51 Replies to “Let Them Eat Snake”

  1. She shudda been walking.
    The hypocrisy and irony of how the left acts as opposed to what they say, is beyond comprehension.

    1. And they do it openly in broad daylight, as if hypocrisy isn’t a problem. And they’re right. In a just world society would hound and ridicule such people off the public stage. It’s been said that culture is upstream of politics. Today’s culture ignores hypocrisy and glorifies style while ignoring substance.

  2. If they were serious they’d live in mud huts and forage the countryside for food but alas that’s the plan for non communist party elites.

  3. I love how Elizabeth May deflected the criticism by saying she only rode where the parade organizers told her to ride.

    1. What does that have to do with a CANADIAN blog discussing CANADIAN matters and CANADSIAN hypocracy? Go to a Murrcan blog and bloviate there, buddy, and leave us Canuckistanians to talk about our own stuff without having AMERICA shoved down our throats with your every entry.

      1. Dear John;

        I just liked writing a “Dear John” salutation … *snicker*

        MS-13 are on their way North, and your com-passssss-ionate PM is welcoming them with open arms (and open legs).

        … thanks, Dan

      2. *
        johnpeg asks… What does that have to do with a
        CANADIAN blog discussing CANADIAN matters…”

        well, my friend… funny you should ask…

        “The combined costs to process the aspiring refugees
        crossing illegally into Canada via Roxham Road
        elsewhere over a three year period will exceed $1.1
        billion next year”

        colour me concerned.


  4. Thursday, May 23, 2019
    According to some experts, many young people are blaming one of the greatest hoaxes known to man called “climate change” for their lack of savings

    Throw them a crying towel. In the latest display of mental derangement, some young people are blaming climate change for their small 401k balances. Many young people think civilization may not exist by the time they reach retirement age.


    1. They are correct; climate change is making them poorer; but they keep voting more, so …

      Carbon tax; make you poorer. Makes everything more expensive.
      Taxes, make you poorer. Have you ever thought about voting to cut some programs? Didn’t think so.
      Bloated bureaucracy, makes you poorer.
      Over regulation, makes you poorer. Only been waiting 3 years for that permit you say?

      1. Child’s play. When she flies coast to coast weekly, she ensures she has one of the biggest carbon footprints in Canada.
        She wins the National Hypocrite award, a shameless liar, who stands an outside chance of propping up a minority Liberal government after our next election.

    1. My Landrover’s BIG V8 gets about 12 mpg. She can come for a ride with me. Please use the conveniently-placed hand holds.

    2. It’s too bad she wasn’t being driven around in a James Bond Aston-Martin. Remember what he did to his passenger in Goldfinger?

  5. Whoever put that cupid stunt in such a classic should have it repossessed … and disinfected.

    1. Don’t say things like that. She is a pea brain, but wishing harm is not helping anyone.

    2. Think about what you’re saying… the brick could damage the mighty first gen Viper

  6. Respect no longer exists in Canada. I have sent donations to support the PPC. I will not send much until I actually see action.

    1. Actually BC wins. It’s called a delay game. This may now go to the Supreme Court.

      BC and the other pipeline opponents have more lawsuits in the works.

      The intent is to delay, delay, delay. Nutley and Turdeau were/are active participants in this strategy.

  7. Obviously you folks haven’t learned the lesson yet. THERE ARE TWO SETS OF RULES: one set you you and I to adhere to and to help pay for the wonderful lifestyle of the political elite; and another set for the taxpaying public. You will no doubt notice that there’s two related issues

    1. The set of rules governing the activities of the political elites are not available for your perusal.
    2. The set of rules governing the taxpaying public are hard and fast. Keep on paying for the wonderful lifestyle of the political elite.

    I think we should vote every leftist out of office, cancel their pensions and hopefully starve them to death.

  8. I noticed she made a point of calling out the owner, Pat Peron, by name. I think an interview is in order. While she trys to throw this guy under the green bus let’s find out first hand what it was like to be in her company for the duration of a parade. I’m thinking Pat may have objections of his own. For example, alcoholism is a known cause of lactose intolerance. Did she damage the seat, or was the diarrhea in the usual format of her trademarked vapid verbalizations?

  9. She is bloody hypocritical. Where is her green golf cart?

    She absolutely has no right being the leader of any party, let alone the Green Party. It is quite the scam she has going there. It’s so lucrative that she has her husband running in the next election. She’ll be his boss. Can you just imagine the millions that Canadians will have to pay out to these people once they pension out and live to be 100?

    It is a 2 party system. Next thing, every parliamentarian will become a new party. Surprised they haven’t thought of that scam yet.

    1. “Can you just imagine the millions that Canadians will have to pay out to these people once they pension out and live to be 100?”

      Nah, they’ll both croak from some digestive ailment, living on Salt Spring Island, or crash in the fog in an aircraft trying to get home, or go to work in Ottywah. I doubt that she takes the ferry to the Mainland.

    2. Why blame Lizard May? The folks who deserve the blame are the useful idiots who elected her. If it wasn’t for them you would have to find someone else to burn.

      1. Winner.

        Not May’s fault there are thousands of people lined up to pay for her private jet setting lifestyle, while she demands they use less.

        Nice work if you can get it. Anyone need a man-bear-pig to come scare their children?

  10. I’ve deleted some off topic posts from this thread.

    That’s you, “Max”. Take it as a warning.

  11. Like Laurie David or Leonardo DiCaprio telling you to get rid of your SUV’s deom their own gas guzzling 7 MPG Limos

  12. my sister-in-law is the spittin image of lizzie.
    she’s a bubblehead also.
    come to think of it, never seen the 2 in the same room . . . . .

  13. Riding in a 1st generation Viper, one of the biggest gas suckers since the release of the largest SUV on the highway. Good image May !

    1. Lizard will make excuses, as usual, and her fanatics and apologists will goosestep in line with her, repeating her nonsense ad nauseum.

      The biggest problem in this country right now, is, too many ideologues, calling themselves pragmatic.

      Greens and NDP, total ideologues. Their belief system is based on grievances, not on reality of life.
      The Libs ideology, is anything goes, and saying NO, is a bad thing to anything, except those evil conservatives.
      Cons believe in personal responsibility, financially and morally, something totally lacking in the other parties, who always seek to place blame elsewhere, and never are responsible for anything.

      Our country is screwed