She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie…propane*

Maybe when the average citizen that, in normal circumstances, neither knows nor cares at all about propane is faced with the consequences of living without it, maybe then will said citizen be able to see through the fog of fear and disinformation and realize that hey, propane comes in pretty handy when winter rolls around. Read on…

16 Replies to “She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie…propane*”

  1. Meanwhile, Citizen Mike’s globalist propaganda agency declared the end of the CN strike a huge victory for Justin.

    Actually, all it revealed was the weakness of the union movement.

    Justin didn’t have to order the rail workers back to work. The Montreal mob bosses who control the Teamsters merely realized that decent people in English Canada actually welcomed the prospect of fuel shortages in Quebec—shortages that would send Quebec Liberal voters running to the Bloc when the government falls in 18 months time.

    1. The Justin Show, season 5 continues, with Barbie the Builder, Chrystia #2, Andy Milkdud and a cast of 3-3-8.

    1. The guy sitting in the office with the valve should just do it. Without asking permission. Without giving any warning. Just shut it off, and stop answering the phone.

      Kenney is on the other side; he would be the first to order the RCMP to storm the place.

  2. Pembina should not have sent the propane. This was the best chance we’ll have to watch the greentards try to explain to their more sentient neighbors why not having propane to burn was a good thing.

    1. Yes, they should not have sent it, the politicians and media will make sure the people of Quebec mostly will not know where it came from. Totally wasted gesture.

    1. We would sing along with the CD in the car, inserting the word “propane” as needed because of the child in the car with us. Always a memory that makes me smile.

  3. The absurdity of it all: farmers waiting for “dirty” but energy-positive propane to dry down their corn crops to produce “clean” but energy-negative corn-sourced ethanol.

  4. “Timing is everything”

    We’re in midst of what’s shaping up to be an “ice storm” today in the GTA.
    Old school Coleman stove and lantern (naptha) for the win.
    Propane will be impossible to get after the first day of the outage.