I, For One, Welcome Our New Self Driving Overlords

Galactica was supposed to help “organize science.”

The tool is pitched as a kind of evolution of the search engine but specifically for scientific literature. Upon Galactica’s launch, the Meta AI team said it can summarize areas of research, solve math problems and write scientific code.

At first, it seems like a clever way to synthesize and disseminate scientific knowledge. Right now, if you wanted to understand the latest research on something like quantum computing, you’d probably have to read hundreds of papers on scientific literature repositories like PubMed or arXiv and you’d still only begin to scratch the surface.

Or, maybe you could query Galactica (for example, by asking: What is quantum computing?) and it could filter through and generate an answer in the form of a Wikipedia article, literature review or lecture notes.

13 Replies to “I, For One, Welcome Our New Self Driving Overlords”

  1. My level of mistrust for this artificial intel BS just grows deeper by the day! I stay away from them all.
    FB/Meta, Twitter, Wikipedia, Tick Tok, Linkedin, Instagram, plus a bunch of others will never cast their shadow over my door, even if by default, they cast a shadow over our world.

    I never used to be a conspiracy theorist!

  2. I have been working in software for nearly 40 years, and the last 20 in software testing. They called it a demo, and it looked like a beta test. But the reality is it was an alpha or pre-alpha version. They certainly didn’t do any real testing. They probably did some testing of basic functions and tailored queries, but not with realistic queries. And let’s face it, a question about vaccines should have been very high on the list.

  3. AI is already in control.
    There will be no terminator style judgment day.
    Humans will be kept hanging on as long as we are still useful.
    People are already farmed like crops. Whether it’s AI, Aliens, the government, or whatever group you want to blame.. it’s too late already

  4. “It’s a random bullshit generator.” You mean like the liberal party of Canada.

    You know that was way too easy. AI has stolen my joy at lame humour.

  5. Galactica here; regarding quantum computing we asked Justin Trudeau for an expert opinion

    “Uh, a quantum computer is, uh a quanta, and it quantifies a, uh, uh, a quantity of data, in uh, a quantum way, because it’s a quantum computer”

    1. remember when he (justine) read the Wikipedia introduction for quantum computing off a teleprompter and CBCpravda hailed him a genius .

      not so long ago.

  6. It does indeed appear to be a failure of software design — but there is another possibility.

    Maybe the AI software worked perfectly, but it was trained on a corpus of poorly written, fraudulent, irrational, politically correct, non-reproducible, anti-science which was only posing as REAL science. That would be enough to turn any AI program in a schizophrenic mass of self contradictions. Maybe this is just the computer version of the bright young student who enters public schools and then has his head filled with lies, half truths, and propaganda.

  7. Look! Dogs can solve medical diagnostics problems in a fraction of the time it takes humans! But noooo, we have to spend 12 years and a billion dollars making complex robots to do the same thing…instead of just using the dog…