Throw 1000 Vaccine Virgins’ in the Volcano

And you might prevent one case. Not a hospitalization, or a trip to the ICU or a death, ONE CASE.

Findings: The NNEs suggest that at least 1,000 unvaccinated people likely need to be excluded to prevent one SARS-CoV-2 transmission event in most types of settings for many jurisdictions, notably Australia, California, Canada, China, France, Israel, and others.


Conclusions: Vaccines are beneficial, but the high NNEs suggest that excluding unvaccinated people has negligible benefits for reducing transmissions in many jurisdictions across the globe. This is because unvaccinated people are likely not at significant risk — in absolute terms — of transmitting SARS-CoV-2 to others in most types of settings since current baseline transmission risks are negligible.

Quite literally, a passport to nowhere.

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    1. Zip tie him to the nearest ‘Karen’ and watch the fun…

      Hmmm…Allan S…
      Cough, cough…oops sorry bud…

  1. It’s a passport to the perception that the government is taking action. That’s all it ever has been. We give too much credit to our pols or lefties or other evil entities. The fact is the passports, lockdowns, and everything else coming from the top can and is explained by our leaders not knowing what should be done, only that they must be seen to be doing something.

    1. The passport is about killing off two billion people with the vaccine and making sure there are no control groups left behind.

  2. But as for the article itself: utterly worthless exercise. Any honest modeller knows modeling based on human behaviour is nearly worthless. The assumptions used , the impossibility of accounting for unknown covariables, the qualitative nature of the variables …
    This isn’t research, it’s an exercise. Peer review means nothing here ( I have done peer review. It doesn’t rean “true” or ” verified” or ” replicatable”. It means a group of your peers reviewed your study (read it at least) and, based on what was provided, saw no reason to recommend it not be published. When I was a grad student this was the kinda thing an undergrad would do as a term paper.

    1. It has been said that the correlation coefficient in social science research is typically in the 0.15~0.3 range. A 300 batting average won’t keep you in the majors…

  3. The most infuriating thing is going on now in the Manitoba school system. Vaccine free children are now excluded from all extra curricular activities unless they can produce a negative COVID test conducted and signed by a pharmacist. This includes free play in the gym during the lunch hour when it’s too cold to go outside. Our rural school is 110km from the nearest pharmacy so of course it’s simply not feasible for parents here to get this testing done. So we now hav a two tier school. Vaccinated kids go play in the gym during lunch hour. Vaccine free kids get to sit in the classroom unable to participate. And we are assured the school will be scrupulously careful to guard personal health information.

    This is nothing more than setting up a two tier public health system for the sole purpose of punishing little kids as a way to coerce parents into giving their kids the jab.

    Our public health officials in Manitoba are the lowest, most foul, disgusting pieces of crap in the entire province. And the principals and teachers enforcing this aren’t far behind.

    1. I’m no longer of an age, but if I was, I’d pull my kid out of such a school immediately; they’ve already violated your child’s privacy vis-à-vis their health information.

      Then I’d sue them. Class action, if you can rustle up enough of your fellow neighbours.

      1. My kids are too old but my grandkids are being affected. I begin to understand people who go postal. I would never do it but I understand it.

        I would really like to see Allan S excuse this.

  4. On the plus side, snow shovelling season should fun.

    And people getting in shape in the New Year.

    1. “On the plus side, snow shovelling season should (be) fun. ”
      Mmmm…maybe not, with the vaccine related cardiac issues.
      It’ll be like Vancouver’s Hastings St; guys dropping like flies.

  5. Politicians and public health know vaccine passports do not have a scientific justification. It’s purely punitive. They’re angry that not all of the serfs are obeying their royal edicts.

    “Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz was caught on a hot mic disclosing the real reason for imposing “green pass,” a Covid-19 vaccine passport, for certain venues.
    Ahead of a weekly Cabinet meeting, Horowitz turned to Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked noting that “there is no medical or epidemiological justification for the Covid passport [green pass], it is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate.” He was unaware Channel 12 News was recording behind him”

  6. Looking at the New COVID Cases web page for Saskatchewan:
    In the 40+ age group (where the mortality occurs), there is 1 new unvaccinated case and 12 new vaccinated cases. Odds are the 1 unvaccinated case is actually a vaccinated case where they received their first shot within 21 days.

    It is reasonable to expect the majority of hospitalized cases are from vaccinated people. Omicron is going to affect the vaccinated more than the unvaccinated.

    It’s well past time for the medical community to do their jobs. Should we look to private health care in Saskatchewan? Medicare discriminates against common sense. That policy position needs to be addressed.

  7. “…but the high NNEs suggest that excluding unvaccinated people has negligible benefits for reducing transmissions in many jurisdictions across the globe…”
    – Just like masks, when you think of it…