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  1. There are folks in the MSM …CNN & MSNBC, WAPO, NYT that will push the ridicules until a violent event takes place,,,, These slim have zero journalistic credentials…..The EVENT will be them!

  2. CNN likely believed the initial narrative regarding the Covington incident because (1) they wanted it to be true, (2) everyone seemed to believe it, and (3) an elderly native American veteran gave a heart-rendering interview afterwards where he lied his ass off.

    But these people are supposed to be professionals. They shouldn’t be able to be manipulated like that. As the old journalistic adage goes “If you’re mother tells you she loves you, get it fact checked.”

    So what went wrong? Most news networks are now political monocultures, mostly on the left but sometimes on the right. This leaves them especially open to group think. There’s no naysayers remaining to put up their hands and say “yes, but…”

  3. I don’t understand their business model at all…none of them
    First they eliminate half of their potential customers……then, when the President calls them out for fake news
    …they double down on it and prove him right…over and over…as if once or twice wouldn’t have been enough

    Then they all brag about their ratings…….2 million viewers……that’s 6/10th of one percent of the population…no one was watching in the first place

  4. Earlier today, I listened to part of the archived segments of last night’s edition of The John Batchelor Show. He had his usual Tuesday night session with Stephen Cohen and, of course, there was discussion of Trump, Russia, and journalism.

    Cohen made an interesting comment. He suggested that many journalists nowadays are after the “big prize”, the one created by those hacks Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. That “prize” was being credited with helping bring down a President.

    Since Trump is loathed by everyone on the left, as well as much of the establishment, ruining his presidency is seen as a lofty goal and any means by which that can be accomplished is not only seen as noble, but encouraged. Simply reporting facts isn’t good enough any more.

    That incident this past weekend is part of trying to win that “big prize”.

    1. woodward and Bernstein were useful idiots used by the CIA to take Nixon down because he was asking questions about the Kennedy assassination. Nothing less, nothing more. Ford had been maneuvered into position to take over, and then pardoned Nixon so nothing would come out in court. The urnolists were happy to play along and look like heroes.

      When Bush was in the urnolists also did a lot of negative coverage. I never listen to Bush drone on, but was able to determine that he was a dyslexic by the negative coverage he was getting. This has been going on for a long time, it’s just getting a little more intense, and frequent. There should be law passed that if there is malice intent, they pull the urnolists operating ticket. And/or civil law suits that are not hampered by libtard judges

    2. I would agree the main stream media is after the big prize, but the big prize doesn’t need to be as grand as the removal of a sitting president they despise. What they are after is creating a good narrative that will enhance their ideology through tearing down opposing ideologies. Simply put, if they are able to pull off another narrative like Charlottesville they succeed in bagging another big prize. So they will keep fishing until they do.
      They suffer absolutely no repercussions from this methodology should it not pan out because all of the power structures are on their side. So their approach is 1. Slander or illicit a confrontation with conservatives for maximum audience penetration. (Good on these kids for not taking the bait, which would have been totally understandable considering their ages – even so they were still drug through the mud.) 2. Run with the story as long as possible before irrefutable evidence emerges that the story peddled is fraudulent (The school kids were totally vindicated but the majority of the left wing audience will always believe it is factual anyhow.) 3. Issue a nebulous statement alluding the story potentially might not be accurate (in this case, “The story appears to be more complex.”) 4. Keep casting that journalistic rod until you get something on the hook where you don’t have to pretend to be sorry. Then rub your victim’s noses in it at any and every opportunity.
      Think just how little effort they can put in with this approach. They were able to take a harmless kid with a smirk on his face that lasted a couple of seconds who was totally in the right and spin it into a narrative whereby hundreds of thousands of people world wide were screaming for his head on a platter. Forget ANTIFA and the other useful idiots. Until we can figure a way to make the heart of the beast (media/academia) pay for their transgressions we will be fighting a rearguard action.

  5. Hmmm….“Reporters are expected to be as accurate as possible given the time allotted to story preparation and the space available and to seek reliable sources.”…..Lets analyze this.

    …. as accurate as possible ….
    So if you can’t be as accurate as possible, omit, overlook and ignore those things that do not agree with your ideology and promote those that do.

    …. given the time allotted to story preparation ….
    So if you got no time, omit, overlook and ignore those things that do not agree with your ideology.

    …. space available ….
    So if you got no space, omit, overlook and ignore those things that do not agree with your ideology. Pretty simple decision.

    …. seek reliable sources ….
    So you seek your reliable sources from those that agree with your ideology and you got yourself a story ready for print.
    Include feminists, children and few more varieties of victims and maybe you get yourself a Pulitzer.

    Pretty simple decision.
    Fake news is the news.
    Any other news is just deplorable.

  6. So let me get this straight … wearing a RED MAGA hat … triggers … ollllld memories of racism
    Wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt does NOT … trigger … memories of mass Socialist murder, imprisonment, and societal collapse?

    One needs to be BANNED … the other CELEBRATED and widely distributed (esp. on college campuses). Not to mention wearing an “I’m with HER” button of FAILure. Got it.

    1. Makes you wonder doesn’t it. This shows the power of decades of propaganda and brainwashing.

      Sad times we are in and they do not appear to be getting better anytime soon.

  7. Remember when journalists checked their sources, verified their stories and checked their bias (to some extent at least)?

    Well you could be forgiven since it’s been decades. VHD weighs in again. Here it is in precis:

    ” …. the media – have set themselves up as the country’s moral paragon.”

    Journalists now see themselves as social-justice warriors who are immune from the scrutiny to which they subject others.”


    Journalists? Not at all likely or even possible.

    They can be liars, hypocrites, bigots, incompetents, addled by ideology, DeMarxist operatives, rent seekers and cash in with the grateful mediocracy. As long as they’re “desperate to get Donald Trump out of office,” they give themselves a pass.

    Has anybody checked how popular the media are with the public? They are somewhere south of used car salesmen, gropers and even Congress. Their self-satisfied reign is coming to an end it seems; anyway, one can hope.