14 Replies to “Dude, I Finished The Internet”

  1. Ba lam bam blame his sockpuppetness the hair and vacuousness for there shalt not be any oil, any where.

  2. My anti- French attitude has been forever adjusted… MAX all the way,,,,Using Drugs to deal with EXPECTED mental depression is similar to the USSR that used free Vodka…. Yes! Canada is in trouble…..I sent-in a DNA sample and found my fathers mother was old school French ( Belgium )… Dam… I am 19% French…..Time to join the French Foreign Legion & kick ASS….

  3. “Weed makes me horny. ”

    It happens I guess. have a strong preference for humans, there are some that prefer other species, it turns out that some even prefer flora to fauna. Just make sure the flora consents or you may upset some plant rights activists.

  4. There is only one simple question.

    If marijuana is not addictive, then why can’t you stop?

    If marijuana is not a cult, then why must you proselytize?

    1. kevin, do assholes like you always bullshit from the garage arm chair. NO, weed is not addictive, and the biggest drug problem in NA is prescription drugs, followed y booze. People like you are at a distance experts. Does weed create problems with over use, up, but psychological dependence is quite different from physical addiction.

    2. Kevin,please. Almost everyone who smokes dope does so on an occasional social basis. Like alcohol,there are those who can’t handle the stuff and become potheads and sit around smoking dope all day, just like the lazy alcoholics society is blessed with.
      Millions of people use marijuana on a social basis and it doesn’t negatively affect their lives any more than the casual social drinker is affected by his use of booze.

      My biggest gripe with conservative blogs is the “reefer madness” mentality of so many who post on these sites.
      Try the fucking stuff, it won’t hurt you and you’ll find there is nothing horrifying about it’s effects on you,and the next day you won’t be addicted and won’t give a damn if you ever see it again,unless you liked the experience,in which case you can now go out and legally purchase it from your friendly neighbourhood government retailer.

      Cult?! The biggest cult has to be the booze industry which made so many Canadians filthy rich despite all the social disasters it’s caused. And nobody is proselytizing, that is left up to the ad agencies who entice you to get shitfaced on Crown Royal,between plays on every hockey broadcast with the assurance you’ll meet lots of fabulously beautiful young women who will fuck your brains out after swilling a few glasses of CR and coke.

      1. “Try the fucking stuff, …”

        Tried it back during my younger years. Many times. My experience has been extensive. Left it behind decades ago and have no desire to use it again. Legal or illegal it is still shit.

        More importantly legalization is truly important only to losers. Period. End of story. I’d be inclined to keep it illegal just to spite the unmes.

          1. unmes == NPCs pothead.

            You’re not original about anything. You are many, and all equally limited.

        1. The links to mental illness and damage to infant brain function must at least give one pause. And, its fun to talk about potheads when Colorado in-laws visit. Give me a beer any day.

          After one four time repeat capcha in several months, looks like it’s smooth sailing again.

  5. Many years ago I had a girlfriend (who looked a bit like Linda Evangelista) and weed made her very horny indeed. However, before that effect kicked in she wanted to talk non-stop for a couple of hours. The good news is that weed puts me straight to sleep for a couple of hours, on toke and I am done. She’d talk, I’d nap, problem solved.