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Anthony FureyThe Ontario government is now recommending the use of Pfizer over Moderna for 18-24yo males, due to their findings that Moderna has a 1 in 5,000 risk of myocarditis for that category.

Social media is a terrible platform to seek information, but it’s unequaled place for taking a pulse. The anecdotal reports from young men in treatment for post-vaccination myocarditis began rolling through Twitter months ago.

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  1. The Pfizer myocarditis risk, IIRC, is 1 in 1000 per shot. Which means 1 in 500 after receiving both shots.

    1. The study that showed that number was retracted. That was the one done on the data in Ottawa.

      However if you look, into that post further you will see a link to someone that did a further analysis and basically found the same thing as this public health report. When broken down further did show that the Moderna vaccine had a 7x a higher risk of myocarditis especially on the second dose.

      Now there is starting to be very solid evidence of causality of myocarditis with the vaccines. The main difference between the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine appears to be the fact that the Moderna vaccine seems to be a higher dosage. I think this is more evidence that the spike proteins in the vaccine are what is causing the damage. Higher dosage of MRNA produces more spike protein and potentially causes more damage.

      The risk of myocarditis is still pretty “low”. But how long are these vaccines effective for? If it is only 6 months, that hardly seems worth it.

      1. A 1 in 5000 risk of myocarditis is not a risk I’m prepared to take to protect me from covid. In my county of 1 million people there are 3 in hospital with covid. Not counting people in nursing homes there have been about 250 deaths attributed to covid or about 1 in 4000. If I was old and fat I might take it, but given the current data that it doesn’t actually work all that well and we don’t know what other issues are going to show up over time, I’ll sit this out.

  2. “unequaled place for taking a pulse”

    Hilarious and clever Kate, I thought one normally did that around a physician…especially with myocarditis.

    Notably, heart tissue does not regenerate, so if you get it, it becomes a life condition; presuming one survives long enough to enjoy it.

    So 18-31yr cohort develop myocarditis, when one is ostensibly in the prime of one’s life.

    “Safe and effective”……in what orthogonal deep space world do these medical geniuses inhabit?


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  3. Two of my kids are males in the 18-24 group. Their college is requiring vaccination or rapid testing. The rapid tests are a bit of a hassle but until there’s more answers than questions about mRNA vaccines, rapid tests it is.

    Something else to think about…apparently the heart is “loud” when it is being damaged but many other organs are “quiet”. Your heart will let you know immediately when things have gone bad but you may not know if you’re kidneys, liver etc. are being damaged because there aren’t any obvious signs. Ditto for your immune system – if your killer Tcells are suppressed by the vaccine, for instance.

  4. Ask the officials what causes the heart issues.
    The official answer will be “The heart issues are treatable and go away.”
    Which isn’t an answer to the question.

    My airplane engine cuts out once in a while but it always starts back up again so it’s all good.
    There is no reason to inquire what the actual cause of the problem is.

    When there is no official explanation of what causes the heart issues how do we know that they aren’t causing other serious problems that haven’t appeared yet?

    Three vaccines down, one to go.
    Safe and effective, the science is settled!

    1. “The heart issues are treatable and go away.”

      Then they return at a later date as cardiomyopathy, when the connection can be “plausibly” denied.

  5. If kids 12 to 18 are reporting heart issues, which have been officially reported in Ontario, could you imagine what is happening to the less active population? Not to mention all the other issues.

    1. Good questions… Why is the myocarditis risk from the vaccine “only” happening in 18-24 year old males? By what mechanism is the vaccine causing myocarditis? Does an individuals odds of developing myocarditis go up with each additional booster shot they take?

      1. According to one presentation in the vaccine advisory group in the recent FDA hearings on the vaccines and boosters, for healthy males under 40 the vaccines are a higher risk than covid. Is that right? Not sure but the younger and healthier you are the risks from the vaccines certainly may outweigh the benefits. There is definitely a strong case that can be made to wait for treatments or better vaccines if you aren’t in a high risk category. Like the unvaccinated NBA players, everyone needs to do their own risk/benefit calculation

        1. Yeah and I saw that and as an epidemiology trained person I personally wonder if the vaccines are causing problems for all age groups. But its so hard to get reports filed for adverse events and so easy to just wave your hands and say “Well he already had a heart condition so there’s no proof that it was the vaccine.”

          Specific example: Local guy, 64, had a heart attack 5 years ago. Needed two stents. Since then he lost weight, quit smoking, got fit, got his blood pressure under control. He had one of those full cardiac check ups you get when you’ve got stents. He arranged to make the trip to Winnipeg for two appointments. Once to his cardiologist and one to get his second shot. Cardiologist gave him a clean bill of health. He then left to get his shot.

          He felt off soon afterward but he just got his ticker checked so he decided it was heart burn. His wife found him dead on the floor day 5 after the second shot. Cause of death? Preexisting heart condition resulting in a heart attack. Nothing to do with the vax. How many of those are there out there?

          1. There’s talk that autopsies aren’t being done to ensure plausible deniability about the extent of vaccine injuries to protect pharmaceutical companies, politicians and the medical profession. Not doing autopsies also means the families can’t receive any money from government vaccine injury programs.

            Conspiracy theory? Yes but the conspiracy theorists have the best track record right now. Covid conspiracy theory often becomes covid fact in about 4-6 months.

          2. I have a friend who injured her leg with a severe cut 50 plus years ago. The injury healed and she had a scar. After being  double vaxed, a cancerous growth started at the sight of this injury.  I have heard other stories about more and aggressive cancers appearing post vax.  I think this reflects damage to the natural immune system.  Just something else to be aware of

          3. My Cardiologist was adamant I should take the VAX….I told him Point blank I’m Not interested in some POISON designed to maim, thank you very kindly…Anything else..?? Reply: “uh, well the data suggests otherwise”…I just laughed at him….end of conversation. Don’t bother calling back.

            There isn’t a DOCTOR that is working who will tell you NOT to utilize these “ZYKLON B” shots….They are ALL on the Govt Payroll and fucking well told in no uncertain terms, exactly what they are allowed to say to patients…..

            It’s that or Door # 2 …. actually show some Cojonnes w/COURAGE..?? while being true to your hippocratic OATH….what a concept..?? Today..?? more like the Hypocritical OATH.

            I don’t think I will go to another Doctor till the day I pass…EVERY govt paid one is nothing more than a KAPO (Jews who helped the German NAZI’s kill their own)

            MY TRUST has been Destroyed …. completely Destroyed.

        2. Given that the claim is that the vaccine doesn’t vaccinate, but merely mitigates the severity of the illness (very debatable, in fact Israeli data suggests even that is crap), then the risk/benefit ration falls on the side of not taking the shot. You can potentially not catch the virus, but you can’t unvaccinate once injected, and your possibility of one or more of a litany of still-unfolding side-effects is very high. Certainly higher than those actively supressing the information want you to think.

  6. Statist power lusters lack the intellect, discipline and risk management skills to evaluate a simple principle; not in their interests.

    Possibility is not the same as probability.
    Probability is not the same as certainty.
    Possibility is more often than not the opposite of certainty.
    Government thinks or it’s convenient for them that possibility equals certainty, so they’re almost always wrong in priority of action.

    Estimated “probabilities:”
    Unvaccinated getting or giving covid – one in a thousand = .1%
    Unvaccinated dying from covid if under 80 – one in ten thousand = .01%
    Vaccinated getting covid, getting sick, ending up in hospital, all one in a million = .0001%

    Levels of (un)certainty are never revealed, just that something is possible, therefore probably and politically spun to certain.
    As I told a friend today, your decision to drive would obviously be affected by your chances of dying in a car accident.
    At 50%, you have to make a decision. If it’s one in a million all would drive. Statists would assume everybody fatally crashes.
    We must manage risk in our lives everyday. Yet we let government, demonstrably terrible at risk management, decide for us.

  7. The Cesspool here in B.C. have gone full NAZI. There is no requirement to carry a vac card for measles/mumps/chickenpox and any number of (could be) deadly diseases. These have tried and true vac’s BUT the nazis want to segregate pureblood’s who don’t want to take an experimental drug that has proven next to useless and to some dangerous.

    I would like to see a web site that takes all reports of business that turn away customers because they don’t have a nazi card.

    If you wonder why I use the term NAZI its because it is exactly what happened in Germany in 30/40. Change Jew with antivac.

    1. KissMA

      1000% CORRECT
      I’ve been saying we’re dealing with NAZI filth for months my friend. I have past Gen relatives who survived SLAVE Labour kampfs….this shit is IDENTICAL.

      Classic Example:
      1942: NAZI’S to the jews to entice them onto Cattle Cars.
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      2021: NAZI’s Get your vax – regain your freedom

      Same Arrogant STENCH of LYING Filth – EXACT Same desired outcome.

      1942: Joseph Goebbels Ministry of TRUTH
      2021: CBC – CTV – Global – Globe n Mail – Tor Star- Herald – Nat Post- MacLeans – FB- Twatter et all. ALL bought n paid for Lying propaganda Whores.

      WE as a race are continually destined to repeat History…cause we sure as shit NEVER EVER seem to fucking learn from it.

  8. I recently viewed a Dr John Campbell YouTube video, , where he makes a case that the heart inflammation reaction to vaccines could be related to the failure to “aspirate” when giving the vaccine. That is to determine at the time of vaccine that the injection is into the muscle and not into a vein and thence throughout the body and to the heart and other organs He is incredulous that injections are not being done in that manner, and that the authorities are not emphasizing it should be so done. I find the John Campbell videos very measured and informative on all things Covid.

    1. So this failure to aspirate only occurs in 18-24 year old males? Wouldn’t it be the case that these events would be quite regional, as one blockhead vaccinator creates a cluster of unaspirated recipients??

      1. Under 18 weren’t being vaccinated. Over 24 age group would show lower rates. The 18-24 is a statistical range that people get trapped in. Try thinking “young men”.

  9. Social media comment from Project Veritas on Instagram:

    “We may or may not be parked outside of Moderna HQ right now…”

    lol, you know when O’Keefe’s mobile unit is parked outside your business it’s best to not lie about why they’re there. They already know. Project Veritas doesn’t park out there prior to someone saying the crazy stuff out loud while being recorded.
    It’s more like they’re just parking out there to advertise the fact that they have something already. Perhaps they’re asking people to comment on something, as a means of being contrary to whatever P.V. already has recorded. It’s what P.V. does and it works well.

    *FB sent me 2 notices late yesterday that they’d removed 2 posts which I’d “liked” early in the day which I think were covered by RealClearPolitics and Project Veritas …
    re: Johnson & Johnson employee tells Project Veritas on hidden camera, children don’t need the vaccine”
    They said it was false information, but they didn’t address why… as FB generally makes these things up.

    1. Marc

      Watched both of those….

      Good to see what these SCUM will talk about, knowing full well what their product is capable of, and in fact is, Killing fellow Americans. I hope those of you south of my border got a REAL GOOD look at those Fucks… COMPLICIT in MURDER as the past gov of NY….or any Canadian Provincial Premier/Health Mouthpiece/Minister.

  10. Oh sure, I DO in fact remember such comments relative to myocarditis on Twitter. Go back and look closely. The “blue check mark” medical “professionals” approved by Twitter were all saying that myocarditis was, indeed, occurring but it was not the result of the “vaccination” but a symptom of Covid 19.

    1. The most chilling thing about that video is that the interviewee comes across as very credible. You can generally tell when someone is embellishing or harboring an ulterior motive. I had the impression that he truly believed what he was saying and his motive for speaking out is because it was eating him up inside. In other words, a decent human being.

      That said. We’re what? Coming up on two years since this “threat” landed in our laps. I don’t know anyone in my circle of friends, family or acquaintances who has even been hospitalized due to Covid 19.

      1. Orson…I totally agree with you, its his sincerity and utter outrage at what he was forced to participate in that lends total credance to his message….a DECENT HUMAN BEING Indeed…and one who dealt with the Families when no one else seemed to give a rats ass…

        I E-mailed him tonight, and passed on to him stay strong, there are millions of us standing behind you.
        (Also noted the Video had been seen over 1 Million times..!!) – AWESOME.

        1. steakman, when the government was telling us that people were dying in droves I asked people to contact their local funeral homes and ask just how bad it was. Well, some did it, I did and no one said that the volume of deaths was any different than any other year. A family member in the business on the east coast said nothing abnormal was occurring. Nothing different at the funeral homes in my local area and the same applies damn near everywhere.