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    1. Once again, those nasty, bad, maudit, Quebec surrender monkeys have shown English Canadians how to get off their knees.

      Zero chance of Anglos comprenez vous-ing.

      Descendants of stay on your knees to the king.

      So they do. To a French king mostly.


    2. No shit OWG..!!

      Absolutely OUTSTANDING….!!!!
      And if the MSM even makes note, I’m sure it’ll be something like 300 FAR Right wing (Near NAZI of course), protesters.

  1. Imagine if Canda had its own version of Trump.
    Half the wealth, and more polite.
    After eviscerating someone on Twitter, he’d add “Just kidding” and a winkie-face emojie…

    1. Think of the job growth!

      The pyschiatric industry alone would boom from all the “journalists” with palpitations.

    2. After eviscerating someone on Twitter, he’d add “no offense intended, of course” and a winkie-face emojie… – FIFY

  2. That’s really incredible to see – all those Canucks marching for freedom.

    Especially as our own POS “leader” is proposing permanent economic slavery for all private sector Canadians with UBI.


    1. Sure seems like the POS Opposition is holding the Incompetent,Inept, Ideological Government to account with all the ferocity of a Democrat blaming BLM for the mostly peaceful, otherwise unarmed”protests”.

      The Canadian Conservative Party(in all its iterations) is and always has been the Joe Btfsplk of political parties at best.
      The Washington Generals is another possibility.
      And just the other Liberal Party at worst.

      No doubt these protests will spur conservatives to get off their posterior and write even sterner words of protest to everyone but the Media.

      Someone tell Max to move to Alberta.

  3. A small glimmer of hope for freedom loving Canadians. Less government in our daily lives = less tyranny.

    1. Oh no, they did report on it. Sort of.

      “Several thousand people gathered Saturday in downtown Montreal to hear speeches from conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccine activists, in one of the largest demonstrations to date against the Quebec government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic…

      “The most popular symbols at the protest — be it on t-shirts, placards or flags — belonged to QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory started in the United States that claims a satanic, pedophile cabal secretly controls the U.S. government, if not the entire world.”


      Contrast this to their fawning coverage if the rent-a-mobs in Minsk who proudly fly the flag of Nazi Belarus.

      If they’d been a Muslim mob flying the flag of Islamic State and burning Stars of David and shouting “Death to America,” they’d have gotten a far more sympathetic writeup.

      (Saying that a Satanic, pedophile cult controls the world is not a “conspiracy theory.” It is a simple statement of fact—one that was obvious before anybody ever heard of Q.)

    2. Saw CBC coverage, first time on that site in years.
      They mainly complained about Qanon “conspiracy”
      Suprisingly could not find any coverage on National Post.
      Doubts about the Sun too as they are pushing masks all the time.
      I don’t understand the mask thing, they do nothing.

  4. .

    This presents a reason to hope that Canadians will get rid of their major link to the globalist community … that would be the utter asshole, Justin Trudeau.

    Do you think they will be able to connect those dots?

    Maybe vote conservative for a change?

    Don’t hold your breath, Canadians are pretty stupid when it comes to understanding what freedom means.

    I’m starting to like Quebec. At least they stand up for something.


  5. Don’t kid yourselves…All the Canadian federal political parties are linked to the globalists one way or another. Harper had a free hand with his majority a few years ago…did he add private property ownership into the Constitution? Did he mandate an equivalent to the US First Amendment? Did he get rid of the CBC? Did he take us out of the Paris Agreement? Did he shut down or at least heavily curtail Canada/Chinese involvement in business and academia? Did he link our fiat currency to something tangible like gold or even silver? Remember the difference between the NDP/Greens, the Liberals and Conservatives is the NDP/Greens want to change society to a socialist “utopia” as quickly as possible damn the consequences; the Liberals will do it every chance that it presents itself…lying the whole time they’re doing it (UBI anyone?); the Conservatives will do it very slowly much like the frog in the slowly boiling pot of water analogy–yet we’ll still end up where the “elites” want us to be–tax slaves our whole lives, our kids’ lives, our grandkids’ lives, etc.

    1. Well put favill…well put.
      There’s nothing there that I disagree with whatsoever.
      There are NO Conservatives in Canada….all varying shades of PINK to Bright RED. As it has been since Tommy Douglass & the CCF.

      WEXIT….it is our only hope.

      1. Too late you have too many liberal and socialist orcs that have arrived in the west …. Even right now … the NDP and the Conservatives in Alberta are tied for support.

        We are tax slaves now … we have been forever. Life ain’t free and there will always be tax collectors in one form or another ….. What I want is personal freedom, I will pay my taxes, but don’t tell me how to live my life.

    2. Fazill, 100% correct and well stated! I liked and supported Harper, but the reality of it was that he was an appeaser and not a leader like Trump is. He had the opportunity to make meaningful conservative change in Canada, but he chose to maintain status quo in the hopes of clinging to power. He was a decent manager of a corrupt system which he never made any significant attempt to change.

      Canada is a failed experiment in socialism. Escape now while we can.

    3. The PM is not a dictator as many seem to think. He has power but not full control.
      The “public service ” is another thing, these people don’t go away.
      They need term limits too.
      The bullshit on climate change would never have the traction it does without these people collaborating with other countries and the UN.
      This COVID “pandemic” was a planned staged event to see how far the public would go before pushing back. All coordinated by our beloved “public service” in cooperation of the bought off media to lie to the public.
      Notice how deaths have changed to “cases” to keep a non pandemic alive?
      Ban public service unions.
      Ban teachers unions.
      We can do better.

  6. I sent this link to a couple of my old school buddies. Naturally they suffer from TDS. The squealing sounded like I poured hot oil on them. It was hysterically funny.

  7. This is completely OT, but, as an American, I am curious about something Canadian. As you probably know, global warming is causing a record number of forest fires in the American West, throughout California and Oregon and Washington. Yet I hear very little about the record number of forest fires in the Canadian West. I thought perhaps global warming was a taboo subject in the Canadian press and therefore they just weren’t discussing the fires, but I found to my horror that going to the Canadian Wildland Fire Information page that your government itself denies that there are a record number of forest fires, in fact they – absurdly – claim that there are a relatively low number of forest fires. Why is your government covering this up in such a blatant manner? I mean, c’mon, these fires are caused by global warming, it’s not like global warming follows national boundaries, if global warming is causing a record number of forest fires in the American West just as it caused a record number of forest fires in Australia last year, it must be causing a record number of forest fires in Canada as well. So why is your government seemingly denying global warming is real by denying there are massive forest fires raging out of control in the Canadian West? I really am puzzled by this.

    1. Naw, apparently global warming caused forest/wildland fires doesn’t have a passport. The fires stop at the border. Now if I was a cynical type person, I’d think that maybe the fires were set with a purpose in mind.

      1. It’s called “forest management”, and Canadians are quite good at it. (Look at the amount of forests they have to manage…)
        One side effect of giving radical environmentalists free rein with dumb politicians is you end up with tinder-box forests just waiting for something to spark (sorry) them into conflagrations.
        Although, given the lefty-lotus eater reputation of British Columbia, I’d be somewhat surprised if that province didn’t have statistically more fires than the rest of Canada – sort of like New York’s covid experience versus the rest of the US…

        1. Not only does BC NOT manage forests, Which in many places are both coniferous AND deciduous….when those burn they ensure that NO Deciduous trees are re-planted. And it is those trees that serve as natures fire stop.
          Brilliant & stupid.
          Typical West Coast Morons.
          …the Big one is overdue right.??

          1. Bullshit. BC does manage its forests. Their biggest mistake is that they followed conventional thinking and ignored reality. The reality is that our forests were managed before the Europeans arrived and took over. First Nations peoples managed them by frequently burning them, if nature didn’t do enough burning on its own. BC put an end to that practice and started fighting forest fires with the result that forests became old and vulnerable to insect and disease which ravaged the pine forests and turned them into tinderbox fuel buildup.

            Misinformed environmentalists are now using the talking point that deciduous trees mixed with the conifers suppress forest fires and keep them small, and the massive fires that we had a few years ago are due to the replanting of only conifers and herbiciding of broadleaf. Bullshit again. It’s true that if the timber stands are 50-50, that greatly modifies fires, but very little of BC forests are. Those fires got massive in the old growth tinderboxes.

            By the way, BC does not replant forest fire burns, they let nature regrow naturally. It’s logged areas that are replanted.

      2. According to meteorological expert Climate Barbie, it changing much more rapidly here in Canada than anywhere else. We’re told we have to believe her.

        1. There was a montage of “Climate is changing faster in (insert country name here) than in the rest of the world.” England, Australia, Canada, USA, Finland, etc. Looks like all countries are warming faster than the average, if you believe the news.

      3. A raghead walks into a sporting goods store. The clerk dives behind the counter and comes up with a suicide vest with dynamite, hand grenades and a deadman switch. “Oh, no, no, no,” says the rh, “I am not going to Afghanistan, I am going only to California. I am needing only a gas can and a bic lighter, please.”

    2. Well, a country has to warm up beyond a certain threshold for all the rich kids and mentally ill to hang out together so they can be identified and recruited into an Antifa cell before they can be sent out to start fires.

    3. You believe what you read in the press – big mistake.

      “Stephens noted that in past centuries, wildfires were far more widespread than they are today, and played a vital role in California’s ecosystem by helping to thin forests, Thomas Frank reported for E&E News.

      In the 18th century, for instance, when California was occupied by indigenous communities, wildfires would burn up some 4.5 million acres a year, said Stephens, whereas from 2013 through 2019, wildfires burned an average of just 935,000 acres annually in California.”

      “Climate activists often warn that global warming is stoking forest fires, but it turns out the amount of land burned by wildfires worldwide has plummeted by 25% since 2003, according to NASA.
      NASA’s Earth Observatory found that the number of total square kilometers burned globally each year has decreased steadily from 2003-19, based on data collected by Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometers (MODIS) on satellites.”

      1. Good stuff. I’ve read some of those numbers, and I was really interested to see the term “forest fire deficit” that forestry experts have been worried about for years. Apparently, if you don’t have fires over the years, the biomass bomb grows.

      2. Wait, so you’re saying that forest fires *aren’t* caused by global warming? Then it must be racism that causes them. And Trump. Somehow, I think I’ve always known that – racism and Trump cause all the bad things that aren’t caused by global warming and I just didn’t want to admit it.

    4. First off your assertion that wild fires are caused by global warming how’s you are woefully uninformed and following propaganda of Democrats and ignorant environmentalists whose stupidity has caused these fires. Examining the actual facts show horrific wild fires are caused by years of small fire suppression and accumulation of debris on the ground until it finally explodes into a raging wildfire. Canada is moving, slowly, to good forest management which must include controlled burns. If you really want to see good forestry management prevention of wildfire, go look at Florida. They have mastered it in Florida.

    5. First I wish to say not all Americans are as stupid and gullible as this notta head, and add a huge Merci! to all the demonstrators in Quebec.

      Mr. Notta, 25 years ago I worked in the Wise Use movement in the American West. We said if the forest managers complied with the watermelon environmentalists’ demands in 20-30 years we would have huge forest fires throughout the West. They went with you watermelons. The fires followed. I realize you and your fellow watermelons would not like to take credit for your actions, and would rather blame it on the warming climate. Too bad. You broke it, you own it.

      And yes, the climate is getting warmer. That does not prove we did it. Nancy Pelosi didn’t wear her mask in the salon because she knows Kommie Kough Kabuki is just that – kabuki. Rich environmentalists all travel by private jet because they know that anthropogenic global warming and pasture patties are both made of the same stuff.

    6. An excellent read:

      “But by 1996 fire ecologist Thomas Swetnam echoed the growing consensus against fire suppression. He wrote, “The paradox of fire management in conifer forests is that, if in the short term we are effective at reducing fire occurrence below a certain level, then sooner or later catastrophically destructive wildfires will occur. Even the most efficient and technologically advanced firefighting efforts can only forestall this inevitable result. It is clear from many years of study and published works that the thinning action of pre-settlement surface fires maintained open stand conditions and thereby prevented the historically anomalous occurrence of catastrophic crown fires that we are experiencing in today’s Southwestern forests”

    7. I live in the southern interior of BC. Forests in most of the province have been kept moister than normal by lower temperatures and more frequent and widespread rain from mid-May through much of July. We’re having a quiet forest fire season, because only a relatively small portion of our forests closer to the southern border became dry enough to burn out of control.

      1. I live in Osoyoos but haven’t seen this “widespread rain from mid May through to July” that you speak of…….Been very dry here…….

    8. If the forests are manged, i.e. deadwood, etc. removed, much less likely to burn. I think the population of the west coast of the US may be even stupider than that of British Columbia, if that is possible?

      1. That’s impossible, you can’t go into all the untouched forests and remove all the dead wood. The best way to prevent dry fuel buildup is the natural way – when nature starts a fire, let it burn.

    9. Notta: The Canadian media follows the exact same script as the American media. Every bad weather event is a result of Global Warming. It’s even baked into some government policies, like Defense Policy: the polar ice cap is melting so we’ll have to beef up northern defence. The problem is that the polar ice cap was supposed to be gone 10 yeas ago. It’s still there. Polar bears are doing fine too. The weather where I live is exactly the same as it always was. Yes, we have fores fires out west, same as every year. Fighting fires is an industry out west, always has been. Not as bad this year though. So our media keeps the global warming BS going by focusing on the US fires. I’ll make a prediction: There will be forest fires next year.

    10. Thanks for stopping by but you couldn’t be more wrong, in fact you appear quite delusional. In 1974 I sat in a classroom at university and listened to a lecture in a Social Biology course in which the professor described EXACTLY what is occurring right now, right down to geographic locations. He explained that there are extremely poor forest management practices as a result of government interference. Government has come to see each tree as a source of income ( same with citizens, not people but cash machines ) and thus fires are put out immediately upsetting nature’s balance. This has gone on for decades and he described that eventually a lightning storm will cause a catastrophic fire, impossible to extinguish except by nature itself. He maintained it was going to take almost losing Yellowstone or Glacier National to fire before they smarten up. That actually happened in both locations a number of years back and they learned nothing. By the way, is global warming also responsible for your cities burning the way they currently are….just askin’.

    11. Notta – Google “British Columbia fires map 2020” and you will get a link to a really cool interactive map. We watch it because have family in areas prone to wildfires. Alberta has a similar map. We’re having a “good” year so far. I suspect it is in large part because we are absent the arsonists who seem to be infesting the Pacific Northwest.

  8. Donald J Trump the best President ever and not just for what he is doing for the U.S. but the entire world. Thank you from one of the many appreciative Canadians. USA, USA,USA!

    1. If Potemkin Joe gets elected in the US, how long do you think before the Liberals and their running doggy friends confiscate all guns and then go all-in Global 2030?

      If the EU dictated banana curvatures, men should be darn worried about what curvatures our Liberal/Hollywood/DC One World Order OverSeers have in perverted sight to dicktate.

  9. Living in BC there is no serious fire season here as compared to the previous 2-3 years. We had rain early and a slow spring melt.

    IMHO Trump is a poor communicator. He is in a catch 22 with his tweeting as the media forces him to put out his message. If he can get a handle on this he stands a good chance of re-election. If nothing else his presidency has/should have exposed the political bias of the MSM. They have been totally discredited as polls suggest their believeability is at less than 20%. I judge Trump by what he does not what he says:
    – Exposed China both in trade and military threat
    – securing the border
    – placed allies on report for not meeting treaty obligations on defence spending
    – Israel/Sunni peace accords
    – Corporate tax cuts that brought business prosperity home to the USA
    – re-invested in the military
    – supports policing and rejects anarchy in the streets
    – rejects globalism as an enrichment gimmick for select global groups and dictators. Bringing manufacturing home which will help millions of Americans get ahead

    Many reasons to support Trump. Conversely Canada has no plan. Trudeau and his cabal have no business plan for this country. They deal in racial division and pander to special interests to maintain their power. They do not see the potential in Canada and will cause the breakup of this country. A conservative of +50 years I see no future in the West and will vote Wexit.

    1. CT: placed allies on report for not meeting treaty obligations on defence spending

      Had a chuckle last week. I actually had a look at Canada’s defence policy (Strong Secured Engaged). The percentage GDP Canada expects to spend: “Total forecasted defence spending as a percentage of gross domestic product is expected to reach 1.40 percent by 2024-25” (this is a direct cut and paste from the SSE). Remember when Trump put Trudeau on the spot about Canada’s Defence spending and Trudeau said we spend about 2%? Of course he was lying. His own policy says he was lying. And it’ll still be a lie by 2025.

      1. Some people think that Trudeau is always lying but that’s not fair. He only lies about half the time… when he exhales.

  10. Thousands flock to DJT’s rallies, almost 86 million twitter followers, miles of boats flying Trump 2020 and American flags in many lakes and oceans every weekend with boat parades on the water, 400 plus vehicles flying Trump 2020 and American flags driving around Miami yesterday, 84 miles of vehicles flying same thing out their windows around Cincinnatti and into Kentucky etc on Saturday and I can go on, and thats a poor communicator? Sorry CT your not seeing the forest. And Favil your spot on, here in Alberta I sat across the table from the “blind squirrel” Jason before he became premiere and asked him two questions, “why, when you and Harper had a majority did you not privatize the cbc, that nest of misfits sunk your government”? and “why in 2014 when equalization was up for renegotiation, did you and Harper not re-arrange the payment system”? All I got for answers from the compromised blind squirrel was pablum and BS. Yes there are many compromised globalists just doing what they are told to do on the “island” and going back to their offices and following orders. DJT is not one.

  11. If only the Montreal march organizers would come to Chicago to celebrate freedom and end crackpot lockdowns.

    Is Justin in shock or rearranging his socks?

  12. Good to see the pro Trump rallies in Montreal. That group and the group which gathered in Ottawa (see below, about pro-gun rally) must be part of the same crowd. I wish Ezra / Rebel News had a reporter on the beat there to find out where these people were were from.

    The one report that I saw on the web was from an un-named person who filmed from her high-rise balcony. It was very informal– and complete with curse words of disapproval, not ready for prime time nor the late night News.

    This is part of the Rebel News report from Ottawa:

    “On Saturday, September 12, thousands of freedom-loving Canadian gun-owners from across the country gathered on Parliament Hill in Ottawa for the Integrity March, which may have been one of Canada’s largest gun-rights protests in years.

    The rally was organized by the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) to “demand integrity from the Liberal government” and to stand against Trudeau’s ham-fisted gun grab.

    Make no mistake, Trudeau’s gun ban is not about safety like he wants you to believe — it’s an attack on the rights of law-abiding gun owners. It utterly ignores gang crime committed with illegally obtained firearms flowing from across the border.”

    Good that Lisa and Dawna work part time and never weekends. They would’ve been steaming to have had to have reported on this. Their reports would’ve sounded like they were extremely ‘en colère.’

  13. Also heard on Adler (it was on the radio, I didn’t choose to listen to it) that a recent poll has 71% of Quebecers support getting western oil through new pipelines.

    Perhaps Quebec being farther along in the marxism is starting to reject it, and scared shitless that there won’t be a ROC to prop them up if we are all marxist.

    1. Every eastern european I know, above the age of 35, talks about the sh*t show that was communism.

      They lived it, they know its nonsense to the core.

      Maybe similar to Quebecers.

    1. One of the cellphone videos, the guy filming said they were chanting USA.
      Perhaps in Quebec they know it is the same thing really…
      Well, not quite, but they are the best in the world and getting better under Trump.

  14. Good for the K-becers!
    Its surprising that the – arguably – most socialist of provinces has a demo like this.
    Juthtin was so mad at this he bought a dog just so he could kick it.

    1. Yes. I saw CBC’s Chief Political Correspondent Rosemary Barking’s report where she praised Juthtin for treating the dog the same way he treated regular Canadians.

      And they re-elected him!

      She then apologized for cutting her glowing report short as she had to get back to filling out the Spawn’s Nobel Peace Prize Applications at Front St. Headquarters.

    2. Juthtin was so mad at this he bought a dog just so he could kick it.

      Another dog? I guess he got tired of the ones he was you-know-what’ing, particularly with all his “I’m so pretty, o so pretty” personal days.

      1. The question is:

        How can we avoid meeting in a gulag by the end of the decade?

        Tool is … well a tool … but compared to when the Bolsheviks are cooking … he will freeze things as bad as they are, Libranos will take us to Venezuela. I am not going, been there in my youth, am not going there again. But I got the old passport. I will run if Canada commits suicide. Do you have anywhere to run to?

    1. You haven’t heard of it and you’re stunned?

      Hell, you’re so Canadian you must have maple syrup running out of your nose:)

  15. An event like this restores, at least for a little while, my faith in being a real (small c) conservative in Canada. Let’s hope O’Toole, while he is fashioning what he wants the Conservative Party to become, takes note of this event.

  16. This should not surprise anybody. The Canadian media feed us a steady diet of anti-Trump stories, daily. They mirror exactly the stories on US media. Why? Why feed Canadian endless fake news about Trump? It’s not like we vote in the US. Why promote hate toward this man in Canada? The end result is that most Canadians realise the media is bought and and a reaction against globalist BS automatically turns into pro-Trump sentiment. I wonder if the media gets what is happening.

    1. You nailed it, Joe Blow.

      To answer your question, the Media does not get it. They are drinking their own bathwater.

      You know, it’s the same water that Canada’s Left just took their once a month bath in.

      It’s why very few are really watching the MSM. My goodness, even the so-called conservative National Post hates Trump for the most part.

      1. You forget….they get paid with your tax dollars to pimp Globblism/Globble Warmenting. About $600 million is up for grabs.

  17. I note that no attempt was made to belittle the attendees:

    “Hare Krishnas marched alongside Christian fundamentalists and supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump.”

  18. By the way, next time they should get a French-speaking person to write the article. They are chanting “Liberte”, not “USA”. It took me 5 seconds of watching the video to figure this out. But hey, don’t fret. I met Quebec-born anglophones, whose families had been in Quebec for a few hundred years that can’t speak a goddammed word of French.

    1. My father spent some time in Montreal during the war. He always said they don’t speak French in Montreal. Why would someone living in an English City in an English country learn French? Yiddish was likely more useful. All the ignorant hillbillies moving from the countryside turned the city French.

      1. You father spent some time in Montreal during the war? Great! I grew up 100 miles from there and lived in Montreal for 2 years. 90% of people speak French in Montreal, except for a few English enclaves. Why would people living in a 90% French speaking province in a 90% French speaking city learn French? Yup, that’s anglo logic for ya.

  19. I will finish my time on this thread by saying, if you are stupid you deserve everything you get. If you are not, then please remove a stupid person from our midst.

  20. My comment from earlier this morning seems to have disappeared so I’ll say it again. As encouraged as I am to see the protest in Montreal, I remain a cynic. Quebecers know that if they scream loud and long enough, the PM will give in to their demands. This is just the beginning of pressuring the PM to work with the U.S. to open the border so they can head south for the winter.

    1. I don’t care what their motives are, in this case, I agree with the goals — dump the masks, open restaurants, open the border. If Trudeau listens that’s great, but I am concerned he has sold out Quebdckers to pursue his globalist agenda.

  21. They speak “patois” or Ancient French like their ancestors. If they go to France and talk their “ToadCode” the real French people cannot understand them.

    After their rally – I gained some respect for them. Meanwhile in Western Whiny country – what are we doing?? We better get out and protest just like they did ! Dont wait for Kenney to spur you on.

  22. Like many here, I was surprised to see this in Quebec. Could it possibly imply bad news for Trudeau? Will Quebec vote to keep Alberta oil (I.e. transfer payments need Alberta as a “have” wallet, I mean province).

  23. Wow, this rally blows my mind, and in Quebec no less. There is still hope for us in Canada, but I guess Trudeau, will ignore this, as it doesn’t fit his plans. Why this doesn’t equate to votes against the Libs is a head scratcher. Of course the cynic in me suggests that there may be “interference” Nah, never happen in Kanada Huh! /s

  24. Hosed: I can confirm. It’s mostly like the French you would hear in Normandy. When I went to France or spoke to a Frechman in Canada, I would have to force myself to speak “correct” or international French.