8 Replies to “Londoners Fighting Back Against Their Orwellian Present”

  1. Enjoy your new digital concentration camp and 15 minute cities.

    Of course there is some precedent for such ideas: British Concentration Camps of the South African War 1900-1902

    And how is Hancock’s new “pants off scaring variant” working out?

    And whose emperor has no clothes?


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st St Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  2. “…there needs to be respect for the law and the authority that enforces it.”

    Respect is earned, not merely given. At this point, I have none for any of the bastards. Neither the medical industry, nor the law.

  3. If a full-on totalitarian regime like the CCP can’t keep their subjects from rising against them, then what hope do petty tyrants like Khan have?

  4. They can catch the people on video to identify the ones cutting the CCTV camera feeds.

    Well, unless the cord cutters stay ahead of the repair crews, heh, heh.

    It just struck me that the brilliant pollies will fix that problem by posting a 24 hour guard at each camera location. But then you won’t need the cameras in the first place. Yeah, that sounds about right for a typical bureaucratic solution.

    1. Have they ever caught the person who planted the bombs on J6? I’m just kidding….they know who it is….just another FBI goon.

  5. Next Handheld EMF generators.
    Shock and awe civilian style.
    Although I did like the Londoner who dressed up as a green lizard and drove the spies a little mad.
    What the name of that muslim asshole that is Mayor?
    His face on every mask,forget “V”,lets go Klan..or what ever his assumed British name is.
    Let the CCTV camera last sight be that of Plastic Man Khan,just before they explode.
    Earthen Dams..
    The parasites never understand human nature,the more power they believe they hold,the more obnoxious they become.
    Because they never have and never will understand that “power” is an illusion.
    If you hold the power of Life and death over strangers.
    What do you think those strangers will be motivated to do?
    Other than make you extinct.?

    We have witnessed the rise of the parasitic overload,now the dam is breaking..run for high ground?
    Or surf the wave?

  6. I always say that it is amazing what you can get done with a pair of side-cutters.

    Once people generally decide that the cameras are a bad thing, the cameras will come down. Either from an election, or the other way. You start fining people because they left their little 15 minute circle, and people will dig out their wire cutters and snip those camera wires.