A Leftist Troll on Display

It has long been a mystery who the trolls, be they on SDA or another conservative website, actually are. What do they look like? Why do they have the Daddy issues, they do? Why are they impervious to any semblance of logic and common sense?

Over in England, Sargon of Akkad, has obtained video evidence of one. The next time a troll pops up here on SDA, now you will have a clear image in your head of what he looks like. 🙂

23 Replies to “A Leftist Troll on Display”

  1. The finest product of the British Dental Association.

    At least my favorite here at SDA uses proper spelling and punctuation, and doesn’t use much profanity.

    1. Ugh! Yecch! What a shocking display of the NHS Dental Service.

      You’d think a man who dresses so natty (excepting the Mao cap) would have found time to brush twice a day, and stay away from sweets. And such a man would not conduct himself as a lunatic does.

  2. When the troll tells Sargon to go where he belongs. Sargon asks where is that? The troll says: “Atlantis”.

    Hilarious, in story time, bullying trolls live under bridges until a Billy Goat Gruff headbutts them into the river.

  3. So glad my ancestors kicked these idiots out of our land in 1783. Downhill ever since. Now a country you could put in an Alaska valley
    and someone might stumble on it 35 years from now, hopefully a dentist.

    1. Leftards all over the west act like that. Just look in your mirror or is that haram during ramadan?

  4. Your champion is running for the European parliament. Wants to join the elite.
    / freelance internet archivists have been digging up recordings of some of the terrible things he’s said over the years on Youtube, like this froth-mouthed rant blaming feminism for Elliot Rodger’s misogyny-fueled murder spree. //

  5. What you saw in the clip personifies the nihilistic madness that is overtaking western civilization. How much effort would it take a determined 7th century invader to topple a loony like that?

    If you think that there are not more like him, or, that there are not people like him in North America, then ask yourself who is donating to Greenpeace, et al.

  6. Just what I was thinking Duke … I was going to suggest a breath mint, but I don’t believe Certs has an “industrial strength” division.

  7. The Beatles were ahead of their time:
    “He bad production
    He got walrus gumboot
    He got Ono sideboard
    He one spinal cracker
    He got feet down below his knee
    Hold you in his armchair
    You can feel his disease”

  8. troll?

    jeezuz murphy. that is NOT just a handy phrase nick-name.

    migawd. there really are TROLLS in aingland living under the bridge.
    venturing out to show off. now that utube exists.