26 Replies to “Wuhan Flu”

  1. Global HC Q studies. PrEP, PEP, and early treatment studies show high effectiveness, while late treatment shows mixed results.

    L- Ask your Dept. of Health or doc, as to when your physician might be allowed to prescribe it.
    (Duty of Care, Standard of Care)

  2. Killer liberal university trained medical personnel deliberately prescribed HCQ in late stages of the disease in order to kill them and make Trump look bad, happened in New York I think.

    Media does not care, police should charge them with homocide but won’t, families of the dead would be railroaded by liberals in the legal system – it’s all such a disgrace.

  3. Once President Trump (God forbid) is overthrown (and murdered in prison without even the pretense of a show trial, no doubt), you won’t hear any more reservations about the HCQ therapy.

    Senile Joe’s black nurse—Kamala Harris, Susan Rice, Val Demings, Beijing haven’t yet picked the new House Girl—will want whitey back at work ASAP (at half his previous pay, if that, and minus the home equity re-distributed into the hands of Chinese slumlords) and to be able to say Joe whipped Wuhan flu.

    Up to 35,000 Americans could die in the next three weeks alone because our betters refuse to allow a cheap and effective treatment to be broadly applied while there is any chance that maximizing the Wuhan flu body count will win the election for Joe Biden. The election is four months away.

  4. Jesus, when thousands of doctors used it and tens of thousands of people recovered, WTF is wrong with everybody.

  5. What about the 73 year old man who was shot to death in Haliburton , Ontario, after being reported for not wearing a mask at the grocery store? He was refused service and was reported to the POLICE. The POLICE went to his home and wound up killing him. WEAR YOUR FUCKING MASKS OR ELSE. I guess this is considered a cov-2 death.

    1. Wrong fuuctard. He assaulted the store employee and then rammed the building with his car. When police arrived where he lived he shot at them. They responded. If you don’t know what happened shut the fuck up you stupid fucking fucctard.

      You’re just as bad as the fucking Antifa fucctards for spreading lies about something you know nothing about.

      I know first hand that this 73 year old fucctard shot at police. He deserved to die because he was a fucctard. Stop being a fucctard yourself and STFU before spouting off about something you know nothing about.

        1. Yes he did. The story told about the assault and ramming of his vehicle into the store.
          You put out a lie like the media often does. You should apologize for acting like the MSM and liberals/socialists but I’m sure you don’t have the gonads.

      1. How about you find another site to print your filthy comments on. Where do you get off insulting one of our posters for daring to post to our site.

        1. When a poster posts bullshit like the media(who many on this site despise for exactly what omg wrote) or leftist idiots he deserves what he gets. I stand by my truthful words.

      2. You must be pretty stupid “Sporty” since you need to resort to such profanity to express yourself.

        1. No quite intelligent. I’m tired of people who make up stuff.
          I didn’t fabricate something like omg. Sometimes hearing the truth hurts.

  6. Send that to meta soy-boy Ben Mulroney who was on about the evils of hydroxychloroquine this morning, like the good little CTV finger puppet he is. Then the sqwaky weather ditz came on and I had to go.

  7. It would make a successful Class Action… What?,Why? would a Doctor make “false” Statements to prevent the use of a drug or procedure… The Whistle Blower testified in Congress that ALL the science was settled, although the Group had Bankrolled 3 Drug Companies for development of a competitive drug…

    Slam Dunk Class Action by all those that LOST family members

  8. Dr Anthony Fauci’s name will be mentioned alongside Dr Josef Mengele in the future as “Angel’s of Death”.

  9. I wonder if Trump went full bore promoting black culture….if we could get rid of that too