Safe And Effective ®

It’s not just Saskatchewan.

(Sure is taking them a long time to get that fixed.)

Ontario is also experiencing technical difficulties.

Check the other provinces for me, report back in the comments.

David F I’ve been following BC’s Covid information for a while. The “Data summary” report that shows cases, hospitalizations and deaths by vaccination status has not updated since December 16. No reason has been given, but I expect it’s because their ‘risk of getting COVID’ stat plummeted, and someone was proactive about saying “whoa, we can’t publish that”.

Peter Nova Scotia has been meticulous, albeit subject to the ususal caveats about quality, in putting out their data daily. Cases and hospitalizations by vax status were featured prominently on the dashboard. Then a note appeared that data would be updated when Panorama was updated, this was data as at December 14, 2021 updated on December 17, 2021. That has remained unchanged for a month now, methinks the data exists but is un-publishable because of the story it would tell?

Cordilleran – The Alberta “Vaccination Outcomes” data changed a lot from yesterday (Saturday) to this morning (Sunday). (Read on…)

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  1. No doubt a non event on children with Covid at the beginning of this Pandemic is now becoming an event in hospitals from that age group being vaccinated and getting deadly sick from it.

    The media spins everything so no doubt, they’re the unvaccinated ones and not at all from the injections.
    Need two to save you…
    And the Boosters are just added protection at least that is what our media is saying.

    1. When you allow a segment of the population to change the definition to suit their agenda the battle is lost. The push to ‘vaccinate’ that the left are espousing is in direct conflict of what has been defined as a vaccination since the first vaccine injection. The definition of being ‘vaccinated’ today with two and a booster or more, is an assault on everyone’s intelligence. It is a method of skewing the numbers and statistics to create fear and paranoia in order to maintain control and drive the herd in the desired direction.

  2. In Alberta the infections are occurring within days of having received the jab. You get jabbed on Monday and by the following Wednesday you have covid. The government then claims you are unvaxed but it would seem by any rational human being that the vax is what is causing you to get the disease.

    1. No, sorry, but you are wrong.

      “Post hoc, propter hoc” has been known to be nonsense since the Romans figured it out.

      1. So you don’t understand science but you went to college for 10 years. Coincidence does not equal causation but when repeated events occur one following the other then it is scientific to look for causal relationship. If you look at the graph you will see exactly what I said which believe it or not is considered pretty solid evidence that the jabs are lowering the immune system which in turn leads to covid infection. The fact is the vax must lower the immune system in order to work. Without suppressing the immune system the body would simply eliminate the mRNA and the effect of the vax would be nil.

        1. Repeating the “this happened then and that happened a little after that is pretty solid evidence of…” is just repeating the logical fallacy.

          And I sure as hell never learned anything as useful as the Roman categories of logical fallacies in university, which was actually a rats nest of lefties using false arguments like post hoc propter hoc.

          Even so, I’ll engage with you: Where is the Alberta graph or data you refer to? It’s not referred to in the post or your comment, which deals with Saskatchewan.

          1. Fred, Joe the Albertan is correct in his “assumption”. There is no need to see a graph. Requesting a graph is a grade school slight of hand gesture meant to cover a logical retreat.

            I’m curious what your thoughts are on the vaccination of children. Aye or Nay?

          2. @The Other Larry:

            -Your “grade school” insult is not an argument though it is evidence of your reasoning processes.
            -I did not ask for a graph, I asked for a graph OR DATA. You may want to work on your reading comprehension.
            -Claiming an “assumption” is correct without argument or evidence is what people do, when they don’t know the difference between an assumption and a conclusion.

            So you haven’t added anything to this.

            Joe, where’s the graph or data you referred to?

          3. Thanks Fred. I wanted to see if you were an adjudicator of social norms. The readers can decide for themselves…

    2. Somebody made a video about Alberta’s covid cases after vaccination.

      According to health canada the 261 vaccine related death within all of canada, non was really caused by the vaccines.

      • 123 reports of deaths could not be assessed due to insufficient information
      • 96 reports of deaths are unlikely linked to a COVID-19 vaccine
      • 42 reports of death are still under investigation

    3. I think that’s a misinterpretation of the data. You have to compare the COVID infection rate after vaccination against the COVID infection rate in the population at large. If you don’t do that, you can’t draw the conclusions you’re drawing.

      1. Killer Marmot, how good does the vaccine have to be? What about the future damage of the vaccine? How about some test results showing the vaccine was effective? Isn’t that the way science should work?

        Your statement alludes to the “fact” that there is no clear evidence that the vaccines work. As that is the case, vaccines should be voluntary, not mandatory.

        1. My post was about the misinterpretation of the data. If you want to discuss that I will.

          But I’m not going to take on every bloody issue surrounding vaccination here.

          1. The vaxxes do not work. There is no other discussion to be had. It is a yes or no situation and no is the answer.

      2. Neither infection rate is determinable with any confidence because it’s not a simple random sample (not everyone is equally likely to get infected, not everyone is tested) the definition of “vaccinated” keeps changing, and case counts are based on a test that is known to give 50%+ false positive results.

        About the only count that can be trusted is deaths because it’s really hard to fake up a dead body, but between labelling every motorcycle crash death a COVID death and the 40% jump in all-cause mortality in the latter half of 2021, even those numbers are opaque.

    1. The bison were hunted off and over cliffs because their sideways vision caused them to only care about what their buddy beside them was doing. The Manitoba Bison is symbolic of Manitobans. “Off the cliff, but at least we’re falling ill together.”

      1. Where are the cliffs in Manitoba? Maybe you are thinking southern Alberta?

        Just a technicality.

        1. I’ll show you cliffs in Manitoba that’ll pop your clutch, pal. Sniff along the eastern edge of the Riding Mountains and tell me those ain’t cliffs.

  3. “Some of the biggest cases of mistaken identity are among intellectuals who have trouble remembering that they are not God.”
    ― Thomas Sowell

    Don’t worry, these idiots are lying to us for all the right reasons.
    And while they are idiots and liars that is no reason to not put your full trust in them.

  4. I’ve been following BC’s Covid information for a while. The “Data summary” report that shows cases, hospitalizations and deaths by vaccination status has not updated since December 16. No reason has been given, but I expect it’s because their ‘risk of getting COVID’ stat plummeted, and someone was proactive about saying “whoa, we can’t publish that”.

  5. I am still completely torn between ascribing this mess to government incompetence or dishonesty.

    Probably the best bet is incompetence because the government is run by stupid people who cannot do anything else, from politicos like Trudeau and Kenney right down to the secretarial staff.

    1. Incompetence in the form of overconfidence in the public health officialdom upon whom they rely.

      Public health officials and government doctors concealed their own degree of uncertainty from top to bottom, in an attempt to persuade the public to buy in. The lower tier officials at the provincial level hid behind the mouth movers at the federal level, who hide behind career bureaucrats at the WHO and CDC.

      Now, it’s blowing up and backfiring in ways that will undermine confidence in the medical establishment for a generation or more.

      1. While I don’t disagree with your post, It’s more than incompetence.
        They had pandemic response plans in place for nearly two decades. Incompetent or not, all they had to do was take them out and follow them. Even an incompetent person could have done that,
        Had they done that, we would have been a lot better off today.
        But they didn’t.
        They essentially threw those plans away and implemented a different bullshit “plan” that originated from entities unknown. That “plan” essentially involved ostensibly granting public health bureaucrats absolute control to micromanage every aspect of our lives and society.
        That takes more than incompetence…that’s the sort of deliberate scheming that stems from malevolent evil.
        Perhaps we could say that the schemers took advantage of the incompetent mid-wit bureaucrats in our midst… the Bonnie Henrys etc, by dangling authority in front of them that they had no business having.

        1. In effect, ET, you could sum it up like this.

          Once is an accident.
          Twice is a coincidence.
          Three times is Enemy Action.

          We are in a war, don’t fool yourself!

        2. Fully agree, far more than incompetence, bordering on criminally planned malfeasance. The very fact that when this virus first appeared no one in the upper ranks of the medical establishment advocated for therapeutics that are normally prescribed for colds and flu. The public order to go home and isolate was nothing short of assigning many to their deaths. The mandate to inject universally with an experimental procedure that had not received the necessary test and trials to prove its efficacy is the definition of medical malpractice. The fact that so many specialists are cautioning against injecting pregnant women and children should be reason enough to halt the practice. The number of women reporting menstrual cycles that are abnormal should raise the hairs on everyone’s neck. Pleading plausible deniability or “We were only doing what we thought was right for the Common Good.” when there are so many reports of adverse reactions happening will not be a defense in the future.

    2. Fred Z

      Maybe the fact that 2 CANADIAN Pharma’s in conjunction with the University of BC invented/created the LIPID NANO PARTICLE (the Desired delivery mechanism for the mRNA Jabs), as far back in 2015/2016.. might sway your thinking Fred.?

      Let it be known that Very Hi Level Bio Research such as that would NEVER escape the attention of the PMO – Not happening. Trudeau knew what it was for and more importantly, Knew EXACTLY Why.

      I simply cannot in ANY WAY buy into the notion this whole 2+ yr gong show over a flu was simply due to IGNORANCE & Incompetence.

      Peter Daszak told us point blank in 2015 with his comments to the National Press Gallery: That “the world needed a pan corona virus so that the media could be used to spread fear and when Investors saw profit, they would buy in.”

      I’d argue that the “investors” would be WEF, WHO, Global Elites, CDC, NIH et all along with pretty much every 2 bit politician on the planet – ALL OF WHOM Prior to April 2020, were all involved in doing totally different things in their respective Countries…and then…?? in one fell swoop..??

      It became TOTAL LOCKSTEP.

      Pfizers profit in 2021 ~ 34.5 Billion
      Vaxx Deaths world wide.? A Minimum of 1 Million, and quite possibly far far more
      Vaxx adverse reactions.? 4 Million and rising daily
      Vaxxed far far outnumbering the Pure Bloods in CASES – Hospitalizations

      This was PLANNED 100% (IMO), and now that its apparently FAILING in obvious fashion, they are unable to back peddle…and are likely getting a little bit worried that their narrative is FALLING apart…(at least I sure as hell hope so).

      Semper Fi y’all.
      May they all rot in hell for eternity.

    3. Embrace the power of “and”. The Dunning-Kruger effect is rampant in my industry, and while it’s technically about incompetence it quickly becomes about dishonesty, as there’s only so many times someone can make the same mistake unwittingly.

  6. Seems that government policy has divorced itself from public health.. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when the top 3 government concerns are climate change, racism and gender studies..

    Lets just say its not exactly a culture of honesty..

  7. Focus is primarily on cases in BC. Lots of data on the dashboard, to provide the impression that it is telling you something important, but specific breakdown of deaths by age, cross referenced with commorbidity and true vax status ( only pure bloods counted as unvaxxed ), would give a clear picture on who specifically is at risk

    But then the pandemic would be a tougher sell.

  8. Maybe the legal department has been consulted and the lawyers told them to prepare for the questions “What did you know?” and “When did you know it?”.

    The FDA has to release 12,000 pages of data from the Pfizer vaccine trials and safety reports and another 55,000 pages every 30 days until fully disclosed. What if specific data used by governments to justify lockdowns, mandates and passports is similarly sought and forced to release under any nations FOIAs? Once that type of data is released then the cascade effect of lies revealed and outrage at being deceived might cause serious legal problems for politicians and public health officials. Better to hide data for a plausible deniability defense?

      1. Given the immense negative economic and mental health impacts of lockdowns, mandates and passports, I doubt negligence and malfeasance will be accepted by the public. You’d think opposition parties might push the issue…if we had effective opposition parties. Canadian judges are a joke but if Canadians see other countries legal system taking action then they might wake up and start demanding accountability. “Might” being the operative word.

  9. So…
    More people have died from old age than Covid-19. Got it.
    Time for the scamdemic to end.

    But that cuts into pot banging and nurse tiktokking.

    1. My favourite exchange on this topic is “You’re more likely to die of Alzheimer’s than COVID” “That’s a bad comparison, Alzheimer’s only affects seniors” “”

  10. It’s been interesting comparing Canadian data with far more comprehensive and timely datasets put out by Britain, Israel, Denmark and others. The Canadian data has, to put it mildly, lagged. One suspects its quality is not high. And conveniently, it has enabled the odious Canadian and provincial governments, and their bootlicking media, to continue their campaign of Nazi scapegoating of our unvaccinated Jews. And also enabling the continuation of obviously ridiculous and fascist policies of vaccine passports and the termination of healthy workers. Which also conveniently puts more pressure on the already deficient health care system.

    1. Speaking of campaign.
      From that bastion of intellectualism The Toronto Star—
      “The unvaccinated cherish their freedom to harm others. How can we ever forgive them?”
      I don’t know what “freedom” this stupid git is talking about, but we won’t be asking for forgiveness.
      She will be and none will be given.

      1. That’s Heather Mallick. Known for decades as ugly on the inside and out. Many call her Heather Mallice. If you have the stomach required of sewage plant employees , look up some of her older stuff.

  11. Nova Scotia has been meticulous, albeit subject to the ususal caveats about quality, in putting out their data daily. Cases and hospitalizations by vax status were featured prominently on the dashboard. Then a note appeared that data would be updated when Panorama was updated, this was data as at December 14, 2021 updated on December 17, 2021. That has remained unchanged for a month now, methinks the data exists but is un-publishable because of the story it would tell?

    1. Manitoba the data is just GONE like it never existed it vanished December 26 after a day if hundreds of vaccinated cases and zero unvaccinated cases.

  12. Black cloud lining silver lining. The one positive thing that has come from the china plague. It has to be obvious to even those with an IQ similar to a table leg that government can not be trusted or as the biggest oxymoron in the universe states. HONEST POLITICIAN.

  13. One of the things that’s baked into the system is the principle of the “Nobel lie”. Its not just an abstract concept its an actual guiding principle amongst bureaucrats and politicians. They take courses on it.

    There’s a circular logic to how it gets applied. When things are really, really important we lie to the public to get them to do what we think is right. How do we know its important? Because we’re lying about it and we only lie when its important.

    Which feeds their sense of morality, ego and self worth in a perverse manner. I’m important and highly moral because I’m lying for a Nobel cause. The ends will justify the means.

  14. Alberta has continued to have decent data posted on their website, however they did something recently that was quite sketchy.

    Alex Berenson, pointed out was that covid deaths and cases seem to increase in the first 14 days after the first dose. The Alberta data seemed to be showing that too. However about a day after that post they took all that data down.

    1st post –
    2nd post-

    I looked at posts on both days and Berenson isn’t making any of it up. They just pulled all those charts and gave no explanation as to why. What they did add recently was information on 3rd doses, but that still doesn’t seem to explain why the charts disappeared.

    That data was all available on Ontairio’s website during the week. A technical issue is a terrible explanation, since the data after October 24, 2021 was available before. How did it magically disappear?

    These provincial public health departments are flushing their credibility down the toilet. They push data that supports their narrative and justifies coercive action by the government that is basically unprecedented. When that exact same data changes and no longer supports the narrative it just seems to disappear. How very Soviet of our public health department.

    The problem is that when this trust erodes other vaccine programs will be more at risk. Maybe that is a good thing, one thing is for sure that a lot more people are paying attention to what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is saying and writing.

      1. The one thing we can all do is say no, but all of us have to say it and refuse to comply.

    1. Craig….They are running SCARED.

      GOOD Let them…I truly hope each and every one of those MOFO’ing Nazis gets what they deserve.

      I will state for the record: I have Lost 100% of ANY smidgeon of trust I may have had in Govt of any “scent”. The same goes for MSM, although that began in 1970 with the ascension of Pierre…building up to Mike Harris’s Election win back in 1995..?? That was when i saw CBC in perfect 20/20 Clarity…

      Using a Fraudulent Testing protocol to prove the utter BULLSHIT of “asymptomatic infections” says it all.

      They ALL REEK of LIES 100% of the time

  15. The symptoms of the omicron variant are so often mild and sometimes nonexistent, and the detection and reporting mechanisms so hit and miss, that no one should trust the data on COVID infection rates. A completely different method of measuring it is needed.

    That the authorities are throwing up their hands and saying “We don’t know” is just being honest.

    1. Are the authorities actually admitting that they don’t know what is going on? It seems like they are doubling down on the policies they have already had in place.

      They seem pretty certain that getting boosters in everyone and vaccinating children is good idea.

      This variant seems like a good off ramp for the whole pandemic. It doesn’t seem like any politicians are actually taking it although Scott Moe might be trying.

      1. Of all the provinces, Saskatchewan has been the best place to live through this. I criticize where I think it’s warranted, but so far they’ve been the most reasonable.

        1. They have been pretty reasonable except for their ruling that you have to have a vax passport to buy liquor. Are the staff in the liquor store more susceptible to Covid than the staff in the grocery store right next door? It is a blatant attempt to punish people who don’t want the clot shot. And considering that two doses of germicide doesn’t stop the transmission of the virus it is now just plain stupid.

          Next they will be allowing nurses with covid to go back to work.

          1. They’re still hanging on to the it makes you less I’ll which is and always was utterly impossible and stupid.

    2. Killer Marmot, you don’t lockdown the economy because someone has a stomach ache. If you can’t quantify the risk, open things up.

    3. Omicron is literally less deadly than the flu. It’s hilarious reading retards on Reddit complaining about completely benign symptoms like it’s some badge of honor and thanking the vaccine.

  16. The Alberta “Vaccination Outcomes” data changed a lot from yesterday (Saturday) to this morning (Sunday). The data are allegedly updated to January 13 according to a note on the webpage. The “Table 4. COVID-19 cases in the past 120 days in Alberta by vaccine status and pre-existing condition” had a large jump in cases from 64,129 to 161,115. I’m not sure if this is a weekly update which they do every Sunday since I don’t follow the table on a regular basis. In any case the Unvaxxed, both with conditions and no conditions jumped from 18% to 38% from Saturday’s to Sunday’s data. Keep in mind this is supposed to be a rolling total over the last 4 months. How could 1 week of data change it that much? The totals in columns by vax status and condition also don’t add up to the first Total column (which is larger). However they claim in a footnote the difference is the “One Dose” category (the error was 4.0% yesterday, 4.9% today).

    Are they monkeying with the data? Impossible to say but from what we know about Omicron the mRNA vaccines have negative efficacy to it after 3 months. This means, all other things being equal, the double vaxxed are actually more likely to contract Covid than the unvaxxed, so the sudden doubling of the unvaxxed percentage in the covid case data is suspicious.

    1. My first thought is that they changed the definition of unvaxxed to inflate the numbers.

      1. They did.

        There is no reason to include any case other than unvaccinated in that group. They can create a group that counts those cases within 21 days of receiving their first shot. They can then combine the unvaccinated cases with their “within 21 days” group and present the analysis. They can do that in a transparent manner. They chose to fudge the numbers for “fear porn”.

        Today, they could re-configure the presented numbers and transparently present COVID case loads. Their record keeping systems have the statistics. They choose not to.

  17. Doubleplusungood data?

    Of the 1984 cases, 666 were said to be “beastly,” while 1290 were abominations. The other 28 include four living creatures and the 24 elders.

  18. I’d like to know..

    Go out an about as if this BS didn’t even exist.
    Don’t wear a Mask unless they absolutely have to.
    Don’t have OCD nor incessantly use Hand Sanitizer
    Don’t follow the arrows in stores
    Dont social distance,
    Shake hands…..??
    ……………and have had ZERO ISSUE with the Vid in whatever shape its come in..?

    I will start.
    My wife and self.
    I got tested once back in Feb 2021 (Neg – & pretty much knew I had strep throat).

    1. It is safe to say a significant portion of the Canadian population is unvaccinated and is going on about their business. There is talk that vaccination rates have stalled. Why would anyone get vaccinated with an obsolete vaccine that causes significant injuries?

    2. Stilgar, vowg did this a couple of weeks back. However, since you ask, I’m unvaxxed, and will remain so. The wife did get two needles and has paid for it, and vows to not get any more. I do go about my biz as normal, and haven’t bought in to the bs. I only put on a mask when I must, and wear it sloppily deliberately. If challenged by a store associate, I correct the mask. If challenged by a Karen, I politely say “piss off”. Have only used sanitizer on two occasions when entering a hospital. (one time I even just pretended, and dispensed zero sanitizer) I’m more a believer in my natural ability to ward off diseases. I deliberately never did follow the store arrows. Do NOT social distance, and do shake hands. Plus, the fear porn never got to me, and I have been mildly amused by all the covid antics! So, Of course I have my tin foil hat on sideways, and believe this is a globalist/Soros/ Gates plan. Please add me to your list as a Pureblood.

  19. Thanks for the laughs guys and gals.
    The whole thread reads like feeding the troll, run amok.
    Even if a potentially unflattering gubmint stat is accurate it will most likely hide a much more unflattering one.

    Bernie Madoff was so successful for so long because he promised and “delivered” (on paper) middling but consistently middling low volatiltiy returns. IOW, the scam must appear to be plausible. Same with gubmint stats that directly relate to gubmint performance.

  20. Our leaders are like cats with accelerating diarrhea trying to cover their messes with an ever-diminishing supply of kitty litter.

  21. These ba$tard medical advisors see what is coming and the politicians are going to lay the blame 100% on them.

  22. Shorter version: we won’t know if it’s fixed or not.
    Even when it seems fixed, the fix will be in.

    I say this with such extreme confidence because it was clear from day one that the highly co-ordinated global gubmint response has nothing whatsoever to do with health.

    1. +++++/|\. Menticide.

      yep, right around Mid April when everyone went into LOCKSTEP planet wide.
      Complete Nazi like Bonkers – 180 deg opposite of their own GLOBALLY Accepted Pandemic Response plan.

  23. Well, as Ive mentioned before:

    If as we are told, that say 85% of the population is Vaxxed..dbl n Triple, Then surely given the “undisputed” mantra of “asymptomatic Infection”….And given I walk amongst said crowd nearly EVERY DAY for the past 2 years……..SURELY to GOD, given the “Deadly” seriousness of this virus, I must be dead by now…???
    But here I am, not a sniffle in 2 years, not a flu since 2003…NOTHING NADDA.

    I ask you then, How on earth can that be..??
    Ahhhhhh yes, it must be ALL masks they are all wearing huh..?? LMAO…as if.

    I think there are numerous folks – those that are the direct descendants of the Plague – Black Death survivors such as myself and my wife – both of us from European Stock and whose descendants were DIRECTLY in the path created as it arrived in Sicily – travelled up the Italian Peninsula and spread throughout Europe….we may have benefitted from said Plague via gene mutations, some latent immunity….?? Which has possibly carried over to Covsars…?

    A Possibility…

    This below could well explain why so many Do not suffer any Adverse reactions at any time after being jabbed (mind you, unless they were given saline).

    The Mutant GENE: Delta32. (which numerous Sexually Active HIV survivors had as well)

    check it out…very interesting..!!

    1. Thanks Stiller. . I saw a similar documentary several years ago about the same connection to Aids.

      Then there is the fraud Fauci and his Aids episode.

      The irony between medieval plague , locking everyone up with no treatment and covid , again locking everyone up with essentially no treatment no doubt escape the politicians and medical community.

  24. New Brunswick just reported new stats, and they have lumped unvaccinated and those due for their booster into one group, and then reported the majority of hospitalizations fall in that group. Translation, they’re virtually all double vaxxed.

  25. Peter: is it possible some concerned citizens could do a Freedom of Information Request or (Access to information request as I believe they’re called in Sask), demanding the raw data in NB? No guarantees they won’t fudge the numbers before they release them, but maybe someone could seek a whistleblower in the stats department of these provinces. If an access to info is requested and the higher ups order the statisticians to fudge the raw data, then at least there’s someone out there who knows the gov asked them to falsify data.

    As Kate stated, SK sure is taking their time to “rectify” (code word for adulterate/fudge) the vaxxxed vs unvaxxxed numbers. I suppose they will come back online once raw data has been adulterated sufficiently to maintain the government’s notion that the injection is “safe and effective” and unvaccinated are filling the hospitals.
    If they don’t completely fudge their raw data, we can expect going forward to have anyone without a booster lumped in as unvaccinated, to mask the obvious. Which is statistically in error. The two populations are not in the same bin, statistically speaking. To arbitrarily group them is statistical fraud.
    Some statistician somewhere is being asked by governments across provinces to fudge the data as priority #1.
    If you’re on this page (gov covid statisticians) reading this, you must pull the real data, release it Ed Snow style to an alt news network (Obviously not to cbc, ctv, global, etc. who will bury it and rat you out). Use protonmail account, take images with your phone, download data only if you know how to do it without getting caught, but for goodness sakes, do it. Humanity depends on these frauds being revealed, lives and livelihoods are depending on you telling the truth.

  26. SK gov has said since New Years their vaxxxed vs unvaxxxed data is incorrect and not to believe it… Yet Gormley still reports it as fact.
    The numbers when downloaded in excel show all the regions as rows, they then have columns for vaxxxinated vs unvaxxxinated. In the region rows, vaccinated counts are higher when summed up. But they also have a “totals” row for each day, (the “totals” is programmed to show in their graph). The totals do not match the sums of unvaccinated vs vaccinated by region. In fact, the totals show 0 vaccinated cases/hospitalizations etc. which is not at all what the sum of the regions show in excel. In addition the regions row of unvaccinated vs vaccinated, exceeds total cases by nearly double.
    So their stats are all wrong. This is a simple fix, the hospitals know exactly who is vaccinated and unvaccinated. It shouldn’t take 2 weeks to fix this. It should take at most a day. The fact it’s already taken two weeks and counting is proof they needed more time because they’re fudging the numbers to suit the government narrative of recently promoting boosters, and that failing hard.

  27. To those provinces’ statisticians and politicians that think short term and believe by fudging their stats they will get out of the frying pan… How much more trouble are you going to be in for trying to cover this up? Some very reputable regions such as Scotland are not covering it up, which means your cover up is going to be glaringly obvious in coming weeks.

  28. Obviously, the PTB’s only next move is decided. They (PTB) will probably release a virus that proportionately hurts the unvaccinated. That’s the only way they can bury the Omicron mass awakening that the vax doesn’t work. That’s the only way they can escape this great awakening and brush all these uncomfortable facts under the rug. Release a virus that only affects human pure bloods. If mrna injected subjects don’t catch it because they’ve been genetically altered, and the virus only attacks non-gmo people, they can easily regain the narrative, unfortunately.
    Now is no time to be cocky purebloods. They saw this coming, I’m sure. Take your vitamins, not for covid, but for whatever the evil bastards have next up their sleeve, because I can guarantee you, this ending of the narrative was planned for and they know what to do next to regain legitimacy.

  29. Moe extended the restrictions (after admitting they don’t actually work) until the end of February. Hence, a new variant will have to emerge before the end of February, a variant that disproportionately hits unvaccinated. I predict in early February. A few weeks of the stats coming together on vaxxed vs unvaxxed (Sask will have their stats magically fixed by then). Stats will show vaccinated are immune, unvaccinated are dying.
    Therefore, none of the advice the unelected public health officials or elected government officials ever gave us was ever wrong… See…
    Mark you calendars folks. New variant disproportionately affecting pure bloods is due early February. This variant will save public health officials’ reputation in the court of public opinion.
    I can hear it now, “well omicron may have affected the vaccinated, but it was very mild, however this new deadly variant, only affects unvaccinated”… hence, “trust the government”. Look up vaccinated people being cured of human warts…. Human warts only affect humans, perhaps that’s why the “vaccinated” are being cured of human warts.

  30. Kate, can you do your magic and enquire with a professional statistician to review the overall mortality rate since the vax entered. Insurance companies in the states are saying that there’s a 40% increase in non-covid deaths since the advent of mrna gene altering injections.
    Another study at University of Alberta says statistical analysis of vaccines and cases/hospitalization, show causal relationships between increase of cases/hospitalizations with the injections.

    I want to see the overall mortality rate in 2021 between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Maybe it’s true the vaccine protects you for 2 months from getting covid and dying, but that’s of little consequence if your overall death rate from other causes increases, which has been happening.
    Why won’t Canadian government release overall mortality rate between vaccinated and unvaccinated? Because they don’t want to, not because they can’t. Why don’t they release overall heart attack, stroke mortality rate between vaccinated and unvaccinated? We have a universal health care system, the government knows all the vaccines you’ve taken and all the meds you’re on, the second you walk through the hospital doors and ask for treatment.

  31. Canadian government is negligent in not attributing a graph for overall mortality rate compared between vaccinated and unvaccinated. I know 7+ people (small area) die this year who were otherwise young and healthy, of “sudden unknown reasons”. I know of ZERO unvaccinated people die of sudden unknown reasons this year. All the 7+ cases I know of directly or of less than 1 degree separation, that died of sudden unknown reasons (secondary autopsy required) were all double vaccinated. I do not know personally of one unvaccinated person who has died from covid or has died unexpectedly of unknown causes, requiring secondary autopsy. I know of zero unvaccinated people dying of anything, yet I know of 7+ people dying mysteriously after being vaccinated. Before covid vaccine, I knew of 1 young person max dying of unknown causes.

  32. Covid-19 vaccination is the #1 cause of coincidental death. If you don’t want to die of a sudden unexplained, completely coincidental death, (totally not vaccine related death), the stats are clear… don’t get vaccinated .
    Only the vaccinated die of “coincidence”.
    Unvaccinated die 110% of covid, vaccinated die 100% of coincidence. Any questions?