!

    The evil in the world is growing darker and larger than ever, and there is little time left to rescue our future. The coming election will either be our salvation or our final descent in to oblivion.

  9. I use an awkward acronym to describe these “people”…..
    P and WWHM (perverts, and women who hate men).

  10. perversion is such a great word for describing the (D)irtbags – it can be used for more than sex, as in : perverted the course of justice, or perverted science into a political tool.