36 Replies to “Come Back, Pizzagate!”

    1. Maybe frazzledrip is real too. Wouldn’t surprise me at this point honestly. These people are sickos.

    1. Yup.
      Just like Canadian voters who vote CPC because “conservative” is in its party name.
      Just as dumb

    2. … because the .dotcon economy was SOARING!! Everyone was getting $$$$ Rich for NOTHING. Then, when Billy Bob was leaving office in the year 2000 … the Clinton CONomy came crashing and burning into a tiny pile of smoldering embers.

      It’s the economy, stupid. Americans don’t care that their President was fornicating with a barely legal teen on the Oval Office carpet … if their stock portfolios were getting fat.

      I’m waiting for some Haitian boys and girls to come forward … but I expect they’re much easier to … silence.

    1. Maikeru: Led Zeppelin’s management threatened a copyright infringement lawsuit against the label, its attorneys demanding that all copies be destroyed, and the band withdrew the song.
      However, “During a 2004 interview on National Public Radio, Robert Plant referred to the tune as his favorite cover of “Stairway to Heaven.”‘

      I always liked that version…

  1. It could well be that the genie is definitely out of the bottle from here on in, and the bottle is broken so no turning back now. Comey and the rest of the underlings are all going to be singing like canaries because they all knew about this and some of them are going to pay big time. From the head honchos of the FBI, and the DOJ right down to the Southern District Court in New York and the assorted members of the Lawfare group, not to mention certain House representatives, we can expect to see more than a few suicides in the next few days. Three months to go and it’s going to be a barnburner.

    1. Nobody will be charged and ot will all get swept under the rug. Shame about Ghislaine Maxwell’s impending “suicide”.

      It’s going to take a civil war.

  2. Who cares about has been Clinton?

    What other names?

    Epstein’s island is beginning to sound a lot like the People’s Temple.

    1. Kevin: Re “Epstein’s island is beginning to sound a lot like the People’s Temple.”
      I think it’s starting to look a lot like People Magazine.

  3. Brietbart’s gone very coy….
    It’s “alleged former President Bill Clinton was seen on the private island where Epstein was alleged to have taken underage girls.”

    Clinton has 26 documented trips on Epstein’s 727 to Orgy Island under his belt, so to speak.
    And it’s “alleged he was seen”…?

  4. Maybe Hillary wanted to be POTUS so bad because that was the only way Bill was going to get punished?
    Nah. She’s just too awful. Her ascension to power would help protect Bill further. Un oh.

  5. The idea that Epstein was murdered while being held in a USA prison seems to mean nothing. It is the true measure of the level of corruption that exists in society. The autopsy report on George Floyd does not matter. His body was full of drugs and his death was not caused by suffocation.

    Media in NA is controlled by left wing politics and their agenda becomes clearer everyday. The real issue becomes whether the people will rise up to oppose them. Maybe Trump can led the fight against them but Canada is lost.

  6. Maxwell is not as smart as I assume if she doesn’t have tapes of Clinton et al with underage girls.
    It was always the only obvious long term protection, maybe hubris got the better of her and she got careless.
    Maybe not.
    Testimony from girls who willingly prostituted themselves for what, money and glamour? is not good evidence. They weren’t kidnapped.
    The nature of the charges and the plea bargain will reveal all.

  7. Read the first book on Epstein and Maxwell and their house in Florida. The young girls were well paid by Epstein for their sexual favours and they recruited their friends to come to his house. Not in the least defending these people but males are led by the little head in being part of this sordid group.

    Look at the UK and not just a few young women but tens of thousands sex slaved by muslims and all these defenders of the law like Chief Constable Cressida Dick did NOTHING to defend these women. It supposedly is the basic requirement of the police to defend the citizens. Isn’t that right, RCMP.

    1. I expect “David Hand” … would know quite a lot about the little head. Sorry, I’m incorrigible… I couldn’t resist

  8. And we are shocked or surprised to hear this about Clinton….why! Have we not had overwhelming evidence that the left, the elites, the rich and most politicians (no matter their stripe) lie, are corrupt, are without morals or ethics and to them the rest of us are merely expendable tools for their use.

    1. Well Said Rob.

      That right there folks, is the Unvarnished TRUTH.

      Barely human SLIME that is 100% invested in its own perceived self importance whilst lecturing the masses as they fill their fat asses at the Trough of public money.

  9. Imagining Bill in the slammer is so pleasing. Can you imagine his horror, if Hillary will be in the same cell with him? For the rest of their lives?

  10. Heartbreaking indeed. That poor girl Virginia Roberts. No wonder she moved to Australia. To get as far away as possible from these evil creeps.

  11. A 17 year old getting $200 for a blow job is a statutory criminal whore, and not a victim, they knew exactly what they were doing, just like the casting couch crowd. That does not mean those using them were right!

    1. Under the law she was a victim. Statutory rape is rape regardless of whether the underage victim consents or is paid.

  12. How is it that in the republic that prides itself on the rule of law, those that comit actual crimes are immune to prosecution and those that were subjected to made up crimes and misdemeanors that never happened are impeached?

    Could it be that there is something rotten in the republic?

  13. We all knew exactly what Clinton was when we elected him. I want to know who else went to Love Island. All of them. My suspicion? Epstein was smart enough to get some senior network folks involved. And NY print media. Just one big happy family.

  14. It all means nothing without a complainant.

    Where are girls and why aren’t they speaking, suing?

    Yeah, we all know the Slick One is a POS and saved by only by linking his Willie to massive power and money.

    I suspect that every effort is begging made to get and suppress the poor victims.