The Libranos: WE Gone

Jul 15, 2020, 17:30 ET

Reflecting the realities of COVID-19, we are cancelling WE Day activities for the foreseeable future. We are proud to have hosted 137 WE Days welcoming over 1.5 million students who earned their free tickets by contributing 70 million hours of service to 3,000+ charities and causes.
Finally, we recognize that 25 years of rapid expansion and ground-breaking social entrepreneurship has resulted in an organizational structure that is more complicated than it needs to be. We are proud of the social impact WE has enabled, but we realize that its structure needs to be easier to understand and more transparent for all our stakeholders. We also recognize it is time to review some of our policies and practices.

50 Replies to “The Libranos: WE Gone”

  1. So instead of leaving the ship, the rats are just taking it into drydock to plug some holes.

    1. Perhaps the lifeboat was gone. This is a major re-direction for them. Anyone able to venture a guess as to how accurate their figures are re number of schools built and students educated?

  2. Translation: “Please don’t dig any deeper into our pick pocket and money laundering scam. ”

    Why does Dickens come to mind?

    1. Here’s what comes to mind … WE is acting like religious Conquistadors of the 21st century. “International Schools”, “International Hospitals” … “International” this and that for all the poor uneducated native children around the world. How is this any different from what the Roman Catholic Church provided (and still provides) in the 16th Century? A Catholic Church who are now called “Evil” for spreading their message of Christ’s Love, Western medicine, and education to the savage natives.

      WE are doing …the … exact … same … thing. Why are they not being called “settlers” … “colonializers” and “missionaries” … with a sneer in the voice? They’re “interfering” in native cultures … right? Sending their missionaries to strange foreign lands to spread their message of “white oppression”, and “environmental justice”.

      And don’t get me started on the WE Days … which sound a LOT like a Billy Graham Crusade. Yes … the Communist message of environmental and social … uggh … “justice” … is a RELIGIOUS enterprise.

  3. IT IS TIME. All not-for-profits should pay CRA. Most of them are scam shops. Also charity donation deductions are a tax avoidance scam.

    1. There’s a simple way to end all this shit: stop giving taxpayers’ money to “charities”.

      I’m sure the Conservatives will have that in their election platform.

    2. As I said many years ago, there is no sure entity as a non-profit. If salaries are being paid a profit is being made.

    3. Even the ones which were, decades ago, “good”, such as Oxfam, are now political. I think we simply need to return to enforcing the concept of charity. If you do political advocacy and don’t perform actual charitable works, as commonly understood, then you are not a charity. People should not be able to become wealthy through charities; and if you are already wealthy, you should not be able to use charities as tax avoidance or politicaol leverage schemes.

  4. In addition to the whole corruption we should think of the purpose of this “charity”. It really is more important. This scandal should be a wake-up call for a different reason entirely. Have we not seen plenty of similar scandals by these criminals and psychopaths in power? Can you not see, dear people, how this is all going to… progress? Everything has been planned. Undeniably, WE is a training camp for our so called future leaders. Every privileged politician’s offspring is part of this, I am quite sure. The name WE means: We are no longer individual countries and individual people. We are a collective. We are all ONE (Bono thinks so too, so does the pope of Rome) . We redistribute wealth from Canada and other Western countries to the rulers of third world countries. /The youths think the money goes to help the poor./ We have open borders, we welcome everyone, we offer every illegal alien free stuff, better living conditions than those of the people who are forced to pay for it without prior consultation with them. /Of course, the youth have been told that no human being is illegal, to which I respond that no one is born an illegal alien, but some people who were born became illegal migrants; Though with the UN Global Compact on Migration which is allegedly not bounding to us. everyone can decide to come to Canada and demand free everything, unlike Canadians; Of course, reasoning with the youth of today is pointless, because our universities consider reason and logic an aspect of patriarchal oppression to be destroyed. But we should still try./ We ought not to blame the young ones, for they are naive and trusting. easy to deceive. They know no history, no literature, no philosophy, only collectivist/globalist/communist ideology. But they are dangerous fanatics, indoctrinated to see reasonable Canadians as evil, enemy to be destroyed. They are the new version of China’s Red Guards. I could go on and on, but will stop now. Please, consider what I have just said. Let us do something! For the sake of our children and grandchildren. /I know it is unlikely our children will be able to afford having a family, but I said it, because some might./

    1. Interesting points. I don’t recognize your handle, so allow me to say welcome.

      Please note that posts are much easier to read when broken into paragraphs. Further, brevity is the soul of wit: if your primary point(s) is/(are) made in the first couple of sentences, and then the remainder is the proof or explanation of those points, it can be a pleasure to read.

      You also stayed on topic, for which you get bonus kudos. All too often a longer post like yours wanders or is a single-topic screed posted on multiple (unrelated) threads because the author feels the need to bombard the reader. I am very happy to see that you are not a poster of that type.

    2. Of course.

      “We redistribute wealth from Canada and other Western countries to the rulers of third world countries. ”

      That’s precisely what the Kyoto Emissions Trading Mechanisms were all about. DFAIT (now Global Affairs) spent hundreds of thousands of man-hours over the years working on just how the trading mechanisms were to work. The whole purpose of global warming/climate change was a north-south wealth transfer as defined by the consummate international crook Maurice Strong in Agenda 21.

      It’s always the bleating “Think of the children”.

      1. I believe in passing good things on to the next generation. Have not done so well. A scientist, my child will be fired instantly, should she insist on the existence of biological sex.

    3. “We have open borders, we welcome everyone, we offer every illegal alien free stuff, better living conditions than those of the people who are forced to pay for it without prior consultation with them.” Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas

      The sad part is that those that come to Canada don’t find any golden Ladder… The promise is NOT work, or adaptable talents.. The New comers are on full time Welfare all of the time… NO dreams, or self improvement… The unhappy Children of these immigrants feel cheated, and they are…..Canada promises paradise, but delivers nothing…. A wasted mind is simply cruel….


  5. So in other words the whole WE thing was a Liberal Party scam, and now that its out in public Blackie’s dictatorship will have to come up with a different scam.

    1. Oh no, no, no … !! Didn’t you read? WE are launching a self-audit … a self-Investigation!! Doesn’t that make you feeeeeeel wonderful? That WE is going to “get to the bottom” of any *ahem* irregularities… (read: top heavy executive salaries and absence of REAL work.)

      An investigation that will end much like the “investigation” into Hunter Biden irregularities… with everyone involved … exonerated from any wrong-doing

      1. Kenji, I always thought that one must have an intellect above that of slug and have some moral values to actually engage in introspection as it were. Amoral, immoral, assholes tend to come up with a different result than many of us.

  6. We Wee Wee.
    Nothing to see here move along.
    For it is inconceivable,based on their long history,that Liberals could be engaged in corruption.
    Stealing public money for private gain..Inconceivable I tells yah.
    Never happened,not a smidgen of corruption..Everyone knows Adscam was a Conservative scandal…The Trudeau Trust a creation of Mulroney..
    Why are we Western Citizens,still part of this Kleptocracy?
    It never ends and nothing will change.
    Our Eastern Comrades love this kind of stealing and lying,we know this as they reward it,consistently reelecting thieves bandits and utter fools..
    Are we done paying yet?

  7. It was always about following the money. Follow the families. WE is nothing less than the Clinton Foundation. More than WE itself, I hope both Trudeau and Soros are deeply, deeply examined. I hope this is the beginning of the end of the deep state/ money laundering in Canada.

    Each country will have their own day of reckoning. This is ours.

    1. Sadly, that will not be the outcome. Instead, a new distribution scheme of graft and corruption will be created to enrich the Laurentian Elite!

      I’ve always found the WE events and adverts creepy, every since my kids were in school. The purpose of this org always seemed vague and opaque. Nothing has changed, other than being an apparent money laundering scheme, Adscam 2.0

  8. I’d like to see the CFO, who apparently is the CFO of all these complex entities, testify to parliament.

    This structure reminds me very much like another famous group of money launderers and fraudsters, Enron and Andy Fastow.

    Like the Kleinburgers, they also knew everything and were the smartest guys in the room and were out to change the world.

    Let’s hope they also spend the rest of their days in the slammer too.

    1. “I’d like to see the CFO, who apparently is the CFO of all these complex entities, testify to parliament.”

      He could do it without notes. Parliament knows which side its bread is buttered – that would be the Left side – they can be counted-on to ask all the softball questions Little Potato can afford, and the audience can stomach. And the CBC will be in the audience, and the Rebel won’t.

      Follow the money.

    1. WE is the tip of the iceberg.
      Every Librano Foundation has the lack of oversight from the public at large.

      Award an Infrastructure contract and accept a donation to Pierre Trudeau Foundation. With a tax receipt for your generosity.

      I wonder how many $$$$ poured into the Trudeau Foundation while Juthin was on his cross continent tour of Sub Sahara Africa bribing despots and dictators for Canadas security council seat.

      Foundations are the modern Librano paper bag of cash.

      1. Don’t forget the books don’t look too good in Catherine McKenna’s portfolio at this present time. That department used to belong to Monsieur Champagne. Wonder where those billions went?

        1. Nancy, look at this list of LOSERS
          McKenna, Trudeau, Morneau, Freeland, Haijdu, Monsef, Hussen, Sajjan. The most corrupt, lying scandal plagued group of misfits one could ever imagine currently running Canada.

          Unqualified O’Regan, Minister of screwing Alberta, Sask and Northern BC out of its Natural Resources
          The good listener, Bennet Minister of Indian Affairs and Fortier, Minister of the Middle Class
          Garneau, Minister of Rail and Port Blockades
          Lametti, Minister of SNC Lavlin and Meddling in Justice
          MacAuley. Minister of NO Money for Veterans
          Bains, the Minister of Huwaei.

          Add to that Butts, Telford, Wernick from the PMO. SCUM of the Earth…

          Wonder why Bill B.Liar is pursuing the biggest gun grab from the most vetted citizenry in the world??
          The best is yet to come ?? …..

          1. Good job!

            I thought I’d just mention what I thought was ‘one’ of the worst! They’re ALL bad.

            Vee ar sqrewd!

    2. All the so-called enviromental [sic] charities. They are, at best, political organs of the elft and typically, in Canada, organs of foreign states and interests.

  9. The defenders have already begun the obfuscation. “They were only being paid $19.5-million. They were administering $900-million.” Like Steve McIntyre always says, watch the pea.

    The accounting for these entities is used in extremely misleading ways. Looking at the information from the Vivian Krause link on a cursory inspection it looks like, for the fiscal period ending August 31, 2019, that WE was paid $3.7-million to dole out $59.4-million to charitable programs, about 6.4% or 5.4% of total expenses of $68.2-million.

    What few people seem to notice or understand is that there is another section in the report devoted solely to compensation. In the same fiscal period, WE paid out $19.9-million in total compensation for all postions for a staff of 352 full time employees and 29 part time employees, plus they paid another $2.9-million in professional and consulting fees for a total of $22.8-million dollars in compensation expenses.

    It’s safe to say that a large amount of that $22.8-million is wrapped up in that $59.4-million charitable programs number which means $26.5-million was spent on compensation, professional and consulting fees, and management and administration fees. As a percentage, that’s 44.6% of what has been accounted to for programs or 38.9% of total expenses. In other words, after paying compensation as little as $36.6-million was spent on actual programs. I say as little as because some of the $22.8-million may show up in the fundraising and other expenses line items.

    That’s a lot of compensation being paid in an organization that’s supposed to be made up predominantly of volunteers. In fact it averages out to $64,772 per full time employee. There are for profit companies that would come no where near that number.

    So to those trolls defending WE and saying they were only getting $19.5-million they are ignoring either on purpose or through ignorance that there would be no additional compensation, consulting and professional costs. For example, you can bet that the money that was being paid to teachers and charitable orgs to recruit on behalf of WE for this program would have been expensed against the $900-million and not the $19.5-million.

    All of this is not strictly illegal but it puts a lot of money in the hands of an organization that is choosing who gets hired and compensated. It would be a way to reward the right supporters and to prevent the wrong sort of people from benefiting. It is clearly an issue of lack of transparency to those who either donate to or benefit from WE. So the question comes back who made the decision to give this to WE and how was it made?

    Disclaimer: I am not an accountant or a specialist in non-profits, but I can read a financial statement. If I’ve missed something or mistated something please let me know and I’ll correct it. Also, I did this later in the day and am a little tired, so there may be errors in the numbers. I rounded up numbers in most cases.

    Here’s a link to the CRA page where I got these numbers.

    1. This whole thing stinks. You’ve covered many good points. On the 13th in the #SDA link entitled: “WE Charity: What Was The Source Of Your Interest in going after this Story,”
      I wrote:

      “I want to know more about the $43.7 million investment in REAL ESTATE. It sounds like there is more MEAT ON THAT CARCASS!!!”

      I still think that way. It’s one thing for a Charity to own it’s own office building but to have over $40 million is Real Estate assets, I’d want to see some documents, including appraisals, of said properties all over the world.

        1. I saw a photo of the property in Kenya. It seems nice.

          As for the Toronto building, seems like a dump, an old brick building that has new windows and a flat (tarred?) roof. Cold and leaky! The land is worth more. Bet they paid little but charged the Charity a lot. Get my drift? Just a wild guess on my part.

          In the piece from Brian Lilley he states that the cash collected from kids didn’t go towards the purchases in Keilburger Inc. & that the money for the purchases came from large and wealthy donors. Good.

          Someone, here at #SDA, I think it was Abtrapper said that he knew someone whose daughter went to a WE Charity rally. She came back from it enthusiastically inclined to go to Africa to help the kids. She, however demanded of her parents $5,000 plus money for airfare. The Charity’s for profit Travel Agency would take care of all the arrangements we are to assume. The parents refused to give her that kind of money. This business is nice work, if you can find it.

          This sounds more and more like a Harry Potter fiction piece everyday.

          1. The large & wealthy donors got very useful tax breaks on their donations; how many of them then received payments, one way or another, perhaps a la Trudeau, from the charity. I think this makes the charity a laundery.

    2. Has any other organization paid Margaret Trudeau a speaking fee of $10,000? I think not; no interest and no demand.

          1. Bingo! By George, I think we’ve got it.
            And…just maybe the Klingon Bros pay a little more than the WaterAid Man!

    3. Steve E, Nice work, my thanks. Also to others on this thread that want ‘Further investigations” Ok, Big suck,
      I’m holding my breath as of now!

      My big hope is that this gets overwhelming attention, and brings Trudeau and the Libs Down!
      So, now I’m holding my breath twice, and I’m already RED in the face!

  10. Its well past time to audit WE and it’s various permutations as well as all other charities in this country and clearly define what a charity is and stick to those rules. A better option would be no more taxpayer dollars go to any charities.

    1. A better solution would be to cease all government expenditures of taxpayer monies in any endeavor that does not directly benefit the Canadian taxpayer. Now isn’t that an interesting thought, not very original I admit since the idea of taxing was supposed to be the method of protecting and preserving the society that was taxed. Taxing a society was never intended to save the whole world only to protect those that voluntarily contributed to the betterment of that society.

      1. Antenor, Wow, who’d of thunk that! Taxation to benefit the actual society “Voluntary Contributing”.

        It ain’t voluntary, and hasn’t been for a very long time. “Voluntary”, meaning, the individual contributes without force or “legal persuasion”.