42 Replies to “CDC Says”

  1. Oops … they forgot one. Go back to voting in-person. No more drop boxes. No more mail OUT ballots. Too soon? That smacks of voter “suppression”?

  2. Ah, but the CDC is an American institution. In Canada, the plague is still raging as there are far too many people who still have some degree of individual freedom. Once that’s “properly” dealt with, it’ll be over here as well. Just wait, both Prinz Dummkopf and Dr. Stick Insect will tell us so.

    1. *
      Neophyte was at a client site earlier this week… they ended up sending one
      of the people he met home because they felt ill. Then his own company
      told him to stay home the rest of the week too.

      It ain’t over… the terror is ingrained here in the Land of Sheeple.


  3. It will take 10 years for dirt land grrrrrrrl and prairie rat to catch up with reality, along with their deranged irrational hypochondriac pals.
    What happened to mr Sask nurse, has he been locked up by she who wears the pants?

  4. Next up, figuring out how to explain the first 5 million that drop dead mysteriously.

    Good luck with that.

    1. *
      How about all the folks whose cancers will be untreated
      because of the two year medical backlog they’ve said we’ll
      have to deal with?


      1. Comrade, don’t you realize that sacrifices must be made to build the perfect state?

        1. It’s our obligation to suffer so the COVID protocols get priority … and … we must suffer dire energy inflation, food shortages, and supply chain stop-ups … the help Ukraine. And of course, we need to suffer so Hunter Biden can get his rocks off on sleazy hookers.

  5. funny, I live in Florida and we have been observing those guidelines for quite some time, all with no ill effect

    1. Same here in North Carolina. For us Southerners, the pandemic was over 18 months ago. (everywhere except doctors’ offices, where we are still required to wear a mask.)

    2. Here in Canada our PM is still “following the science” while intelligent people are ignoring it.

      1. All hail the clown-in-chief! Did it just come back from Costa Rica or it ruled from there that digital ID is coming?! It’s a beautiful thing to know the clown-in-chief was vacationing in a country that made mandated vaccination a non-thing. Like the US CDC did.

  6. Just read there is a nice new virus that has been cooking up in CHINA,and they think it’s originated in shrews. It’s called “Langya”.


    It’s been around a couple of years but is just starting to move. ” But scientists say they are not overly concerned because the virus doesn’t seem to spread easily between people, nor is it fatal.”
    Be afraid,and realize that ONLY YOUR GOVERNMENT CAN SAVE YOU.

    1. Did China finance this virus by themselves or again with the help of all that sweet Fauci/NIH/Eco Health Alliance/Gain of Function money?

      1. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a CCP-Democrat sponsored effort to get rid of Trump.

        Create a virus that primarily affects older people, who tend to vote Republican.

        Remember Democrats like Pelosi and DeBlasio telling people to go out to restaurants, theatres, etc. This was to ensure more rapid spread.

        Then the Cuomo’s of the world moved COVID patients into old age care facilities, thus ensuring more transmission and deaths.

        Next came lock downs to destroy the economy which had been doing relatively well under Trump

        Remember how the media showed daily death totals before the last election? Now, of course the media doesn’t mention more COVID deaths under Biden than Trump.

        All this to create conditions favourable for a Biden election. Especially mail-in voting, ballot harvesting etc.

  7. it’s not back to normal until all mandates are gone and the people who were discriinated against get an apology and the vaccine injured who got jabbed due to the mandates and the government lies about safe and effective get acknowledged and compensated for and above all EVERYONE IN PERPETRATING THE THIS CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY IS IN JAIL. I’d prefer hanging but Canada doesn’t have capital punishment.

    And some changes to the law so Public Health can’t go around arbitrarily suspending our rights ever again. Better yet fire every last one of them.

    1. I think the justice we deserve is going to be delivered by mobs. Even in Canada.

      Or perhaps the muslims and the rest of the assorted groups will be happy with a simple apology for killing their families.

      1. I am SO angry about what was done to us. My DIL is waiting to go back at her cardiologist again due to her heart now having an irregular beat after her “mild” pericarditis. Every time the phone rings I worry it’s my son calling to tell me she’s dropped dead. SHE’S A WONDERFUL WIFE, MOTHER, HUMAN BEING. SHE GOT THE JAB BECAUSE AS A CARING PERSON SHE LOVED HER JOB IN HEALTH CARE.

        The people who did this to her are pathological lying scum bag criminal sociopathic filth for whom there is no room in our society.

  8. Getting the slate cleared for all the midterm 2022 plandemic directives and rules.

    The dummies could never manage layers of multiple directives.

    1. How long will that take to filter down thru the apparatchiks and propaganda members of the media?
      How long before the People’s Demokratik Republic of Canuckistan “experts” recognize that?

      5 years? Banana republic and all.

    2. You must be fully vaccinated with the primary series of an accepted COVID-19 vaccine to travel to the United States by plane if you are a non-U.S. citizen, non-U.S. immigrant (not a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, lawful permanent resident, or traveling to the United States on an immigrant visa).

  9. Many of these horrible people have built their entire identity around COVID hysteria over the past two years and they just can’t let the pity party to end, especially so relatively abruptly. They thought they’d get to be the next eternally spoiled and coddled token minority of society (“immunocompromised”), given a permanent social pass to bully and slavedrive the normals around them.

  10. Cognitive Dissonance?
    Alana Saltz
    Isolating since 2020. Disability rights activist, writer, & content creator. Chronically ill, neurodivergent, & disabled. EiC
    . She/they
    Most of these liberal types have a predisposition for Narcissistic Personality Disorder which manifests into all kinds of irrational behaviour like isolating oneself from physical human interaction since 2020.

  11. May I respectfully suggest that 99% of the reason for these new guidelines has everything to do with polling of American voters and Democrat chances in November?!?

  12. “Unvaccinated people now have the same guidance as vaccinated people.”

    Odd way to say the vaccinated can start ignoring the CDC like the purebloods have been.