Y2Kyoto: That Was The Moment That The Rise Of The Oceans Began To Slow

Prepare yourself to be shocked.

Remember when President Barack Obama was running around telling everyone how he’d convinced China to get serious about cutting its carbon dioxide emissions? A new report shows that Obama was easily duped.

Over the course of three years, Obama met with Chinese President Xi Jinping to, he said, agree to “climate targets” (in 2014), “lay out additional actions” (in 2015), and sign the Paris Agreement (2016). […]

Worse, even before Obama made his boast it was clear that China’s state-controlled emissions data were unreliable. In late 2015 it came to light that the country had far more coal plants that it had admitted, and as a result had been emitting a billion tons more CO2 that it officially proclaimed. A report in Skeptical Science last year notes that CO2 emissions for China still “aren’t known with any accuracy.”
In other words, while Obama wanted the U.S. to actually cut emissions, neither he nor anyone else in the industrialized world knew what China was up to, other than what it claimed.
Now a new study shows that while China was telling Obama that it was taking bold steps on climate change, it was business as usual inside the Middle Kingdom.

It’s hard to understand the “long view” Chinese. The act as though they think the whole climate emergency thing is just a gigantic fraud.

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    1. “A new report shows that Obama was easily duped”

      All the ocean front properties he and Gore are buying demonstrate that they’re not duped. They know full well it’s a fraud.

    2. In the past 50 years China has increased their emissions so much…they make us look 3rd world
      …and we reduced our emissions more that any other country

      Why are they not blaming China?…..because it’s a scam

    3. Ward,spot on.
      I like this bit of sarcasm from Ms.McMillan:”it’s hard to understand the “long view” Chinese. They act as though they think the whole climate emergency thing is just a gigantic fraud.”

      Thanks for the chuckle of the day,Kate.

      1. No, Justin isn’t and doesn’t. He just uses it as a tool for raising taxes and controlling the people. Just check out his personal carbon footprint.

        1. – True, but TrueDough is entitled to his Zil and his Dacha – daddy told him so, a long time ago. He MUST save the Earth (and scrape-up a lot of bucks on the side), but it’s the PROLES who he must reform; he’s already perfect.

          I mean, he literally thinks his $hit don’t stink – so his CO2 emissions don’t count either; just ours. Just like David Suzuki, HE must burn more so WE will burn less.

  1. I, for one, can’t wait for Saint Greta to travel to China to lecture the Chinese government about their emissions and to shout ”How dare you!” at President Xi.

    1. I’d pay good money to see THAT! The Chinese government already believes we are weak and decadent pussies,imagine how they view Greta and her impact on us.

    1. It’s like Ward wrote, above. Trudeau doesn’t believe in the fraud of AGW any more than Obama did.

      For sure they both true believers in quadrupling taxes.

      After all, they don’t pay them, they are on that juicy indexed government pogey, now and forever, Amen.

  2. I remember a while back a tinny voiced Greenpeace twit was bragging to Dave Rutherford “that even China signed onto Kyoto!”
    You just can’t fix stupid.

  3. It’s not about all those $Trillions spent on “cleaning” the planet … it’s all about the political Left seizing those trillions and using them to crush liberty and freedom wherever and however possible.

    Thank you Pres. Trump … for getting US out of Paris and refocusing our science agencies toward REAL science

  4. Finally there’s something I can support in China’s actions. CO2 for all my friends!!

    Someday I hope that southern Alberta is as warm and balmy as northern Montana.

    Thanks China…

  5. The Chinese are IDENTIFYING as making progress, which is enough these days, isn’t it?

    How dare you doubt their sincerity!

  6. “Prepare yourself to be shocked.”

    I am only shocked that anyone would be shocked. The Chinese do nothing but lie. Four of the biggest economies in the world The US, Russia, China, and India are doing nothing about CO2. Meanwhile Canada is supposed to tax and regulate its industry out of existence.

  7. The West self flagellates under the rule of their virtue signalling green priests while China grows its economy and plays them for the mindless fools they are. Not News.

    1. Even the CBC are no longer completely ignoring China.

      The Libranos are pissed that Beijing shamelessly promoted Scheer’s Tories in retaliation for the Libranos’ insufficient progress in getting the pipeline to China built. Justin and Chairman Pooh are no longer friends, that much is clear.

  8. Oh, Obama knew it was a pack of lies. So did the money men who thrust him into office twice.

    Forget greenhouse gasses—real pollution, in general, has not been reduced in any meaningful way. It’s just been outsourced to Asia, where people will still gladly work for slave wages and are too hungry to concern themselves too much with their air becoming unbreathable, their rivers turning into sewers or their food being poisoned with heavy metals—and the bands of thugs who pass for local law enforcement can be trusted to deal with anybody who dares complain about it much.

    That’s why the captains of global industry who carried American passports didn’t do whatever it took to stop the EPA destroying the industrial base of the United States. They already had made plans to replace the American proletariat with something less able or willing to organize slave revolts. At most, the environmental fads of the late 20th century merely encouraged them to put their plans into operation sooner.

    The environmental fads, that is, that weren’t disinformation campaigns bankrolled by the captains of global industry and commerce themselves.

  9. Also China just announced / bragged they are meeting their Paris commitment for 2020 already in 2019. Their CO2 emissions per unit of GDP that is. Emissions are up at least 30%, but their GDP is up even more supposedly. We know they are lying about both so who knows

    1. – Hard to meet a “0%-improvement” commitment – I for one am impressed they got there this quickly.


  10. “They act as though they think the whole climate emergency thing is just a gigantic fraud.”

    Their Russian pals told them all about how Gang Green gets it’s marching orders from Moscow.