20 Replies to “O, Sweet Saint Of San Andreas”

  1. There’s an added kicker to Leprosy. Unless the antibiotic regimen has changed in the past few years the WHO protocol allowed one treatment failure due to non-compliance by the patient. After that a second treatment failure due to non-compliance resulted in permanent withdrawal of treatment. The reason for this lies in the paucity of anti-biotic options for treating it and the risk of emergence of antibiotic resistance. One SJW and one activist judge (and California is full of them) could easily produce the emergence of an antibiotic resistant strain of Leprosy which could then run amok.

  2. The homeless should be forced to shout “unclean” when encountering normal folk in CA. “Unclean”! So they can be given a wide berth.

    1. Ah, but the homeless lepers are allowed to exist so that some progressive politician can come along and heal them, thereby purchasing their votes.

      In Canada, we have someone with divine attributes and his name is Prinz Dummkopf.

  3. Building that wall they are going to have to take a hard right at Yuma AZ and follow the border lines from there.

    Other than that ” Do not interfere ”

    Can Cali counties separate? The northern counties are not so bad and just suffering from paying for all this crap?

  4. One wonders what it will take to drag people back to reality. Some tough love on the homeless sounds crass and uncaring, but it would likely help many out of their various addictions, and force those who are able into employment and proper housing. And those who are not able to care for themselves — for example due to psychological problems or inability to overcome their addictions — need to be institutionalized. The homeless are jeopardizing not just their own health, but the health of the entire city and beyond.

      1. Precisely! Which is why I have called for the stigma to be announced and pronounced … even as my own Saviour did the opposite. HIS admonition was suitable for its time, yet in this upside-down world … I suggest a different response is warranted, when the leper’s leprosy is used as a bludgeon for forcing woke behaviour.

  5. Is it not freaking just great. America is being turned into a third world sh-thole one disease at a time. Good God, the insanity is uncontrollable and combined with the terminally stupid, we are finished.

  6. We need to bring back or reinvent the old institutions like the Leper Colony to isolate and treat Hansen’s Disease. Once they are treated and cured, they can be accepted back into society. Another advantage, is they will have the structure in their lives to maintain their antibiotic treatments until they are cured (as DrD discusses above). Finally, they can receive counseling and treatment for the addictions and pathologies that made them homeless and susceptible to Leprosy to start with.


    And yes, we should be doing the same with all the homeless. Give them help in a structured environment. Either that, or admit we really don’t care about them. We wouldn’t treat a dog that way.

    Do it now, while we only have to deal with dozens of lepers, not hundreds or thousands.

  7. ah leprosy. aka hansens disease or whatever.
    and just in time for the tribulation sose we can really get in the mood.