Just a little poke!

Along the lines of what Dr. John Campbell has been saying regarding the importance of aspiration when administering vaccines, medical researcher Marc Girardot has developed a hypothesis about what might happen when the vaccine is injected into a vein instead of a muscle. His hypothesis goes a long way to explaining the variety of reactions to the vaccine ranging from none at all to sudden death.

The article is well worth the read and comes with a lot of visual aids.

In some instances, the needle might hit a small vessel and only inject a fraction of the standard doses. In other cases, a large portion, if not the entire dose, might be injected, leading to a much greater transfection potential of the endothelial linings of the blood vessels.

When the immune hit is one single cell, a neighbouring cell will duplicate to replace the missing cell, and the endothelial wall will repair perfectly. When multiple cells are hit simultaneously in a concentrated fashion, the natural process of repair no longer works.

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  1. Mainlining the Vaccine into a person’s veins?

    I joked about doing that to some of the fanatical pro-vaccine fanatics. Sounds like it would be a fitting fate?

    1. IIRC, CDC, when they developed the protocols for administering the MRNA vaccines, SPECIFICALLY recommended that the injections NOT be aspirated.

  2. Someone pointed this out to me quite a while back and I started watching for that when they were showing people on tv getting the jab. It’s possible that it was just file clips they were showing but it was very rare that you ever saw someone aspirate. That just didn’t add up.

    1. I got jabbed (twice) at the Oakland Coliseum (read: nasty ghetto) drive thru with the vaccine. Both times, I had to wait a long time after driving through a traffic cone maze that was dizzying … first … while they got the vaccine to the correct temperature (below zero) as I was told … the next time, it appeared Nurses who administered the vaccine were on a dinner break … I waited a full hour in my car waiting for the jab. It creeped me out that it was taking so long (both times) to get the jab administered. Both times, when I got stopped for the wait … I was AT the final station where the shot was being administered … how weird was that?

      The long wait times allowed me to have chats with the nurses who were administering my shots. Neither of them were from the SF Bay Area. Both were “contract Nurses” who flew out to the West Coast from the East Coast. Neither one struck me as some seasoned veteran Nurse who was selected for their exemplary medical skills. Rather … they were part of some corporate Nursing Network that was making BANK off the whole Pandemic-Vaccine hysteric mobilization. The Nurses confided that they were being put up in FINE Bay Area hotel suites, with free food, transportation… and BIG paychecks. They were being PAID BIG BUCKS! All on the government COVID dime … thank you Dr. Fraudci!

      I believe it was because I chatted up the Nurses administering my shots that they carefully aspirated and injected the vaccine into the ample (not bragging) muscle of my upper arm. They both did a very careful and skillful job … likely because of my befriending them. You can tell, I’m kind of a “chatty” “affable” kind of COVID patient. So … nothing un torrid happened as I waited the mandatory 15 min. after receiving the shot. It wasn’t till weeks later that I would awake … usually at about 5 am to a horrid dream and my heat racing at about 180bps … really weird. I had never had that happen before … and I don’t have Afib or whatever …

      BTW … I did not commit suicide … it was the “vaccine”

  3. According to a letter to members of the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society….”Administering of COVID-19 vaccination is likely not an indemnified action”. In other words, the liability for these abominations has been transferred from Big Pharma and the “approving authorities” down to those on the front lines. Perhaps it is time for those who have “administered” this crap to start raising hell as they are left holding the bag.


  4. The lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), that transport the synthetic modified mRNA materials in human subjects, have a wide bio distribution. This is by design. Inadvertent intravenous injection is a red herring.

    1. Yup.
      Doesn’t matter where it’s injected.
      Eventually it reaches ALL parts of the body.

  5. So, the worlds smartest people who said they had nothing but everyone’s safety in mind, couldn’t /wouldn’t follow one of the most basic procedures with regards to injections? What does that leave us with? Either they are the most incompetent people on earth and can’t be trusted to do anything or they are purposely/ carelessly doing something that could do harm. If it’s incompetence, how can they not realize how exposed they are. If it’s purposeful, how could they think they could get away with it? It’s a bizarre world!

    1. So 1 in 50 people get an intravenous injection rather than intramuscular. Following that, they cannot claim that the dose remains in the muscle tissue in those people. Can’t have it both ways.

      1. They can’t have it both ways period. If you inject it is in body. Do these people think that there is no blood in muscles?

        1. That was the rat test with LPN and luciferase (a dye of sorts). A test designed to see if it stayed in the muscle showed it did not stay in the muscle. Shall we pretend that rat muscle is that different from people muscle, or that luciferase was a bad proxy for MRNA?

          It’s true there’s a lot of nourishing vasculature in muscle tissue. Some have speculated that the athletic are more likely to be damaged as a result of it. More chance of needle to vascular contact, more efficient spreading about and more regular cardio stress. You can live a long time with heart damage if all you do is the potato chip arm curl from the sofa. Maybe. But that could be a semi-correct argument over one transport model. I think with these shots there’s a lot of the word And. I believe there is a bellcurve of damage. Much of it subclinical.

          Getting back to the luciferase test, personally I think they fail to take into consideration molecule size or they are purposefully relying on public ignorance. Nano is a different transport ballgame. I have done staining with methylene blue. That is a molecule that is in the nano ball park but larger than the MRNA nanopackage. Its infiltration ability due to size makes it a glorious stain. In fact if you get just a little on your skin, in about the same time as asparagus, you may detect it coming back out (greenish pee). If you’ve ever had to read MSDS sheets and wear PPE for a living then you know some things are significant poisons via skin contact absorption too. During my tenure in R&D someone in manufacturing died because they got some skin contact chemical exposure in the plant, bypassed the field safety shower and had the contact poison heart attack in the control center change room. One of the many reasons I am unvaxxed is MRNA plus lack of transparency around nano transport within the body. This is also why I believe vax shed is a different, also dynamic ball game, until properly traced and proven otherwise.

      2. No, the number is much higher because in that linked study it was 1 in 50 hitting the vascular system even when doing the aspirating that is supposed to avoid that.

        Since most shots in the US were administered without aspiration it could be 1 in 10, 1 in 5, etc.

  6. Low dose naltrexone (LDN) is being recommended by some of the frontline doctors for treatment of the jab side effects.

  7. “Just a little poke”

    I guess that is the line that has put Harvey Weinstein in the pen?

    And maybe will get the “Princes of the Peking Pox”?

  8. I was told the kind of syringes used in Canada made aspiration impossible because there as no way to draw back. Since I am unvaxxed I wouldn’t know.

    1. Were they pre loaded syringes?
      How do you get the goo out of the ampoule then?

      Aspiration used to be one of the basic tenants of vaccination and nurses used to be highly qualified. Most of the old school/stock ones must be out of the system and/or the new ones brainwashed or unable to think for themselves.. Either that or the ones dispensing the jab were “health contractors” which anyone could train in a couple of hours, to give an injection.