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    1. Man, oh man, do I ever want to see him do exactly that. Those fascistic Antifa cruds need to be imprisoned ASAP before the patriots lose their patience and start to give them the 180 grain greeting. Anybody who finds it necessary to cover their face surely needs to have that face ALL over the news. Sure glad that President Trump won the election instead of that crook who’s married to the sexual predator.

    2. Well PP, one of the great things about SDA is that all we’ll do with you is laugh and maybe mock a bit. Some of us may even pray that you may be given some small measure of clear thinking as a reprieve to the brain-fog of your dotage. Unlike your favorite protesters, we won’t beat you over the head with baseball bats.

    3. PP’s comment confirms “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

    4. Progressive patsy..

      AntiFa are identical to Ernst Rohms gang, the SA.
      Fascist perfection…and always so “peacefull” eh..?

      Your comment above tells me you embody all those “quaint” aspects of AntiFa:
      Ignorance coupled w/ supreme arrogance in a grade 8 drop out punk frame whose only power comes from being in a gang while hiding his/her identity…. basically abject Failures/Cowards in all aspects of life.

      At least the SA had the cojonnes to never cover their faces.

      1. Well, these days it isn’t easy to identify a satirical statement made to sound stupidly leftardish and not mistake it for the honest and for real leftards.

  1. Earlier this evening, I saw the following sticker on the back of a motor vehicle:

    “All you need is nice hair.”

    1. DJT and BOJO. I think Bolsanaro also has pretty good hair. Of course, I like my wife’s hair the best 🙂
      … no matter what she’s done with it.

    1. Pat, like many communists you have lost the ability to think. You are so stuck on and in your ideology that you forget that what you support has never worked anywhere. It has however killed tens of millions of people who were once free.

      1. Pat can’t be bothered to use the S/Sarc key.
        Thanks Pat for the heads-up & early morning adrenaline rush to go with the caffeine.

    2. Truscott#4: Military man ran afoul with the military on account of his progressive ways. “He was threatened with being sent to Vietnam, so he resigned his commission about thirteen months after graduating, receiving a general discharge under other than honorable conditions.” Meanwhile dirty unwashed plebs got conscripted.

      Truscott #4 with that distinguished career writes: “You want to know what else Trump and his lily-livered bunch of chicken hawks are going to do? They’re going to sell the idea that Donald Trump, who had five draft deferments, skipped out of Vietnam with his bone spurs, capitulated to Vladimir Putin bla bla ba.”

      1. Bone spurs – sure – but Trumps draft lottery number was never picked. He was medically ineligible to be drafted plus he was never called. If Trump was called he would never have made it to Vietnam and likely would have received a disability pension all his life. Would that have been a good idea?

    3. “This was written by Lucian K. Truscott IV, so you know he comes from an important family!”

      Or a lazy one when it comes to naming the offsprings.

  2. Siri ‘regularly’ records sex encounters, sends ‘countless’ private moments to Apple contractors

    Apple’s Siri AI assistant sends audio of sexual encounters, embarrassing medical information, drug deals, and other private moments recorded without users’ knowledge to human ‘graders’ for evaluation, a whistleblower has revealed.

    L- Apple’s “private” contractors takes on a new meaning.

    1. That’s it for electric cars in Quebec. Once something finally happens on their doorstep, they will take note and buy “da Gazzzolinne cars again!” Say feeennnie!

  3. Maxime Bernier Retweeted

    Maxime Bernier

    So ridiculous to see LibCons talk about divisiveness when all they do is divide Canadians into little tribes on the basis of their race, skin colour, gender, religion, etc.



    Catherine McKenna

    I agree with my friend and colleague,
    @NavdeepSBains. Diversity is our strength and Canadians deserve leadership that understands that. The divisiveness we’ve seen from some other politicians has no place here — that’s simply not who we are.

    Bernier’s campaign promise to slash immigration is ‘stoking the politics of division and fear’, Liberal MP says


  4. Maxime Bernier

    He is perfectly free to “identify” the way he wants.

    But for the rest of us who haven’t been corrupted by politically correct nonsense, he’s a man, not a woman. And a pervert, and a bully.

    Let’s stop this madness now before it goes even further.

    Transgender woman testifies at human rights tribunal after being refused Brazilian wax

    Defund the CBC


  5. Maxime Bernier

    How the Liberals have been managing our border at Roxham Road.

    Cost to Ottawa and provinces of processing, housing, feeding, and eventually deporting a substantial proportion of these illegal migrants over several years: billions of $.


    How we should be managing our border at Roxham Road.

    Cheap. Effective.


    “Instead of making it easier to enter Canada and helping these illegal refugees, as the Liberal government has done, we will make it more difficult, by fencing off the areas where it takes place such as Roxham Road in Quebec.”


  6. The new term is Gravy Pipeline not Gravy Train. Trudeau’s CBC reports that five million dollars in bonuses have been given to the board of directors for the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Not bad for a pipeline that will never get built. And CNN announced this morning that anyone who votes for Trump is racist.

  7. And now what everyone in Canada is waiting for, what is Great Leader Kim Sung Trudeau doing today. He is still taking personal time in B.C., but don’t worry you can still worship him at the big homosexual parade out there.

    1. Every province has spent stupidly on green” projects of dubious value.

      But let’s single out Quebec

      I can’t even imagine what our corrupt LibCons Federal Governments have spent on Green projects here in Canada and abroad.

    2. Do what they did in Europe and turn the carbon dioxide trading scams back over to the ones who have the most experience running them: the Russian mafia.

    As ratings continue to drop, MPs, former journos still split on CBC The National’s four-host format

    As ratings continue to drop, MPs, former journos still split on CBC The National’s four-host format

    According to the data, although The National reached 18.6 million Canadians on CBC and CBC News Network in the 2018-2019 season, on par with the year prior, the show maintained an average minute audience of 401,000 viewers—a 14 per cent decrease from 2017-2018.

    Conservative MP Peter Kent calls the four-host configuration ‘a messy format’, while NDP MP Peter Julian says the four hosts have been effective in ‘putting forward often very courageous positions.’

    Liberal MP Rob Oliphant (Don Valley West, Ont.) said he watches The National every night and that he believes CBC provides the best news in the country.


    Hint: Search OUTLINE

    1. “very courageous positions”

      It takes four of them to huddle together for courage and repeat progressive dogma. They leave with a comforting feeling they’ve accomplished something and everybody agrees.

      1. ” Very courageous positions” is a media-critic euphemism for “far left positions”.

        Btw, “hate” is the media-critic description of “conservative/libertarian” positions.

    1. Ever spent any time in “real bush country”? I have and northern Manitoba, sans vehicle (boat, canoe, quad, truck, or any motorized convenience) a navigable waterway, or road/track and a good map and compass is mean living. They ditched their only escape vehicle and they won’t avail themselves of another, if there hasn’t already been reports of a stolen one in the area.
      These boys are on foot, bug bit, gashed and if not yet, cripples before too long. Not too much to eat out there.
      That air search machine will have them spotted b/4 too long with IF, day or night. Official search is establishing the perimeters of the protection area. Once that’s considered clear, they’ll go after them with no risk to the locals. They are probably just outside town looking to grab a vehicle.

  9. Haíɫzaqv and Canada sign $37-million reconciliation agreement
    By Stephanie Wood in News, Politics
    July 26th 2019

    The agreement is about asserting Ɫáx̌vái, which means Haíɫzaqv’s “inherent jurisdiction that flows from (their) ownership of (their) lands,” while also engaging with the federal government.

    Side Note

    According to all our First Nations that the great creator created Earth and all its Peoples.

    So why does being first mean so much oh yeah power and money silly me.

    Let’s see who was truly first


    1. From the linked article: “Female-run businesses which desired to limit their services to female clients, even on cultural or religious grounds, would no longer be allowed to do so.”

      Sort of like male-run businesses aren’t allowed to limit their services to male clients, then?

      You all voted for this government to take away your right to free association and now you can choke on it.

  10. This is what passes for news over at CBC these days. A “fact” check on the NDP plan to create 350,000 new green jobs.


    “To put that in perspective, the 2016 Census counted 14.1 million private dwellings across the country. So meeting that 50 per cent target in little more than a decade would require the renovation of more than 630,000 homes each year — a truly massive task.”

    “The NDP is also vowing to build a half-million new affordable housing units over the next decade.”

    “And one figure that the NDP hasn’t provided is the number of jobs that will be lost in the transition away from “carbon-intensive industries” — like oil and gas.”

    What, no fact checking on those comments?

  11. They don’t like it when you think for your self. Moody Blues 1969. Used to think they were sucky back then but have come to appreciate much of their work lately.

    First Man:] I think, I think I am, therefore I am, I think.

    [Establishment:] Of course you are my bright little star,
    I’ve miles and miles of files
    Pretty files of your forefather’s fruit
    And now to suit
    Our great computer,
    You’re magnetic ink.

    [First Man:] I’m more than that, I know I am, at least, I think I must be.

    [Inner Man:] There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
    Face piles and piles of trials
    With smiles.
    It riles them to believe
    That you perceive
    The web they weave
    And keep on thinking free.

  12. https://pjmedia.com/election/2017/02/11/boo-hoo-civil-servants-upset-by-arrival-of-trump/

    “For Trump — or any other future Republican president — to succeed, control of the government must be wrested back from two distinct, left-leaning groups of cultural sappers: the regulatory agencies (which Congress and/or the president could dissolve in an instant) and the civil service, which needs to be terminated. It came from nothing more than Goo-goo (19th-century slang for “good government”) feelings, and to nothing it should return.”

    The same holds true in Canada, the UK, Australia, France, … THE DEEP STATE HAS TO BE MURDERED. Left alone, it will not wither away, it will not shrink, it will not stop harassing you for your own good.

    1. They want the trans vote; THEY HAVE TO FIGHT AND DIE ON YANIV’S HILL.

      Alynski rule number four; force the enemy to live up to their own book of rules. Yaniv wants a fight with women, they have to pick a side. Yaniv wants a fight with “immigrants”, they have to pick a side. Yaniv wants to be a trans, they have to pick a side.

      Twitter has already chosen to fight and die by Yaniv’s side. Good for them; I fully support their decision. Any woman, trans, immigrant, etc., who chooses to stay on Twitter, gets to be painted with the same brush as Yaniv, Twitter, …

  13. i seen on fox that Berkley, cal. city leaders have decided not to use the term “manhole cover” among others to be gender nuetral. They will be called maitenance covers, i think they should have consulted our glorious leader and called them
    “people covers”.

  14. Google stumbles, DuckDuckGo surges

    DuckDuckGo was the only major US search engine that experienced growth in the second quarter of 2019.
    That’s according to the latest Merkle Digital Marketing report, quoted by Search Engine Journal.

    DuckDuckGo places emphasis on user privacy, billing itself as the search engine that doesn’t track users, in other words – doesn’t collect or sell their personal data to third parties.


    1. PlayAGame
      July 26, 2019 at 8:40 am

      Which city was attacked on 911?

      Who was the mayor of New York on 911?

      Who was interviewed on 911 from New York City and has become the The President of the USA?

      Who is the President Lawyer?

      You screw with New York and New York will screw you back!

      It’s coming

    2. What happened with the contents of building #7? Was the gold that was allegedly in it accounted for?
      What sort of activity went on there in the months leading up to 9-11?
      Why was it made to look like it too was attacked on 9-11 when nothing hit it and it went down like it was a controlled demolition? Why did it go down that day?
      Who filmed it going down?

    1. No, it’s not. It’s a laundry list of names linked to other names with no supporting evidence beyond “hosted a party for” level mixed in with legitimate cases to give the guilt by association junk credibility by association. Do better in the future, please.

  15. 300,000 Pulpits Across America Remain Politically Correct And Silent

    The Communist, Homosexual and ‘social justice’ Socialist agendas have infiltrated our seminaries and Bible colleges, and they have been churning out young new “pastors” who MAY have a head full of knowledge, but the knowledge they’ve acquired is flawed. Their goal now is to make FRIENDS, not disciples. Should they be handed the reigns of a church body to “shepherd,” they first want to be well liked and popular among the people. They desire to be “hip” and “cool,” in hopes of filling the seats with happy followers who ENJOY going to church, because there, they find a comfortable social club, entertainment, good times. PERHAPS — MAYBE — an opportunity to “do good works” and feel good about themselves for that. Unfortunately, too often, what they do NOT find, any longer, is God.


    1. That’s hardly surprising. It started when church denominations made “liberation theology” one of their doctrines.

    1. There was never a “nuclear deal” with Iran; there was only ever “make sure Iran gets the bomb, even if we have to pay for it”.

      1. There was an immense fraud with billions of dollars literally being shipped out on pallets in giant transport planes. Where did that money go?

  16. This is pretty interesting. It is about strategies for implementing Agenda 21. I know many of you are aware of this UN agenda. Unfortunately, too many people are not aware of its dangers in establishing a one world government. Most of the politicians do not discuss this, but implementation is well underway in cities everywhere. I would really like to see this be an issue in the upcoming election. The real purpose of the Liberal carbon tax needs to be exposed.

  17. The entitled will use your money to buy their car. So of course it logically follows that they will tap your power too.


    I like the title here. It’s theft. Even better, after 12 hours on 120v they’ve only got 25 miles range. The car still needs a charge. It is good to see high dollar alternative energy inconveniencing the elites who insist we subsidize it and then steal more from us to keep it running.

    1. “In 2005, a Florida doctor lost a ring inside a patient’s rectum while performing a similar exam.”

      Are gloves asking too much?
      The case at hand? His whole arm? Go for the $10 million.

  18. A growing number of towns in Poland are declaring themselves “LGBT-free zones” in response to the increasing aggression of local perverts, while Polish government officials are speaking openly of the threat of LGBT ideology.

    This is what government by normal people looks like. Needless to say, the CBC have a problem with this.


    1. “This is what government by normal people looks like. ”

      Thankfully Poland has courts full of better than normal people who overturn these bans. Poland will simply be the next theater of victory over religious backwards losers. We’ve seen this move many times.

      1. Poland will simply be the next theater of victory over religious backwards losers. We’ve seen this move many times.

        Yes right here in SDA with UnMe for it takes one religious backwards loser to know one.


      2. Okay, UnMe. I have finally figured out what is wrong with you.

        It tickles your vanity to think that you and your fellow “libertarians'” scoffing at everything sacred makes you better than the rest of us.

        It doesn’t. At all. Quite the opposite, in fact.

        The beginning of wisdom is the realization that you are a worm, who is only kept from being crushed underfoot by the grace of a God Who does not consider what we truly deserve.

        Real worms at least have the excuse that they are not as vain as humans. Oh, a vain little worm you are.

        What? You don’t think you’re vain? Then you are very vain indeed.

        The only Being with any right to boast about how good He is is He Who created the heavens and the earth. What of value have you ever created? Your mother probably still cooks all your meals.

          1. Bahahaha

            I hope I am in heaven when you drop dead

            Looking forward to your expression before God judges you.

            You will be Un Me’d

            As per you

            No God

            No heaven

            You will have no one to blame but yourself

          2. I would call that hubrus — not wisdom. Wisdom involves being able to recognize what is knowable, and what is not.

  19. The CBC continues it’s racist chant… The search for the two Suspects in Northern Manitoba MAY have been given a ride by mistake (an ignorant stupid Indian)… No! if someone gave them a RIDE they are dead now….RCMP should be looking for missing PPL…Stupid

    1. They ditched and burned their last vehicle, so on foot in unforgiving bush with no maps. The search plane says it all. That’s infrared search, day or night. They are local and looking to grab another vehicle, that’s why the door to door is on – to establish where they aren’t. Once it’s established they aren’t inside the protection area, the real search commences. Give it time.

  20. “real” (inflation adjusted) quarterly annualized GDP growth:
    (ranked and at or above 3%)

    1. 2014 Q2 5.5% OBAMA
    2. 2011 Q4 4.7% OBAMA
    3. 2009 Q4 4.5% OBAMA
    4. 2010 Q2 3.7% OBAMA
    5. 2013 Q1 3.6% OBAMA
    T 6. 2017 Q4 3.5% TRUMP
    T 6. 2018 Q2 3.5% TRUMP
    T 8. 2012 Q1 3.2% OBAMA
    T 8. 2013 Q3 3.2% OBAMA
    T 8. 2013 Q4 3.2% OBAMA
    T 8. 2015 Q1 3.2% OBAMA
    T 8. 2018 Q2 3.2% TRUMP
    13. 2019 Q1 3.1% TRUMP
    14. 2015 Q2 3.0% OBAMA
    Source : BEA

    1. Try the unemployment stats, Allan, or do you think people who work for a living care more about GDP?

    2. The data’s been recently revised and Trump apparently never even cleared 3%, and investment and growth are slowly auguring in. WINNING

  21. The Rebel

    British Columbia’s government was using substandard #SNCLavalin designs during their 10 year land use dispute with Dayleen Van Ryswyk.

    WATCH: (link: http://bit.ly/2K0mteK) bit.ly/2K0mteK | #bcpoli

    1. A number of engineering firms have farmed out their work to overseas contractors in order to cut costs. I’ve heard stories that the results that come back were often not up to standard and had to be revised, if not completely re-done.

      I wonder if that might have contributed to the situation described in the video.

  22. Hungary Offering $35,000, Lifetime Tax Exemption For Having Lots Of Children

    Faced with a declining birth rate and an unwilling to fill population shortfalls with immigrants like some of its European neighbors, Hungary has rolled out a seven-point “Family Protection Action Plan” which showers boatloads of cash, loan assistance and tax breaks to couples who agree to crank out lots of Hungarian children.

    For starters, the state is offering $35,000 to couples who get married and have at least three children. Specifically, women under 40 who are getting married for the first time will receive an interest-free, general-purpose loan of $35,000. Upon the birth of the couple’s first and second children, loan payments will be suspended for three years each – with 1/3 of the principal paid off after the second child. After the third child is born, the debt will be wiped out.

    Couples with two or more children can also use their loans for the purchase of an existing property – but it gets better.


      1. A desperate post from a desperate poster.

        But it’s ok when the Islamist do it.

        Your in for one big surprise

  23. Maxime Bernier

    Come meet me and other PPC supporters in Estevan on Tuesday evening (July 30) at a Dinner Meet & Greet for the benefit of the Souris-Moose Mountain PPC Association!


    Come to our Candidates Announcement Tuesday afternoon (July 30) in Regina!


    I hope to see you on Tuesday morning (July 30) for a Breakfast Meet & Greet in Moose Jaw!