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  1. All this cancellation, but yet not one of our woke betters has dare suggested the den of racism and misogyny be banned.
    I speak of course of the porn industry.
    Not one word thus far.


    Mischief is important.

  2. Post national insanity.

    That should be the new name of the paper (as it gets woke and goes ever more broke).

      1. M M , I was thinking the same thing. We used to carry the Red Ensign and the Union Jack. There was history and heritage behind them.

        1. I only fly the Red Ensign.
          The Pearson Rag symbolizes communism getting you from inside and out; or simply looks like a used feminine hygiene product.

          1. Mike how about change the communist flag of eastern canada to 2 different colours. Change the red commie boarders to blue ocean to ocean and the piece of dead foliage that is native to extreme eastern ontario and quebec to green. Its alive and can be found coast to coast. Go SEXIT, AEXIT, BCEXIT, WEXIT.

  3. My canucklehead flag is presently in tatters alongside the Jack Rackham “Jolly Roger”.

    My wife went out and bought a new one, but I’m thinking the old tattered one in ribbons is more symbolically reflective.


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army

    1. When do you turn the tatters upside down? We must be close to the tatter tipping point.

      1. Well wasn’t it the Prime Doofus who said “We’re the first post national state.”?

        Whatever the hell that means, I’m not sure other than he was trying mightily to kill off the “old Canada”…


        Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
        Army Group “True North”
        1st Saint Nicolaas Army

        1. It isn’t post national if I still need a passport to anywhere else. Sock Buoy can sit and rotate on it. Or squat….his choice.

          1. You’re required to have a passport to leave, but Trudeau’s pets don’t need a passport to come here.

  4. Anyone got a Red Ensign around? The Wokerati will have a collective stroke on Dominion Day or in Newfoundland, Memorial day to commemorate the least effective Genocide Ever.

  5. The Missus mentioned after supper about the lack of Dominion Day celebrations. “It’s just not the same.”

    Me: “WTF is there to celebrate? Cowardice? “

    1. I’m working Canada day, getting paid double bubble to do it. Better use of my time that celebrating a post national state that wants we dead.

  6. It’s only in the past ten years Canadian flags have been slowly dwindling on the rez,this is the radicals getting to the youth, not the older generation.

  7. What an awful time for the former Dominion.

    Trudeau’s are famous for making Canadians feel like guests in their own country.

    Time to get Wexit done and move on from this mess. And let Quebec get back to asbestos mining.

  8. Every Fake Pretend Not a Real Country Genocidal Regime day someone goes around putting a little flag at the end of everyone’s driveway in my town. I’m replacing mine with either the red ensign, blue naval ensign (good looking flag), or Alberta provincial flag. Maybe I’ll just strike the pirate colours. Seems the most appropriate, I’ll do that.

    1. As a matter of fact I do have a red ensign. It covers 25% of the north wall in my gun room and that is where it is going to stay. That way I won’t have to mutilate any one for disrespecting it.
      I left the military shortly before the commie pinko flag was adopted and I never have saluted it. It is a liebrano flag. Pink and white… no blue. Thanks blister.

        1. It is a sh5t flag. The entire rest of the world thinks so. Imagine trying to go fight and potentially die for that flag – a Liberal Party logo. Fucking meaningless, symbolises nothing but a campaign leaflet.

          Fly the Red Ensign, and play the Maple Leaf Forever on Dominion Day!

          By the way, if Canada isn’t a nation, then how is treason a big deal? It is merely the same as fudging your taxes, no?

          1. Horrors!! I found out that the flag my wife bought was made in China. That will simply not FLY!

            Just ordered a Red Naval Ensign, hailing from a UK company, to compliment my Jack Rackham “Jolly Roger”.


            Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
            Army Group “True North”
            1st Saint Nicolaas Army

          2. The dippers were also involved as ballsless person was a minority so it should be referred to as the commie flag of eastern canada.

    1. Ha, ha, ha, ha, …. CTV NEWS losers.

      Yeah we used nooses all the time when hanging out on window washing rigs for tall buildings. Trust me no one on the crew was thinking of hanging anyone. Most were tied off for safety purposes so they didn’t take a multi story header into the hereafter.


      Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
      Army Group “True North”
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army

      1. It’d be fun to make a bunch of nooses and put them around town just to see what kind of hysteria you can ramp up. Call it a “social experiment”. For someone with time on their hands it would even be fun to get charged with a “hate crime” for doing it. It would make an entertaining court case.

      1. Oh Morroco you’re my foil today!

        That I’m afraid would be “Fake Noose”!!


        Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
        Army Group “True North”
        1st Saint Nicolaas Army

  9. All Canadians are racists. The only victims are black illegals from the United States.

    1. Deep Ocean Blue on the west half of the flag, grain-gold on the east, and a middle finger salute in the middle towards the far east (aka Torottowa and Quebec)

      If not enough of BC comes along for a salt-water port, then replace the west half with sky blue.

    2. Well, for starters, not Liberal red. Maple leaves are out, as they are not a big part of western vegetation. It depends upon whether the WEXIT plan includes BC, as we do have lovely scenery and the sea. The Chief Herald of Canada might be helpful, before exit. The former Chief worked from the office where I worked in Vancouver. He was a pretty interesting, quiet guy, who knew his history.

      Maybe something combining provincial flags commemorating our heritage, which was French (early trappers), Scottish and English, indigenous hunters and gatherers from the US, plus some permanently settled Indians, Inuit, children of Upper Canada (my group) originally from the U.K., Americans, Chinese who built the railway, Eastern And northern Europeans (Ukrainians, Norwegians, etc.) If WEXIT includes BC, add the very settled ancient population of “Indians“ who never signed treaties.

      Hopefully, our Wexit constitution would eliminate any kind of Indian Act, as we do not have to adhere to British promises before we become a Republic. This should have been trashed decades ago by the Canadian parliament.

  10. Jolly Roger.
    Or let your freak flag fly.
    I am all flagged out.
    Too many flags messing with the parade.
    I miss Dominion day.

    1. I’ve got a variety of flags: one for Rupert’s Land, two Jolly Rogers (two different sizes), and two of one which is no longer in favour (I’ll let people figure out which one that is).

      I could be a really bad boy on July 1 if I wanted to.

      1. What, red, white, and blue are the traditional colours of both of the founding nations, British and French. If someone protests, doesn’t that mean that you can “cancel them” on the basis they’re protesting the French heritage and are therefore a bunch of bigots?

        1. Since the flag was designed in Liberal colours, and voted into existence by Liberals, and Liberals are big proponents of “Systemic Racism”

          and given that the designer of the flag held anti-immigrant sentiment, including at least one letter decrying bringing any from europe as quoted in the book “none is too many…”

          it’s obvious that the existing flag needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

          /s mostly

          1. So you figure that the reference to a flag that is no longer in favour was to the maple leaf (Liberal Party) flag? That wasn’t my take… (softly whistling dixie in the background.)

          2. Nope. The flag in question has nothing to do with the Liberal Party. It’s not from anywhere in this country and it fell out of favour in recent years because of its “triggering” capabilities.

  11. I’ll cut it in half and put the right half in my window.
    The other half will go in the garbage.

  12. At the risk of offending other SDA readers, It’s been 15 years since I lost faith in “Canada”. I haven’t flown the maple leaf, or celebrated Candad Day since. To me, Canada Day is just a day off from work.

    Even back then, I saw where the path we were taking as a country was going to lead us. I was hoping I was wrong, but we never turned back, and now, I am lamenting that although we haven’t arrived yet at our destination, we’re getting awfully close, and things are only going to get worse from here on out.

    Welcome, my fellow brothers and sisters who have come to the same conclusion that I have arrived at over 15 years ago. I no longer give a hoot what happens to this flag or this country. As far as I’m concerned, it’s DOA. The liberals and progressives killed it!

    I now cheer for WEXIT. I also want a new country.

    1. Yup, random phone poll tonight, 1 question, “Who do you plan to vote for in the next election?” (sic).

      Selected “none of the above” as WEXIT wasn’t an option.

  13. I fly a Hudson’s Bay flag from my house, all day long. That commie, ersatz murple serple flag will never fly here. This was Hudson Bay “property” before it became Kan-eh-duh. Most of the tribes who roamed here roamed from somewhere else, no claims to land they occupied intermittently, before the Europeans/horse arrived. Oh, they were slavers, too, before even the white man, so were their ancestors back home in Chinah. Pack that in with your kinnikinick and smoke it redskins.

  14. Oh Canuckistan
    The home of baby Fidel
    True commie love in xirs and xis command
    With transgender hearts we see thee rise
    The true north where shit is free
    From far and wide our new Muslim land
    We stand on guard for Shari’
    Allah keep our land
    Where shit is always free
    Oh Canuckistan we stand on the necks of evil conservatives
    Oh Canuckistan we wear our blackface proudly!

      1. Ok. I was too hasty. Here’s a refined version.

        Oh Cannabis
        The home of Fidel’s baby
        True commie love in xirs and xis make mandatory
        With greedy hearts we see thee rise
        The true north where shit is free
        From far and wide our new Muslim land
        We stand on guard for Shari’
        Allah keep our land
        Where shit is always free
        Oh Cannabis we stand on guard for PC
        Oh Cannabis we wear our blackface proudly!

    1. Oh for sheet’s sake stop it !
      Years ago, one’s superiors decided that poetry which derided any particular race was sufficient to require a human rights tribunal adjudicate the intent behind such creative outpouring.
      This is Canada 2020.
      It’s led by a party which chose to be headed by a twit most akin on the world stage to Kim Jong-un.
      Recently, there’ve been BLM protests in the Great White North.
      Not one kiddie in 100 would know that Juno Beach is unsafe for invasions.
      SDA speaks for me and I’d like to keep it that way.

      Art follows Life dept.
      In the Neighbourhood

  15. Late to the party again.

    May I suggest a brief little exercise?
    Take our maple leaf flag, place the image of a fleur-de-lis next to it.
    Now, look at the flag, then look at the fleur-de-lis. Do this until you notice something. Shouldn’t take you too long
    Our new flag will have our Union Jack restored to it’s proper place flying over a free and independent west.

    1. Actually the Union jack was the flag we raised every day at school until 1965 when Pearson’s Liberal flag was made the official flag of Canada.

    1. The Red Ensign was a military banner used by our fighting men (there’s a quaint term) but the Union Jack was the official flag of Canada prior to 1965.

  16. Wexit, schmexit. All the people who voted for Ralph? They haven’t moved, they are still here. All the people who think Tommy Douglas was the greatest ever? They still here. All the people who think having the most government ownership of everything (ie. the most crowns), they haven’t changed their minds.

    A civil society that includes these people, is not possible, and will always be temporary at best. If wexit happened, maybe it would be better for 10, 20 years. But the same people who have always voted for more socialism, are going to keep voting for more socialism. They infest Edmonton, Regina, Calgary (Nenshi? seriously), all the places with all the votes.

    There is no escaping the inevitable. There is only denial, or acceptance.

    “we need to get an Alberta pension plan running”
    “we need an Alberta RRSP plan”
    “we need an Alberta old age security plan”

    You have all the same big government, big nanny state, more government is always the answer types infesting your “movement” already.

    1. Your right Kevin, the people that voted for Ralph and tommy aren’t going to vote Wexit – not until their ox is being gored and they recognize it.

      About 10? years ago on this site I suggested Alberta was as socialist as any place in Canada and was pilloried for it. Told I didn’t know what I was talking about. Canada is as liberal, progressive, socialist call it what you will as any country in the the EU.

      Decades ago Alberta was fairly conservative. The influence of the ranch community was still pretty significant. As the cities grew exponentially they became the dominant political force. The schools were taken over by teachers and unions who believed what tommy douglas was telling them.

      The conservative movement (if there is such a thing) is out here in the buck brush. The cities vote for more government, more free stuff.

    2. Kevin.
      While I share your pessimism,consider this.
      Those urban parasites stampede rather easily.
      A concerted information/disinformation campaign about the pain, professional parasites are going to suffer in the New Nation of Buffalo,would go a long way to inciting a mass exodus,eastward..To save their pension benefits and protect their careers.
      If convinced the trough slurping ends with Confederation,most will flee.
      Especially if the populace openly mocks their “help”.

      Big Benefits,with no responsibilities sank Canada.
      Independence is only worthwhile if the monkey on our back is cast off.
      Nothing says stupid,like “Free Healthcare” that consumes 50% of an citizens taxes.

      So where are these discussions taking place?.
      What use Independence if Slavery to the State continues?
      Can we limit State theft,citizens “contribution” to 10% Maximum?
      I remain amused by Kenny’s Cone of Silence dropped over the Alberta Discussion of Independence.
      Seems like Mr Federalist got more than he bargained for.

      Also I see many Westerners fail to understand,knowing how corrupt Ottawa is they still imagine the CPP money is theirs,rather than stolen and pissed away.
      Confederated Canada is in breech of every contract,thus expecting it to honour the pension plan fund is idiocy.
      These are fools and bandits,treat them accordingly.

      Back in the Day I had hope through Reform.
      Then Deborah Grey quit and soon afterward there was barely a reform MP to be seen anywhere.
      Forget “leaders” if we can’t figure this out,with the wealth of history at hand,then we deserve what will follow.

      1. “Also I see many Westerners fail to understand,knowing how corrupt Ottawa is they still imagine the CPP money is theirs,rather than stolen and pissed away.”

        Yep. Registration means confiscation. Always, without fail. Guns, RRSP, RESP, TFSA, anything you “own” that the government knows about, some bureaucrats already have it spent.

    3. Move South. Throw away your extra “u” (behaviour, colour) and help us defeat the Treaudaus that dominate our coasts. Leftist Americans keep threatening to move to Canada if they lose, but never seem to do so.Conservative Canadians should move south.

  17. One question about this that’s never been answered for me: why did we need a new flag in the first place? I never could figure out the necessity of changing it. Worse is that, outside of parliamentarians, nobody got to vote on it.

    The only reason that makes sense to me, and it’s speculation on my part, was that Pearson was throwing a doggie bone to Quebec.

  18. All I got to say is, anyone “triggered” by the Canadian flag on Canadian soil at any time, let alone on Canada Day, should not be a resident of Canada. Anyone admitting to it ought to be deported immediately.
    Yes, that’s how I actually feel about my country, the United States of America, and Old Glory. But I believe everyone should feel that way about his own country.

    1. OB one needs a country before one can feel good about it. Canada has changed into one thing or another for the last 80 years and sure as hell is not the country I grew up in. Even the damn flag is a political construct. The history of hatred for the current flag has been suppressed ever since the rag was decided on by a freaking competition. Many Canadians back when there were Canadians, hated the liberal propaganda of it all. Some even went so far as to call it a miscarriage on bed sheet. It is turning out that seems to be what Canada has become.

  19. The riots and their media and business and govt supporters have revealed to the populace the incredible success of the left’s long march through the Institutions. Most critically important , the Education institutions from grade school to university.
    They turn out various varieties of neo marxists who appear everywhere, even, incredibly, in big business…… and we let them do it, we paid for it.

    I can never understand that things no majority would ever vote for seem to be the baggage carried by everyone we vote for …… secret baggage, unknown baggage until the time arrives.

  20. With Canada Day celebrations cancelled in Ottawa because everyone is hiding under their beds due to the China virus, things will be different this year. Instead of live performances of fat indians hopping around, waving feathers, chanting to the sacred tree frog, and Great Leader ranting about our evil colonial racist ancestors, it will all be virtual on TV. This will at least give Blackie more time to rant about racist Canadian bastards, and additional time to listen to performers from Quebec we never heard of.

  21. Don’t fly or display the Maple Leaf flag, ever. The #BLM-LGBTQ2 regime it represents doesn’t deserve your loyalty or respect.

    As many here have mentioned the Red Ensign is a good substitute, counter-signaling our loyalty to Canada’s British and Christian roots and culture up until 1965.

    But even better are the provincial flags. The flags of Quebec, Newfoundland and probably Nova Scotia heavily outnumber the federal rags in their respective provinces, and the Alberta flag is becoming more and more popular. BC also has an aesthetically-pleasing flag.

    The provinces may survive the coming calamity but it’s unlikely that the entitiy known as “Canada” will — nor should it. Our loyalties long pre-date the imposition of the Maple Leaf flag, and will long out-live the broken federation it represents.

  22. The Casa Tanker is a Pearson rag-free zone. I don’t allow Canadian flags on my property.

  23. It is not the Canadian flag. It is the Liberal flag. The real Canadian flag is the Red Ensign. Also, it is not Canada day it is Dominion Day.

  24. The colonialization of indigenous peoples and the continued systemic racism by the government of Canada is just another reason why Alberta must separate and distance ourselves from these imperialist dogs. One needs to look no further than the election of the Liberal party and the canadian support for its leader who openly mocked minorities by wearing black and brown face. There was no such racist support for this mockery of minorities in Alberta or Saskatchewan.

    I deeply sympathize with those who no doubt had relatives lynched in maple trees and still suffer that agony. Why must canada continue to mock them by flying a symbol of that oppression in front of our government buildings. Our continuance in confederation only serves to deepen our tacit consent to this horrific treatment of minorities. We must leave confederation immediately.

  25. Jonathan Kay has correctly predicted (because the Halifax Chronicle-Herald and the urban yuppies who dominate the peninsula would approve) the new name of the former Dominion Day: “Genocide Awareness and Reflection Day.” – “Oh, Canada, we stand on G.A.R.D. for y’all.”

  26. Once the mob destroys the flag what the hell is left ….cash in while you can . Wexit .

  27. @Ryan

    You’ll find on amazon

    Rhungift 1:2 Old Canada Red Ensign Flag 1868-1921 Super Poly 2.5X5 Ft Flag Banner Coated Nylon Spinning, 30x60inch Outdoor/Indoor Flags


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army