32 Replies to “The Libranos: It’s A Small World”

  1. Corruption Barbie.
    Pull the string and listen to the Marxist platitudes.

    Thank a teacher for ‘educating’ the voters who elected these corrupt idiots and who will vote for them again.

  2. A “Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Skills and Employment Branch at Employment and Social Development Canada.”

    Posturing, useless, non value adding, Statist graduates have to be employed somewhere , hence the public service (sic) exists. Randomly sacking every second public servant will have no effect on the lives of Canadians beyond the fevered imaginings of that rent seeking class.

    Young Rachael’s contribution could be massively greater had she attended a trade school and became a wealthy plumber.

    1. Is the Wernick family the consiglieris or conduit for any shady dealing with the liarberals?

      Good to know we are paying for multi-generational parasites

      Canada keep your corruption. Vive L’Alberta Libre!

  3. And is she related to the hyper-pro-Dear-Leader former Clerk of the Privy Council, Michael Wernick? He, you may recall, was a key player in the PMO offensive launched against Jody Wilson-Raybould in the SNC-Lavalin Affair. Speaking of which, the RCMP were supposed to renew their investigation of the matter after the federal election last fall. Did that happen?

    There is no mention of a spouse or children in Michael Wernick’s bio at Wikipedia:


      1. You mean the RCMP headed by the commissioner married to Bill Morneau’s cousin?

    1. The Liberals got together with the Bloc Quebecois and voted down any Parliamentary inquiry into anything SNC-Lavalin-related. Then the Liberals got together with the NDP and shut down all non-COVID Parliamentary business until October 2020. That was good enough for our pliant “mainstream media.” We’ll never hear anything about these things ever again.

  4. Related, no doubt, to former Clerk of the Privy Council (head of the civil service) Michael Wernick who resigned at the time of the Liberal SNC scandal.

  5. The Kielburgers took the ticket. They serve the prince of this world, just like Soros, Trudeau, Clinton, and all deep state creatures in every western country that rejected God.

  6. Rachel Wernick’s previous position in the federal civil service was as an “Associate Assistant Deputy Minister”. Is that higher or lower in the bureaucratic rankings than an “Assistant Associate Deputy Minister”?

  7. I don’t have a twitter account, so I can’t see who she follows. Could someone who does have one be so kind as to post some of the names of interest? Thanks!

    1. She has 801 followers and follows 476. Rosemary Barton leaped out at me. Not a lot of really high profile types, that I recognized. A few examples: Jennifer Meacher, Global Affairs Trade Commissioner. Christopher McDonald, Chief Audit and Evaluation Executive, Public Service Commission. Diversity Institute. Canadian Women Economists Committee. Looks like a high percentage of her followers are women.

    2. It’s all the members of the liberal/communist party of Canada and it’s media arm the CBC.

      And they are all insane.

  8. A duplicate Wormtongue in the Trudeau civil service. Now who could have expected that?

  9. So, if the TV series All In The Family was ever revived or re-booted, would it be about the Liberals? Three guesses who should play Meathead…..

    1. She looks exactly like Michael, only younger.

      Including the cookie duster?

  10. Quite amazing.
    So Justine states “Only W.E can do this work.”
    So he is saying Unemployment Canada is incompetent?
    Seems that way to me,a government agency that exists to gladhand taxpayer dollars,is incapable of dumping another 900 million out their doors.
    So incapable that we must give 20 million to Justine’s Friend to do this for them?
    Given the spending habits of our civil service,any number of Departments have a fantastic record for hosing taxpayer money out the door and keeping very few records,they are truly world class at losing taxpayers money,but Justine says
    “No, only my buddy can do this work..”
    And the civil servants acting as the “Newz Media” are too incurious to even inquire.

    Of course,given the actual competency of our magnificent “New Middle Class”,maybe Justine is right.
    Naturally nobody inside the swivel service wants to go there,what if they really are so useless that a bankrupt Cult Charity can replace them and do a better job?

  11. There is something common about their faces. They give a whole new definition to the term “brick-worthy”.
    They are so politically correct, so elevated, so gender/race/orientation aware, so versed in double or triple speak…
    A different species: vampire cannibals.