12 Replies to ““Seasonal expression, not vaccine prevalence is the driver of covid””

    1. And cases remain stubbornly high in BC, not getting lower than around 500/day, despite Bonnie Nazi’s wishes and dreams, BC looks just like Washington.
      Something to do with that 36% vaxxed cases, and rising daily, might have something to do with their predictions going down the drain.
      Oh well, let’s fire the employees anyways.


  1. The problem with that map is that Southern Arizona, where I live, is 110 F and highly humid – the whole SW should be just as red as the South if it were ‘seasonal’ and related to people spending large amounts of time indoors.

  2. Superior article: “These events illustrate that climate has not governed whether COVID-19 emerges or vanishes in a given place or time. But nearly two years after the first reported cases, the available data are allowing researchers to better explore the role of meteorological factors in case numbers, and their results point to low temperature, low humidity, and limited sunlight as conditions that foster the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Currently, factors such as human behavior outweigh the influence of weather, but experts say it’s likely that COVID-19 will eventually be a seasonal disease. ”


    Oh and it’s still vaccines primarily governing the prevalence. That is why Israel saw its cases plummet recently. It’s winter there too.

    1. Cases always plummet after they spike, you fucking retard. Two years of this shit and you still can’t grasp the simplest concepts. Explain why a spike occurred at all in ultra-vaccinated Israel, if the “vaccine” is so important. Or the UK.

      And where’s Allan S to explain what happened to his fuckwitted prediction of Dooooooom in Florida?

  3. It pretty much shows that vaccines and masking have little to no effect on the transmission of Covid. You have to be pretty obtuse to not see that.

  4. I guess it is seasonality, not vaccines.

    Highly vaccinated Colorado is having soaring cases while wild west Texas is seeing plummeting cases.