35 Replies to “Pollspotting-CTV”

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    “New Zealand police declared Friday they will not forcibly remove
    anti-mandate protesters from the national Parliament’s grounds
    in the capital
    . ‘In our assessment, the only safe option at the present
    point in time is a continued focus on de-escalation.’”

    1. Good call on the part of the NZ police. These protests are political in nature, not criminal, and need a political solution, not militaristic. Ottawa police need an Andy right now but all they got is Barnies.

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  2. The real message here is how consistently CTV’s own viewers disagree with the editorial stance of the network. No wonder the legacy media is losing audience in absolute terms.

    1. It is not an occupation, it is a demonstration of PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY. Use some accurate language CTV.

      Further, it is a “Freedom Convoy” focused on the willy-nilly government violation of the plethora of Charter Rights and Freedoms.

      As Brian Peckford noted; when the police ask you why you are there, the answer is:

      “Because I am a CANADIAN CITIZEN with CHARTER RIGHTS!” Full STOP….

      Herr Justin the Far Less Than Magnificent True Dopen Minister has been inhaling his bong for far too long…and should be removed by any and all democratic means. Vote this epic loser his long overdue pink slip.


      Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group “True North”

      1. CTV is just an organisation of presstitutes as are the rest of the legacy MSM. Our tax dollars pays them. They do 69’s with Dear Leader.

    2. Fifteen years ago, I sent a letter to the then president of CTV.

      I said that if you want to become the best news network in Canada, simply present your news with a balanced style of reporting where even conservative viewpoints could be heard without ridicule rather that touting the same message as CBC and even Global.

      I explained that it had worked very well for FoxNews and that for CTV, it was worth a try.

      Obviously, I didn’t hear back from them.

      1. CTV is a GLobalist organization that doesn’t care one bit whether Canada survives and it couldn’t care less what the public thinks of its daily propaganda.
        CTV gets their narratives and their on air strategies direct from the Turdhole Party PMO, PCO, they are one and the same.
        Glowballs is a exactly the same… the enemy of the people.

        The only real Media in Canada is independent Media and they are about to be silenced by the corrupt Turdhole/NDP Party too.

        Canada is a dead.

    1. Occupations tend to replace or claim supremacy over the existing government. Weird thing to call a protest.

    1. Yup, and they’re all dead to me. Watch, mandates will be lifted in a week and people will go what happened? They’ll still be dead to me.

      1. Not a chance to be lifted.
        When you have sunshine make hay.
        And Blackie is going to make a lot of hay.

      2. They are not going to drop the illegal “mandates” ( dictates ) … its possible that they tone them down for a time, but at some point they will ramp them up again and the sheep will ask for more.
        Revolution is the only answer at this point. Emptied my bank account today despite the pleas from my branch manager who assured me that Turdhole is not after my info or my money … he looked genuinely concerned as I was not the only one emptying my account

        Canada has fallen..

    2. Well, the brain dead sheeple will soon suffer body death too, thanks to the death jabs they so willingly submitted themselves too.

      Well, maybe it’s not a famine that Kate has wished for, but the end game will be the same.

      The critical thinkers will survive!

  3. The Canadian beaver is very resilient, it works non stop. Blow up it’s dam and it will rebuild up or downstream.

  4. Slime stream media hate the US but continue to parrot their talking points, so what is it pissy pant’s media an occupation or treason or merely a peaceful protest? You gotta talk to Canadastan’s premiere counter intelligence agency CBC to get ya talking points buttercups.

  5. Technically, it is not the “way” the police are ending the protest that I disagree with. It is that their political masters are getting them to end it at all.
    Neo – great post about NZ. Wish I knew a bunch of cops I could send it to.

  6. CBC CTV and Global are no longer news outlets, they are pawns of the liberal party. I have not watched a news cast in the last five years because you can’t believe anything they say

  7. Question: why are you all here, typing away on your keyboards, high-fiving each other for gaming yet another meaningless online poll, letting others do the real work, instead of in Ottawa, actually putting yourselves on the line?

    1. Well I would love to be there but I am a 79 yrs old female and cannot personally be in Ottawash for the protest but have sent lots of money ! Hope I don’t lose my account !