21 Replies to “City of Calgary spending $120,000 tax dollars to promote Black Lives Matter”

  1. Decades of cultural Marxism marching through the institutions has effects. Watch now as corporations, public schools, and all large municipalities trip over each other as they race to say me too.

  2. Here is what they are doing.

    The current mural they are replacing is very prominent on 7th Ave, readily seen on the LRT route. It is inoffensive, seemingly inclusive, and IMO pretty well done. It Is 15 years old and in good shape and just a couple of blocks from city hall.

    The artist of the old mural has every right to be disappointed. I suspect that he can’t say more publically because they would brand him a racist and get him cancelled.

    Calgary had a ridiculous history of public art installations, so now they are going to paint over one of the less noxious works and put up something, I’m guessing, that will be just terrible. I don’t know the exact plan but this city aspires to edgy and the best they can land on is either offensive or comical.

    I’m hoping the BLM mural is trash and council has to look at it every day as they do the decaying downtown.

    1. Forecasting the future, I’m not looking forward to some idiot defacing the new BLM mural.

      We will pay for it’s repair and the eastern media will suffer whiplash in the rush to confirmation bias, branding us redneck and racist.

      The worst part will be more noxious self serving noise from our holier than thou Purpleness the mayor.

    2. “Calgary had a ridiculous history of public art installations”. . .

      And this one takes the cake.

      Tsuut’ina Nation wants to see Bowfort Towers art installation redesigned

      The public art, which is one part of a two-part installation pegged at a cost of $500,000, sits at the Trans-Canada Highway and Bowfort Road interchange.

      Created by New York-based artist Del Geist, it’s meant to pay tribute to Blackfoot culture, and features four columns and rundle rock stones, which are found only in Alberta.

      It’s garnered criticism from many, including members of First Nations communities. . .

      Will we have to wait 15 years to get this one replaced?

    3. Better idea, paint a BLM mural over the big blue ring… but make sure you wear your mask when you do it! Nobody would care, or see it either. What an utter band of morons…

    1. Their lives are only of value as long as they realize mine has the same value. Devalue mine then be prepared for a very serious argument without words.

  3. The reparations for slavery are already here, they’re being spent on crap like this and hiring the hideously unqualified as “writers”, etc.

  4. Haha!
    I hope its a mural of two homeys pointing illegal handguns sideways at each other.
    And be sure to make one a visibly black or brown Moslem because they’re all cocked and loaded as far as the Karens are concerned.

  5. The last time I was in the actual city of Calgary was in the late 1980s. With all that’s happened since, I don’t intend to go back as I prefer to remember the place as it was.

    1. We left Calgary for Houston in 1982, and I have fond memories of the city.

      Perhaps they can route the Stampede parade (is that still a thing?) over the new BLM mural, without the attendant shovel squad. Or would that make the horses rayyycis too?

      1. Or would that make the horses rayyycis too?

        Maybe it would simply make them art critics.

  6. Isn’t BLM a major funding source for the Democrat Party. Did Calgarians just give a campaign donation to Creepy Joe Biden?

  7. One of the behind the scenes operator of BLM is the M.B.(Ikwan), they were quite prominent speaking at rallies a few years ago, when targeted violence against the Blue Line was first being pumped.

    It would be appropriate to ask, what level of influence does the Ikwan have in the current “multi-cultural” Calgary politics?

    Minority but well funded, well organized and smarter than the average politician; add in a supplicant media and … a long march through the institutions ensues. The Red/Green Alliance.

  8. I learned of this late Monday night and couldn’t believe just how stupid the majority of city council is. And no doubt led by that a-hole mayor Nenshi. Then earlier Tuesday, I saw video of the riots and looting in Chicago. I kept looking for some white or Asian faces – anyone who wasn’t black – amongst the looters. Alas, I found none. I guess Black Looters Matter.

  9. Voters elected incumbents in a landslide. Calgarians love this stuff and they don’t care about money. If they did they wouldn’t send billions to Quebec every year.

    Calgarians are getting exactly what they want and deserve.