30 Replies to “Is there a way to measure whether the Earth is spinning in the opposite direction?”

    1. Or, as W.C. Fields once said:

      “There comes a time when a man must take the bull by the tail and look the situation in the face.”

  1. I will believe the “Doug Ford is actually a conservative” hype, when he stops answering the calls of the CBC, The Star, and all the rest of Canada’s state run media.

    You know why there is such obvious media bias? Because there is no penalty. Trump still takes questions from CNN. Andrew Scheer banned The Rebel, but had 35 CBC staffers at every event in VIP seating. Farage still takes calls from the BBC. Jo Nova still makes appearances on the ABC…

    1. Bang on !

      Every single Conservative in Canada should be embarrassed.

      Fifty years and no shots fired. Not a single one.
      Easy victory by the execrable media by default.
      Humiliating losses for conservatives without response.

      Because they have been treating the Canadian Media the same for as long as I have been watching.
      Mostly avoidance or at best muted griping.
      Apparently no change required or expected.

      I believe the Toronto Red Star and the CBC, along with their running dog friends, have been more responsible for electing corrupt, craven, incompetent, dangerous Liberal Governments than their disingenuous policies, any bungling conservative leader or even the combined widespread ingrained Institutional Liberano corruption that Canada is so infamous for.

      Even Lucy let Charlie Brown kick the football once.

      Conservatives have not only given the disgraceful, biased, partisan, dishonest Canadian Media a free, completely unassailed ride, they eat the lying crap sandwiches, smile and bow obediently.

      Pathetic really.

      It’s like Conservatives nationally mimic the token”conservative” at the Star. Cuck,cuck,cuck….

      If conservatives actually have guns, I’m beginning to wonder if they have any ammunition.

      How did conservatives become so cowardly?

      And so incompetent?

  2. When the leaders of your government want to live in the 7th Century, it is hard for them to remember little details of living in the modern world. Details like grounding the airline jets flying in and out of their airports when they are firing ballistic missiles at the Great Satan.

  3. “So far Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done a good job in expressing Canadians’ sorrow and anger for the loss of our fellow citizens.“

    Torstar corp 43¢ a share. I’m still waiting for a bailout.

    1. Ohhhhh mammmmmaaaa says your PM. Has he started a weepy-face Twitter campaign … “to get to the bottom of this tragedy”? So strong and manly of PM SocksinPussy.

    2. Yeah, good job.
      “It won’t have happened if not for America escalating the conflict.” Or some words to that effect.

  4. The Earth does not spin.

    If you accept what you’re taught, then you should be able to model why the shadow of the moon moves across the surface of the earth from west to east during a solar eclipse.

    NASA used to have a short video demonstrating this phenomenon. That is until it was pointed out to them that their model showed the moon moving over 20 times too fast. And their Earth was rotating in the wrong direction.

    So they took it down and never replaced it.

      1. One could test that assertion by mathematics. Based on the dimensions we’re given of the Earth, there must be a drop of roughly 8 inches per mile squared. So if one were on terrain that had no peaks or valleys (such as on a body of water on a calm day, or on a salt flat), they shouldn’t be able to see the bottom 8 inches of an object a mile away. Or the bottom 32 inches of an object 2 miles away. Or the bottom 66 feet and 8 inches of an object 10 miles away.

        Many people have documented seeing the impossible and have even posted videos on YouTube of just this. If you have a Nikon Coolpix P900 digital camera with an 83X optical zoom, you can try this yourself.

        But be warned! If you conduct this scientific experiment and get surprising results and tell anyone about it, you will magically and instantly be transformed into a conspiracy theorist, and therefore also an idiot, and someone who doesn’t understand science, etc.

  5. “It appears the Red Star is in agreement with Donald Trump.”

    Sorry, Robert, but I think that is a strrreeeeeetttch.

    Where is their condemnation of Trudeau repeatedly insinuating that this was ultimately Trump’s fault?

    Where is their very relevant mention of Trump’s Farsi letter of support to the Iranian protesters?

    To that end, where is ANY mention of how Trump’s unique style just averted another ME war?

    As they try to paint Trudeau as some kind of hero of ‘truth’, where is any mention that it is now probably impossible to perform a thorough investigation, anyways?

    Where is their unqualified condemnation of Iran and it’s history as an active terrorist state?

    I see this article as little more than an effort to protect ‘The Narrative’ and a desperate attempt to make Trudeau look like he has a friggin’ clue.

    1. And Rona Ambrose is still accepting any and all interview requests and questions from CBC, TorStar, G&M, CTV, NP, …

      The CPoC is still refusing to grant press credentials to The Rebel and the Post Millennial …

      Is Canadian Observer still sending donations to the Conservative (in Name Only) Party of Canada … I am going to assume “yes”.

      The reason the narrative gets protected, is because there is zero downside for anyone who does it. No possibility that anything bad will result.

      1. “Is Canadian Observer still sending donations to the Conservative (in Name Only) Party of Canada … I am going to assume “yes”.”

        Is Kevin an idiot who regularly comments on things he knows absolutely nothing about… I know the answer to be “yes”.

        Show me ANYWHERE I have made ANY comment about donating to the CPC. To that end, show me ANYWHERE that I have endorsed the CPC, you lying sac’o shit. I will be waiting…

        As a simple matter of fact, I have been attacking the CPC on this site long before it became ‘trendy’, and I have been very vocal here about my support for the PPC for no more than it being the only glimmer of ‘true’ conservatism in this country. I will be goddamned if some internet a-hole is going to lie about me being a CINO.

        I await your apology for deliberately misrepresenting my views, but I know that won’t happen.

    2. I agree that’s a stretch. However on Tuesday they did publish an opinion piece titled ‘Trump’s Iran policy is imperfect, but grasps truths Obama missed’. And ocluded saying one might not like much of what Trump does but “for the time being Trump’s Iran policy has been consistent, coherent and robust. “. Not everybody at the Star has TDS.

  6. If nothing else, with all the success of DJT whether its in trade, diffusing these perpetually angry buggers in the middle east, the roaring US economy, the fact there is full employment in the US, the fact they are drilling, yes drilling for oil and gas, (imagine that Alberta and Sask), without interference from politicians above, becoming energy independant, breaking up massive human smuggling rings, calling the stupid un inspired Perish accord what it is, a blueprint for tyranny, and getting the US out, and I could go on. The most important thing DJT has done is exposed, for any thinking person to see, how stupid the liberal left really are. Anyone on the right and most conservatives have known all our lives the left are just stupid, but the media has brainwashed more and more over the years to think the left leaners have a use, well DJT has shown the world the left were just the pissboys and girls throughout history and continue to be. Look at the clown Toronto thinks should be canadas leader, it ,would fail the pissboy tryouts.

  7. As long as the airhead in Ottawa was told to say “closure, transparency, accountability and justice”, everything is cool now.
    The bottom feeders know how to cover the whole spectrum of nothingness.

    Suppose he had to say something.

  8. Based on the fact that Iranian officials are putting pressure on family mourners to support them or lose the opportunity to get the bodies repatriated, Blackie-black face should be putting pressure, via the international community, to shut down any international flights to or from Iran until they comply. But that might require some effort.Its much easier just to blame Trump.

  9. The media keep saying Trump doesn’t have a foreign policy. He does.

    Don’t get dragged into a long war.
    Sanctions rather than bombs.
    But he will cut the head off the snake if he has to.

  10. I don’t believe for a second this was a accident, they knew exactly who was on that plane and they shot 2 missiles at it to make sure it went down.
    The Star trying to make Harper look bad by saying that a working embassy would speed up the process is grade 2 logic.
    Trudeau offering to compensate the victims families because it will take Iran a long time is just more Muslim vote buying.
    The Dems, the leftist media and now Trudeau blaming Trump for this is just ridiculous and the fact that Trudeau has zero clue about how foreign affairs works is just one more reason Canada is going down.

  11. flat earth.
    we lived in Port Dalhousie, suburb of st catharines ON in the 90s.
    short walk to the cliffside.
    I could see T.O. skyline real good dep on weather, sun angle.
    then climb down the path to the water’s edge. oopsie !!! where did a big chunk of the skyline vanish?
    CURVATURE OF THE EARTH includes and readily noticeable with bodies of water like L Ontariowe.
    flat earth.
    aaaaaaand apollo 11 was fake !!! fake fake fake !!!!!!

    1. And if while close to the water’s edge, if you used a camera with a strong optical zoom you would see the T.O. skyline again.

      Many people have done this and posted video evidence online. Some have posted videos of objects ridiculous numbers of miles away. From sea level.

      Have you tried this? Or are you exercising condemnation without investigation?

      1. does a 700 mm telephoto lens with 2X adapter in between count?
        jeepers. the bottom third of the TD bank building seems to have sunk into the ground.
        sigh . . . . .