One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest

Lab Leak For & Against: Yuri Deigin vs Stuart Neil

It’s kind of long (2 hours) and it’s helpful if you’ve read Deigin’s essay from 2020 (as I did) and kept mostly up to date (as I have) with the evidence as it evolves. Not to everyone’s taste, but I do lots of these long form podcasts as I work at other stuff. YMMV.

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  1. just to simplify, it doesn’t matter where it came from, it had 0.26% fatality rate and everything that was done to spread fear and lies was the problem and the vaxxes are an even bigger problem. Using language to obscure that basic truth will not alter it.

    1. It makes all the difference in the world where it came from.

      If you think a bat virus with a few inserted strands of different genetic material can kill 5 million people is par for the course and that this same gain of function research is ongoing, what leads you to believe the next time the next iteration of a lab enhanced virus won’t be 100 or 1000 times as lethal?

      I mean you do realize there are reports that the same Wuhan Lab is working on Ebola, right? How does that make everyone feel?

    2. VOWG.

      0.26 Fatality rate.
      EXACTLY…nothing else should even matter as that is the SALIENT point which defines what I believe is renamed Influenza A. Still awaiting an isolated CovSars2 virus…and do not ever expect to see one.

      My main argument over this 22 months Lying shitshow are the 2 Quarantined Ships
      ~9500 persons.
      3660 on a Cruise ship filled with Seniors (Who else would take a cruise in Feb). 15 DIED
      5885 on a USN CVN71 filled with 20-30 somethings 1 Died

      Bubonic Plague/Black Death my (_i_)

      ….and the Comment made by Peter Daszak of Eco Health Alliance in 2015 re: Pharma PROFITS

      Leak…?? Bullshit, This whole shitshow is on purpose and they made the entire world BELIEVE that this was some new virus..?? As if. The Flu did NOT DISAPPEAR people.

  2. Oye, a harbinger post. There are rumblings that a new leak occurred yesterday in China. Keep your eyes open for mentions of East China University of Science and Technology.

  3. Leak? It was no leak.

    Wuhan flu was an experimental bio-terror agent deliberately released to the environment.

    Stop pretending this was China’s Chernobyl. It was not. It was its Hiroshima—a warning shot demonstrating to the world that China is capable of developing designer plagues that would exterminate any nation refusing to kowtow to the emperor.

  4. Oozing retard, just go and eat your Bat soup, goof, yes it leaked out of a lab. The only quest left is which lab, and which country.

  5. Notwithstanding the inappropriateness of “consensus” I thought the consensus was that it is now established that the virus came from the lab.

    Oz is against the lab leak theory but a LEAK can be accidental or deliberate. When we talk about leaks to news outlets it is always the latter.

    Where there is not a consensus is whether it was accidental or deliberate. Personally, I am undecided tho I dismiss out of hand the claim that is must have been accidental because of the grave harm to the Chinese people. We all know that would not be a factor at all for the Xi and the Chicoms. Like the “Palestinians” they hate the enemy more than they love their people.

    1. I think it was deliberate. For the simple reason, my brother worked up at the Keeyask dam project. In November 2019 he came down with some chest pains, a few days in the hospital, and a lot of tests, docs figured a virus of some sort. Fast forward to October this year, he informs me that his co worker came down with a nasty flu the same time. No taste was one of the symptoms.

      When the news came out of China, ever noticed how fast the virus spread throughout the world in a matter of a few days? Well, maybe a week or two.

      1. Gary…

        Most interesting.! I worked on the Keeyask Project as a Surveillance QA Inspector at the Wausau, Wisconsin Fab shop (Merrill Iron and Steel Works), where the majority of the Structural Steel for that generating station was fabricated from Jan 2018 to June 2019.

        One of the best gigs I ever had.

        And am agreed: 100% Deliberate.

  6. I understand on good authority that the only reason that Covid first appeared in Wuhan had absolutely nothing to do with the city’s institute of virology creating viruses almost exactly Covid, and instead was solely due to the local population’s propensity for pangolin and bat diets.